6 Ways To Escape The Demands of Daily Life

In life, it is important that you strike the right balance between passion and practicality. Instead of being a slave to your weekly routine, you should always be on the lookout for new opportunities to explore. Pushing your boundaries will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level. It could also help you to boost your confidence levels, widen your social circle, improve your mood, and make the most of your time. Instead of sticking to your usual plan, this is your chance to mix things up. Below are six ways that you can escape the demands of daily life.

Embrace an adrenaline rush

If you are determined to leave your worries behind, at least for a moment, you should try to embrace an adrenaline rush. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to focus all of your attention on one activity instead of multi-tasking. Don’t worry; this doesn’t have to involve a bungee jump or a skydive. You can enjoy an exhilarating adrenaline rush by taking part in an Escape Room game. Why not invite all of your closest friends along and have fun working together to complete the process? Alternatively, you could sign up with your other half and enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary date night. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you are stepping outside your comfort zone.

Invest in your appearance

As a parent, it may feel as though you never have a moment to yourself. This can make it difficult to prioritize your beauty regime and to take pride in the way you look. Even if you are tight on time, it is important that you persevere. Investing in your appearance is one of the best ways for you to hold onto your identity. It can also help to boost your confidence levels by reminding you that you are worthy of self-love. That is why you should treat yourself to a regular spa day. It’s the ideal chance for you to do something truly indulgent and to spend some relaxing time away from your brood. Or, if you can’t find someone else to care for your little ones, you could plan a home spa day. It may not be the ideal way for you to relax, but you should at least give it a go. Another option is to arrange a shopping trip with a trusted loved one. It could be a great chance for you to experiment with a new look and to pick up some exciting pieces. Just make sure that you go with a loved one who is sure to offer you encouragement and support.


Spend time with your mommy friends

Spending time with your mommy friends is especially important if you are going to hold onto your sanity. When you are struggling through a difficult day, you need to have people to turn to who will understand your situation. This is also important when you are celebrating a parenting success. Perhaps you have guided your child through toilet training or managed to get your little ones to go to bed on time. While other people might not understand the magnitude of these achievements; your mommy friends are sure to relate. It is also likely that they will understand and share your attitude to making plans. Instead of worrying about letting people down at the last minute or turning up late to an event, you can take comfort in the fact that your fellow moms will understand the demands of your daily life.

Make the most of your drive

Another useful tip is to make the most of your drive. If you are in charge of the school run, you probably spend a lot of your time sitting in the car. While your kids may take over the vehicle as soon as they get in, there will be one half of the journey that you have to yourself. Why not use this time to have a little fun? You can make your drive more exciting by downloading an audiobook, using a speakerphone to chat with your friends, or taking the scenic route. You could also put together a playlist of your favorite tunes.  You could have one for the times when your kids are in the car and one for the times when you are rocking out in private.

Find an exercise activity that you enjoy

You can also escape the demands of daily life by finding an exercise activity that you enjoy. If you are tight on time, it is important that your workout doesn’t feel like another chore that you have to struggle through. Instead, it should be a great opportunity for you to zone out and show respect to your body. Why not sign up for a range of exciting activities? Hopefully, you will find one that you are truly passionate about and would like to fit into your weekly schedule. Then, you could think about inviting some of your friends along, or you could try to establish connections with the other people in your class.

Enjoy a moment of reflection

At the end of each day, you should take a moment to reflect on everything that you have learnt and experienced. It will help you to sort through your emotions and to prepare for the week ahead. One option is to keep a journal and to fill it with all of your innermost thoughts and feelings. You could even have a go at composing your own poems. Or, if writing isn’t for you, you should consider keeping a sketchbook. This is another brilliant opportunity for you to express yourself. If you are going to make the most of your time and enjoy everything that life has to offer, it is important that you have enough breathing space to evaluate your options. You need to make sure that you don’t get so caught up in your daily routine that you lose sight of what you really want from life.

Buggy builders: how to get your pre-baby body back

When you have a baby, you receive the most beautiful gift of all, but post-birth, your body can be left in a shape that doesn’t reflect how you looked pre-baby at all. For this reason, a growing number of women are joining post-natal classes and are trying to get back into shape after giving birth to their little ones. With a newborn baby in tow, it can be hard to go back to the gym — but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Mother rubbing noses with newborn baby girl

Despite enthusiastic mothers, it is not recommended to jump back into exercise straight after birth. Typically, the NHS recommends that new mums wait around six weeks after birth until they start an intense workout regime. Your six-week postnatal check will determine how well you have recovered. However, women who exercised regularly before pregnancy, may feel fit and well to begin working out sooner than the six-week check — each new mum is different. You’ll know within yourself if you feel fit enough to get back into your regime, so don’t push yourself too soon.

Social media has become a significant platform in the recent success of the fitness industry. It has become the heart of fitness inspiration, and postnatal fitness is no exception. The internet has inspired a lot of us to reach our fitness goals, and it’s the same for postnatal targets. In fact, postnatal posts are becoming increasingly popular across the web, with #postnatalfitness associated with 53,003 Instagram posts.

A few years ago, postnatal fitness was low key and many industry professionals noticed a gap in the market for classes which appealed to new mums and the idea of postnatal fitness, and have set up their own postnatal class to provide a solution for new mums who were struggling to get back into shape after having their newborn. There are now specialised post-natal exercise classes that help women get back into shape with their babies — an opportunity for new mums to get their pre-baby body back. Classes usually allow mums to bring their little ones along with them.

Postnatal fitness can also be seen to help with more than just your post-baby weight. Many women have revealed that exercising after having their baby has helped prevent, or ease, postnatal depression, as exercise has made them ‘happier’. Research would suggest this to be true, as exercise is shown to release endorphins in the body — hormones which can have positive psychological effects, such as a ‘euphoric high’.

As a mum herself, Randi Lynn Greene, founder of RGL fitness, knows a thing or two about postnatal fitness. Her Instagram account, with over 39.9k followers, showcases workout and yoga routines that can be done by new mums who have a baby in tow. She has proven that workouts can be done by mums at home with a little one crawling around. Of course, nutrition is just as important as your workout regime. Greene, has also appeared on Lorraine on ITV to show mums that you can exercise at your own convenience.

Dad bods

The term ‘dad bod’ is a one that has been popping up all over social media recently. It’s a term which has recently been used to describe men with bodies that are neither toned or defined — normally those which don’t go to the gym and workout.

Whilst many mock and poke fun at the term, a study by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine suggests that there is some truth behind the idea of a ‘dad bod’. In a study of 10,000 men over ten years, the university examined men through different stages of their life — from adolescents and young adults, to new fathers. The study found that men who become fathers experienced weight gain and an increase in body mass index, whilst those who didn’t become dads generally lost weight over the same time period.

An effective clean diet and consistent workout regime are key to preventing weight gain when you become a new dad. Your diet should consist of the three main macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and essential fats. Avoid sugary and fatty treats — whilst they might give you an initial sugar rush, the energy boost won’t last long. You want to supply your body with foods that release energy slowly — being a dad can be tiring. For an extra boost before your workout, protein bars and shakes will help you push yourself harder to hit your performance goals. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym with all your new daddy duties, there are exercises you can do at home to keep yourself in shape:

  • Plank – 45-60 seconds
  • Jack-knifes – 25 reps
  • Crunches – 25 reps
  • Squats – 25 reps
  • Jumping lunges – 25 reps each leg
  • Sprint – 30 second, repeat 3 rounds
  • Mountain climber – 25 each leg
  • Press ups – 25 reps




Why should you go to a baby show?

You’ve just had the happy news that you will soon be hearing the pattering of tiny feet. You’re over the moon of course, but then you face the realisation that there is so much to prepare before you get to meet your little one. Everything from a cot and a pushchair, to a little wardrobe of baby clothes, to all the other things in between, it all needs to be relatively sorted before you baby comes along. Which is why a visit or two to some baby shows are such a good idea.

Baby Shows are Fun

You can have a great day out at a Baby Show. In general, they are enormous events so you can make a day of it – have a bite to eat, watch the demonstrations and browse the stalls, maybe ticking a few items off your ‘to buy’ list as you go.

Grab a bargain

There are many stores at baby shows that have a good range of products. Pushchairs, cots and bulk buys of baby toiletries can all be purchased at prices that are far cheaper than the normal recommended retail price. In addition, you may get to try/view products that are new to you, and there may also be samples/goody bags that also have free products in them.

Meet the Experts

Most Baby shows have experts who can answer your questions and queries. These can be related to feeding or sleeping, or can also be of a more technical nature – maybe you’ve not decided what sort of travel system you want, or have questions about choosing your baby monitor. Baby Shows are a great way to get your questions answered.

Find everything you need in one place

If you have a hatred of shopping, but don’t really enjoy getting things online either, then a Baby Show could be a great way to find everything you need in one place. You can place orders for the ‘big things’ like cots, highchairs and prams, which can then be delivered to your door, but you have also had the chance to look and test drive these things first – something you can’t do if you just shop online.

Did you go to a baby show when you were expecting?