10 Reasons To Give Her An Antique Engagement Ring


If you are getting ready to pop the question and would like a different idea, why not consider an antique engagement ring? Let’s look at why this is a great idea.


  • Antique Rings are Unique


One of the best things about antique engagement rings is that no one else in the world will have the one you give her. They are entirely unique. You can see a great selection of antique engagement rings at https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au.


  • The Hunt is Thrilling


Every antique ring you look at will bring you closer to the perfect one for your lady. The hunt for the best ring for her is part of the thrill.


  • Expect Unexpected Details


One of the best things about these kinds of engagement rings is how beautifully adorned they are. Every way you turn an antique ring, you are bound to find a different detail.


  • Exquisite Old Diamonds


Older diamonds can differ quite a bit compared to modern diamonds. They tend to be less precise cuts, broader, and designed to come to life in the candlelight with a soft flicker instead of a bright sparkle. What’s more, old diamonds tend to be less perfect, much softer, and they simply come to life in romantic corners with gentler rays of twilight.


  • There’s a Sense of History


Some of these gorgeous antique diamond rings have been around for hundreds of years. Perhaps they have gone from one finger to another, visiting sensational parties, and symbolizing engagements, birthdays, and other milestones. Perhaps they have been waiting patiently in a box for you to own. Whatever the history may be, it is an honour to be a link in the chain of an antique ring’s history.


  • She Gets Bragging Rights


When you present your beloved with her antique engagement ring, it is sure to be a talking point wherever she goes.


  • There is Heirloom Potential


Antique engagement rings are heirlooms just waiting to find a new family. It is certainly a treasure that is passed down in history, and making an antique ring her own can become part of your new family’s future.


  • There Is Personality


Have you ever noticed how antique rings just have charisma? They seem to have tiny, almost unidentifiable imperfections that come from being so lovingly hand-made. They are infused with love and glory and their platinum tends to have a rich, almost satin-like patina that no machine method could recreate.


  • Antique Rings are Stunning


There’s no doubt about it, a ring that has been handmade, comes with a history, and is waiting for you to buy it is simply beautiful.


  • Doesn’t She Deserve the Perfect Ring?


Naturally, most engagement rings are pretty in some way or another, but the trick is to find the one that feels like it was made especially for her finger – it is the one that fits her personality when she is all dressed up for a night out on the town, or when she is dressed down in sweat pants and watching a movie.


With such an amazing variety of antique engagement rings, along with their incredible features and details, there is no doubt you will find the perfect ring for her.

Romantic Reminders – 6 Creative Ways To Remember Your Wedding

During the planning process of my own wedding, there is no doubt that ditching the big party and eloping with my love crossed my mind. Your wedding is the biggest party you will ever throw, and there are so many emotions and expectations tied to every single detail. While the planning may have been a bit stressful, years later, I still remember my wedding as the greatest day of my life and I get flutters just thinking about it.

While my mind fills with memories of our big day, there is one thing I wish someone had told me; get creative with ways to remember your wedding. Since I can’t rewind time and go back and do these at my own wedding, I am excited to share with you 6 creative ways to remember your special day.

1) Photo Booth

Nearly all weddings will have a professional photographer to capture those timeless moments like the grooms first glance at the bride, the first kiss and the first dance. These are all wonderful memories to have captured in time through a photo. While these photos have a more classic and serious tone, it is fun to provide a way to capture guests getting silly and creative!

The perfect solution is to hire a photo booth. Hiring a photo booth in Sydney for your wedding will ensure you can look back on all your wild and crazy friends and family letting loose at the greatest wedding they have ever attended!

2) Candid Photos

After the photographer captures those special bride and groom moments, ask him/her to focus on candid photos of guests. You can’t be everywhere at once on your wedding, and often the day flies by in a blur. Having the photographer take candid photos is a great way to be able to look back at how much fun people were having in all corners of your perfectly planned wedding.

3) Handwritten love-letters

In the year leading up to your wedding, begin handwriting love letters to your groom to be, and ask him to do the same. Leave them around the house, or even mail them to his office. Keep all of the letters documenting the stressful, romantic and often comical process of wedding planning. Make a scrapbook out of all of them ending with your handwritten vows.

4) Memory Shadow Box

After the wedding, be sure to keep a copy of the save the date, invitation, itinerary and some of the bride’s bouquet flowers. Arrange them all in a shadow box and put it somewhere special in your house. These items may seem like trash at the time, but years on you will look back at them with such fond memories.

5) Frame your Veil

A bridal veil is so intricate and beautiful.
It is a timeless tradition that is feminine and romantic. A great way to capture the essence of your wedding is to frame your veil. If you ever have a daughter, you can hang it in her room! Or, just hang it somewhere special in your house, so you can always remember the day you looked like a princess.

6) Wisdom Jar

Everyone has a unique story of love.
Place a jar in the middle of each table at your wedding filled with unique questions like “Tell us the story of how you met your spouse” or “What is the most romantic gesture you have received?”. Keep all the answers and open a few each year on your anniversary.

A well-planned wedding will stay in the minds of all guests and the bride and groom. Incorporating creative ways to remember your wedding for years to come is a great way to relive the romance. The six tips above are great places to start. Especially because they result in reminders that are tangible, not online.

So, while you may feel overwhelmed with all of the details of wedding planning, don’t forget to take the time to plan creative ways to make those beautiful memories last a lifetime.


5 Budget tips to choosing the best type of wedding ring for your future husband

Rings are the symbol of you and your future spouse’s love for each other. And if you’ve made it your mission to choose the perfect wedding ring for your husband, you know that there are many factors to consider when you begin shopping for the perfect ring for him.

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One of those, of course, is the budget. If you are the only one paying for his ring, there are ways that you can save money but still be able to buy one that would be perfect for him. Check out some of the tips that you can follow below.

  1. Canvass for the ring early – you can even start looking for a ring as soon as you get engaged. While you should not buy one immediately, by looking at your options for style and design, you are giving yourself enough time to actually set aside a budget for the ring that you have set your heart on. There is no standard on how much money you would need pay for the ring, but if you’ve seen one that you know is perfect for your husband but way out of your budget, for now, you will still have time to save.
  2. Set a budget for the big wedding suppliers first – weddings cost money, a lot of money. To see just how much budget you have for the ring, the best thing to do is set a budget for the other wedding suppliers that you know will be expensive. It may be the catering, the flowers or even the venue. What’s important is that you already have an idea of the total wedding costs and then you can see how much money you can spend on the rings.
  3. Stick to your budget – there may be times when you might be tempted to spend beyond what you have set aside for the rings, but don’t do that. Remember that the wedding will not only be centered on the rings, and if you go over the budget, then suddenly find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to pay more to other suppliers, you will regret spending that extra money on the rings.
  4. Get a ring that matches his personality – the perfect ring for your future husband is not the most expensive one, but the one that fits his personality the most. If your husband does not like ostentatious things, go for a simple design. Choose his favorite stone or his favorite color, just make sure that the ring is something that he would still want to wear every day.
  5. Go for a more simple design of your own wedding ring – since wedding rings are for couples, it would be a good idea that men’s wedding rings should match the women’s. TO make it easier for you, you can just choose a design taken from your own wedding band, but done in a simpler manner. Maybe you could put fewer stones or none at all if your husband is not a fan. Just make it unique by adding a personal touch such as a personal engraved message for your future husband.