Christmas Gift Idea: A Photo Gift Idea From Lifecake

Lifecake is a fantastic App that gives you a way to preserve your photographs and videos that accumulate over time. It is a visual storytelling platform that can store all the photographs you take of your children and can organise them into albums, sorted by special occasions, birthdays and memorable dates. In addition, you can also share the details with your loved ones, who may not live close, so that they too can keep up to date with all the memorable milestones our children experience every single day.

Currently you can download the Lifecake app from Google Play and the Apple Store and receive 10GB of free space for storing photos and videos. In addition to this, Lifecake has a shop where you can choose personalised items that include your photographs, items that include personalised cards, tote bags, photo books and mugs. Photographs can be uploaded from your mobile uploads and from your camera, so you can access all your photographs in one place.

I have recently downloaded Lifecake and I love how easy it is to use. Photographs can be uploaded quickly and easily, and your albums can be added to at any time. Your photographs are organised on a timeline, and you have the option to invite family and friends to view them, a great feature if maybe nan and grandad don’t live that close to you. I have uploaded a range of photographs from using both the app and the website and uploading is a quick process,

I have also used Lifecake to turn a couple of special photographs into special Christmas items. My brother got married in the summer and my son and niece were paigeboy and bridesmaid. There was a particularly lovely photograph that my mother loved and so I have had it turned into a tote bag. This was very easy to do, just a case of clicking on the photograph, pressing the shopping basket tab, and then choosing the item I wanted to buy.

I also created a Christmas card featuring Joe in a Christmas jumper, taken recently at the press night for ‘Nativity the Musical’.

Delivery is ridiculously quick and I was over the moon with my items, I just know my mom is going to love the bag, and I was really pleased with the quality of the tote and how well the image had come out.

Lifecake helps you to create wonderful memories, and can also create beautiful and affordable gifts for your loved ones.

Reader Offer

Lifecake would love you to be able to offer fashion-mommy readers and followers an extra 10GB of storage for downloading Lifecake and an extra 25% off their first print products order, use the code  ‘fashionmommy‘.

The code will be valid until 31st Jan 2018.

Peace of Mind With Breastlight

Despite the successes in screening for breast cancer in recent years, the risk of getting the disease remains high. Currently 1 in every 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at sometime during their life, with the incidence rates for breast cancer projected to rise by 2% in the UK between now and 2035 according to Cancer Research UK. The number of deaths from Breast Cancer currently stands at 21.2 per 100,000 woman per year. Although men can get Breast Cancer too, it is predominantly a disease that affects, and kills women.

It has to be said that woman are taking far more control when it comes to their breast health than they have in the past. The campaigns by the likes of the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer have enlightened breast cancer awareness, the need to regularly check our own breasts, to attend screenings and the importance of reporting any abnormalities at the earliest possible opportunity. But there are also products like Breastlight that allow us to probe a little further with our checks, and to do this in the comfort of our own home.

Breastlight is a device that allows you to go one step further when you are manually checking your breasts for lumps and abnormalities. It gives you a clear view inside your breast tissue to highlight any abnormalities that may develop over time. The breastlight device is easy to use and is totally pain free. You shine the light in a dark room. The bright red light shines through your breast tissue to show dark areas where blood is present. It will show veins, but it may also show dark clusters that may point to abnormalities that you may need to have checked out.

The beauty of Breastlight is that it is suitable for anyone. It will work on any skin type, women of all ages, all sizes of breasts and is particularly good for women who are going through the menopause who may experience changes to their breasts. For woman who struggle to check their breasts due to fibrous breasts that tend to feel lumpy all the time, this is something that can give a much clearer picture of breast health, and it also works for women who struggle to check their breasts due to breast implants.

The Breastlight machine is very simple to use and has no side effects. This means you can use it on a regular basis and will instantly notice any changes as you get to know your breasts so much better. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, this could be a really good product to have available.

Breastlight is available from Amazon and you can find it here.

The Value Of Development In Toddlers

Over the years research has shown that the first few years in the life of a child are vital to enable them to develop in later years properly. Your baby will start to learn about their surrounding from a very young age, in fact when they are still in the womb. The earliest experiences and the bonds that they share with the parents play an essential role in their later development.

Investing In Your Child

It is vital that you create a caring and loving environment for your child, and another essential factor which is need is stability. Routine plays a massive part in the life of a child and helps them to adapt to small changes in their stride. You will need to create an environment within your home that will nurture your child and help them to become a beautiful human being.

Assisting Them To Grow

When you give a child the correct stimulation at an early age, you will help to develop their synaptic pathways which will allow them to process information in later years. These paths almost hardwire our brains into the way we think, and it is a lot harder to change the pathways when we get into adulthood. Inspiring the curiosity and instilling a passion for learning in our child is the greatest of gifts that you can give them and is something that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Socialising Your Child Is Also Essential

You will also need to look at the social development of your child and look to develop their skills of interaction, and one of the best ways to do this is to let them enter an environment with other children. Choosing any of the child care centres Brisbane parents prefer is an excellent way to do this, as well as taking them to places such as the park, and socialising with family and friends.

The Benefits Are Ongoing

When you create the right environment for your child that is loving and nurturing, as well as being stimulating, they will be able to develop to their highest potential. The early development of your child will help them to adapt to their surroundings and give the ability to process information efficiently.  It can also help your child to achieve better academic grades help them to become a well-rounded individual able to get on with others.

Help To Create A Better World For Everyone

When we all take responsibility and invest our time and efforts to give our children the best start in life possible, the rewards are there for everyone. We can help to create a well-adjusted society that shows both empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings. We all want to live in a community where we can get on with lots of different people, and we care about the welfare of each other. To have such a society, it starts in each of our homes, with all of our children.