Fashion With A Heart – Shoes By Shaherazad

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Fashion is often considered to be vacuous, to be all about appearance with very little substance behind it. But sometimes you come across a brand that is aiming to change lives too. Shoes by Shaherazad is doing just that, one step at a time. The ethos of the brand, the brainchild of Shaherazad Umbreen,  is all about empowering women through fashion, both by creating beautiful and elegant heels that can be worn for 18 hours as women work and frankly kick ass without having to sacrifice their femininity and style, but the brand also seeks to empower women and girls living in poverty through the ‘Solidarity by Shaherazad’ programme.

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The idea behind ‘The Eighteen Hour Heel’ is fantastic, a godsend to anyone who has to stand on their feet for long periods of time, and yet still loves the look and feel of wearing heels. Shaharazad has looked at the elegance and grace of flamingos, able to balance on one leg for long periods of time, and has created a shoe which distributes the body weight so that the shoes are comfortable and wearable for much longer periods of time than the average shoe. Another design feature that makes them wearable for 18 hours is that they can be transformed from an elegant, no-nonsense court shoe for day wear, to a beautifully embellished evening shoe through the addition of ‘slip on shoellery’. All this, and they are British made too.

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But I think the really exciting part of purchasing a pair of heels from Shoes by Shaherazad is the philanthropic element, knowing that your shoes are actually making a difference to the life of women and girls around the world.  The ‘Solidarity by Shaherazad’ programme, working in collaboration with Global Giving, directly funds projects that provide sustainable futures for girls, through work and education. Currently women have been empowered in countries such as Kenya, Peru, Pakistan and Palestine. As Shaherazad explains:- “These are heels which have the power to do good and make many women and girls happy.”

Beautiful shoes with a conscience. This can only be a brilliant idea.

Holiday Picks From Dorothy Perkins

It was one of the main anomalies in the fashion world, just as you actually enter a season (i.e. Summer), then the sales start for that particular season (i.e. the Summer sales). We are just two weeks into June, and many of us are yet to take our Summer hols, with those who love cancellation bargains yet to even book their hols. And yet, this week has seen a whole host of stores start their summer sales. Which is great news for those of us who need to grab a new swimsuit, or a beach bag, or a knockout sundress, and love a bargain.

If you are looking to do a little sales shopping this week, you need to head to the Love The Sales site, which has the lowdown on all the major sales as and when they happen. My eye has been on Dorothy Perkins as I have loved so many of the pieces in their Spring/Summer range, and with my holiday coming up in just over two weeks, I will be heading to the Dorothy Perkins sale in order to pick up a few treats to slip into my suitcase.

So what do I have my eyes on? Well, first up is a pretty sundress that comes in my favourite colour, yellow. It is suit so well and would look as good with heels as it would with jeweled flat sandals. I also love tea dresses, especially those with a 1940s look (think The Edge of Love with Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightley), so this floral print is another must have.

Next up its sandals. I quite like a design that has a classic look, and metallic elements are so great on holiday to reflect your suntan. The Faye sandal ticks all the boxes, whilst back home I would live in the Jane wedges, just high enough to look elegant.



A raffia or woven clutch bag is another addition to your wardrobe that has the perfect look for Summer. I love the pretty bow on the front of this one.

Camisole tops are brilliant are year around, worn under jackets and v-neck jumpers in Winter, but it is in Summer they really come into their own. Wear them with shorts, denim skirts and peg trousers for a myriad of stylish looks.



What things are you looking to add to your holiday wardrobe?

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Shoe for Swollen Feet

Swollen feet or edema should not stop people from enjoying the outdoors. Many people with swollen feet opt to stay at home for the reason that they could not find shoes that suit their needs due to their condition. Swollen feet is not uncommon as many experience them, including pregnant women and individuals with diabetes. Yet, despite it not being common, many people with swollen feet remain feeling out of options when it comes to footwear. While they resort to wearing flip flops at home, going out is the real challenge and some even endure the pain of wearing the wrong shoes just to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Choosing the right shoe for swollen feet may be challenging, but definitely not impossible.  While others may feel like they have very limited options, there are actually ways to spot the right ones and see that there are really lots of choices out there. Here are some of the best ways to choose the right shoe for swollen feet:

  1.    Comfortable shoes is top choice

Not only for those who have edema, but everyone should know that fashion should never sacrifice functionality and comfort. Always opt for comfortable shoes because it gives you the freedom to really enjoy walking around.  With a shoe that is highly comfortable, you don’t need to worry about causing more damage to your already swollen feet and you can always go the extra mile. Comfortable shoes mean good fit with extra breathing space and one that fits you just right—not too loose that it might slip off while and not too tight that you feel excruciating pain.

  1.    Opt for Simple Designed Flats

No matter how much you want to slip into those striking stilettos, restrain yourself. Nothing hurts more to a swollen foot than an uneven surface. Wearing high heels forces your feet to concentrate force towards your toes which can be both tiring and painful. There are a lot of plain flats that are simple but beautiful. You can even go for some striking designs to mix and match your outfits. But stay away from heels. As well, pointed shoes may force your toes to shrink which can really, really be painful. Find comfort and confidence in wearing those adorable flats.

  1.    Choose the Right Materials

Some shoe materials are simply uncomfortable and even painful for those with swollen feet. Leather, for example, can cause tremendous discomfort, especially when worn for too long. Some other thick materials have the same effect. Choose comfortable shoes with breathable materials that let your feet relax. There are a lot out there that you can find.

When choosing a shoe, don’t just make sure your foot fits, walk it around before buying. Some people think that once it fits, it’s already good enough. Remember that your feet adjust in width when walking and the initial fit may begin to get tighter. Never settle for “this is okay”, always go for “this fits well” when you walk around in them.