The Rocket Singing Machine – Fabulous Fun!

If you have a budding Adele or Ed Sheeran, then you may want to take a look at the Rocket Singing Machine. Promising to turn any music fan into a ‘singing superstar’, the easy to use microphone not only allows your voice to be amplified, it also allows you to add echo and sound effects. You can also link it to the internet via Bluetooth, thus allowing you to also play music through the singing machine that you can then sing along too. This is hours of fun for your children, and also a perfect addition to house parties for karaoke fans (although you might want to invest in some earplugs for the neighbours…)

The Rocket singing machine is very easy to use. It takes 3 AAA batteries and is then operated by a switch in the centre of the device. Two further switches on the front of the machine allow you to control sound and echo, and you can simply use the machine in this way, to sing along to MTV or the radio, or just to sing your own songs. In fact, you don’t have to sing songs. My boy has used his machine to commentate on televised football, or just to shout slogans and catchphrases. (unbelievable tekkers being his fave).

The Rocket can then also be used to play music through connection to a bluetooth device, you can then sing along to all your favourite songs, adjusting your vocals  with the control switches. It is completely wireless, meaning you can totally polish up any performance and add dance steps until you totally rival Ariana Grande.

Competition Time

The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine is looking for a star to be the face of Rocket Mic. Could it be your child? If you have a budding star simply send their best singing video to the Rocket Star competition that you can find by clicking here.

Top 6 Ways To Create Your Own Retro Games Room

Regardless of your age, the nostalgia you have from being a child is universal. We all have an inherent urge to transport back to the times when we were fresh faced and innocent from the complex world we know now. It’s 2017 and everyday it feels like another awful tragedy or political divide is broadcast to a worldwide audience so we can all despair in unison, in times like these we need to embrace our nostalgia and create our own temporary escape from the modern world.

What better way to soothe yourself than with your own retro games room? We’ve seen scores of people around the UK begin to create a space for relaxing that perfectly reflects the childhood and teen years when everything they loved was simple honest fun.

Perhaps you’re a lover of the classic 80’s video games, not just Pacman, but Q*Bert, Joust and the obscure one-man developer titles too. If you want recreate the experience of achieving the high score it’s about more than just playing the game, you need the right atmosphere to cocoon yourself from the distractions of everything outside.

You can even recreate that true pub environment by shooting a game of pool in your own space, complete with draught beer dispenser. We’ve even seen people turn their games room into a who’s who of iconic pinball machines. The only limit is your imagination!

Ok that was a lie! You actually have the limits of space, where are you supposed to put these stacks of old games, pool tables and all the other cool stuff you need? Well we’ve seen a lot of creative solutions over the years from the best games rooms including garages, sheds and spare rooms transformed into a dream man cave (or she shed!) unfortunately we can’t help you decide where to begin planning your retro games room.

That being said we can certainly help you plan out the essentials of what to fill the room with to create the ultimate retro games room! Here is our rundown of suggestions on how to transport yourself back to your youth and embrace your nostalgia!

Pool Table

No games room is complete without a pool table. Whether you enjoy a game of English or American pool there are tables to suit all tastes, size allowance and budgets.

By creating a pool table experience in your home you no longer have to endure the customary trip to the local pub and wait for your turn to use the table. Invite your friends around, get some cocktails/drinks in and setup a pool tournament and relive your youth.

If you want to maximise your fun and the space used consider a pool dining table, simply remove the top for a relaxing game on a regulation sized table.

Replace the wooden surface for an ideal dining table, making a great compromise in houses with less space. However, a great idea we would be to use this flat top to run some your favourite old school board games maybe even a game of Dungeons & Dragons to truly embrace our inner geek!

Coffee Table Arcade Machines

The ultimate statement piece in any award winning games room. Coffee tables are boring! What are they for, aside from a place to put your brew and to store your old TV guides? Coffee table arcade machines not only look great as a piece of furniture but are also a great piece of equipment to play your favourite arcade video game classics. These machines come pre-loaded with all your favourite classic arcade games from the 80s/70s – Space Invaders, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Galaxian are just a few to mention. These modern systems have over 100 games on them many multi-player so ideal to play with friends while enjoying some drinks and nibbles.

Football or Fussball Tables

For football lovers everywhere there’s nothing more satisfying than besting your mate (husband/boyfriend) on a classic football table! The iconic feature of many a USA sports bar and one of the most common themes for any games room.

For fans who want the ultimate American sports bar feel, you can dress the room with signed football shirts and memorabilia for the authentic match day look. There is also the option to match the cloth to your team colours and retrofit your own custom player figures to complete the look.

Table Tennis

With Wimbledon on the horizon, why not get ready for the quintessential British tournament by investing in a Table Tennis table.

If you have the room to comfortably play ping pong in your games room then a table is an essential. While many people use their games rooms as retreats for close friends only if you’re looking for a family space where you can compete with each other regardless of age you can’t go wrong with a ping pong table.

Also the health benefits of table tennis have been touted for a while now, a game can burn up to 350 calories in just one hour! As an alternative way to keep fit few games are as fun and accessible as table tennis.

In keeping with our retro theme, you could create a Wimbledon party with Pimms, strawberries and cream with a fancy-dress angle getting everyone to dress up iconic tennis players of the day, if any of your guests dress as John McEnroe just make sure they don’t smash your paddles in anger!

Retro Home Games Consoles

What was your first games console? Chances are that you can nab a used version on eBay for a couple of quid, throw in a little more for a full set of controllers and games, which sellers will often lump in one package for an easy sell.

If you want an updated classic we recommend the Sega Megadrive 25th anniversary edition, complete with 80 built in games, including classic two player fighting games like Mortal Kombat and platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Get the complete look by setting up these game consoles on retro monitors for the ultimate retro gaming experience.

Board Games

We’re not thinking the family destroying frustration of Monopoly, few house hold’s can play it without it ending in screaming matches and scattered board pieces. If you’re looking for a family game we recommend Mouse Trap for a more relaxed experience, albeit we could never get the trap to work first time!

What else would you add into your own retro games room? Are you more of a 90’s baby who wants to add a collection of TY Toys to their room? Or perhaps you have even more suggestions on what games to play, both physically and video games (what about dance mats!).

Review – Pusheen Mermaid Toy

Pusheen is a cute, cuddly cat who just happens to be a bit of a phenomenon. A domestic short-haired grey tabby, Pusheen has over 9 million Facebook likes and  is the star of her own extremely successful animated web comic series made to look like a self-run blog, featuring the chubby cat in a variety of cute and funny situations, often giving advice and suggestions on popular culture and social media, all from a feline point of view.  She also happens to be one of the most popular cuddly toys of recent years, made by the American Company Gund, in a range that has now been expanded to feature Pusheen in a range of persona’s, from a dinosaur to a mermaid, but retaining the cuddly cuteness of the original cat.

Pusheen is one of those toys that appeals to little girls and big girls alike. She is cute and cuddly enough to be the perfect soft toy – just made for cuddles. But the use of pastel colours and the stylish design which brings to mind Japanese cartoons, also makes this the sort of thing that a teenager would love to have in their bedroom as decoration, or even something that young women love to collect. The description that Pusheen is  funny, weird, and yet lovably adorable, all at the same time, goes some way to explain their popularity.

I was sent a lovely Pusheen mermaid toy just before they were released for general sale on June 1st. The toy is so lovely, Pusheen dressed as a mermaid complete with scales and a pretty flower decoration on her head. The toy is extremely well made, making this perfect for a very young child – you are not going to be worried about plastic eyes, or the stuffing coming out, and the toy itself is soft and luxurious, very squashy with no sharp edges or things that could fall off and be put into the mouth.

The pastel colours are very pretty, and Pusheen has a lovely, friendly face that any child will adore. It also has the advantage of being washable, always a bonus if it is going to be handled by children, and it has the CE safety mark for additional piece of mind.

If you are on the lookout for a cute gift idea for a Pusheen fan, or are looking to introduce Pusheen to a new audience, the mermaid is sure to thrill anyone who receives it.