Six great ways to accessorise this Summer

I love summer. Who doesn’t? But I have to admit that I hate the rat race. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it before the sun comes, and the worst thing that can happen is to not be ready. When it comes to hitting the beach in a bikini I´d need to hit a gym months in advance. The thought of all those perfectly toned girls sitting next to me is enough to make me shiver (as I reach for another ice cream though…). But, getting ready for the summer doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you´re letting your clothes do the talking! In fact, I followed these accessory tips this year and couldn’t have been happier.


Statement Earrings

There is no better way to stand out from the crowd than with bold earrings. They are hard to get right because they can look tacky if you don’t pick the perfect ones. But, if you do they can transform your look in a very subtle way. When summer hits, go with jewels that are light and transparent for the best effect. Statement earrings are risky, but they are well worth it so give them a chance.

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Edie rocked a statement earring

Embellished Sandals

 I love my shoes, but when summer turns up, it’s like I have to forget about them for the season. That is unless you pick sandals and flats that are bold. They don’t have to be crazy different, so embellished sandals with a quirky design are a fantastic option.

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 Nothing grabs attention like a tattoo. They are instantly recognisable and make people think, mainly because a lot of people want one but don’t have the guts. Here’s a little tip: you don’t need the guts either. Temporary tattoos are a great alternative for people who have always wanted one, but who don’t want to mark their body permanently in the process. They look legitimate so no one will ever know the difference, but after a couple of months it will start to fade away.

 Rings And Watches

 There is no better look than a subtle watch and ring combination. If you do it correctly, it is a style that is perfect for the summer. Go for real silver or gold rings and watches, and the more metal, the better. Silver tends to be the best option because it is a lot easier to combine with your style, plus fake gold looks tacky. Wear them t-shirts or casual dresses for the best look.

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DIY Vests

 Get a dress or a t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore and attack it with the scissors. Stylish vests are hard to come by, so a DIY vest is a fantastic alternative. You can have the style that you have always wanted, plus it doesn’t cost you any extra. Even better, it´s lots of fun!

 Long Necklaces

 Long necklaces complement your style perfectly. They look great with simple t-shirts and tank tops, plus they don’t touch your skin that is a must for summer accessories.

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You never have to worry about looking bad during the summer again with these tips. You will never have looked better!


Top Tips for Accessorising your outfits this Summer

Looking your best this summer isn’t just about finding the perfect dress or shorts and top combo. If you really want to turn heads, then you’re going to need to accessorise. By using the right kind of accessories, you can turn your outfit into something truly spectacular – an outfit that no one else will be wearing. These top tips will ensure you can accessorise any of your outfits for this summer season.



The Power of Three

The best way to stand out in a crowd with accessories is by working on three points of similarity. This basically means that you pick three key areas that will match. Any less than three and your outfit will look unfinished. Any more and you’ll look over the top. The three you pick should have the same colour or theme throughout. Pick from the following:

  • Shoes – Your shoes should be a similar tone to the hemline of your outfit. Sandals are perfect for summer. Avoid white where possible. It always looks dirty!
  • Bag – Big bags are a must-have for summer. Where else are you going to put your beach towel?! Just make sure they’re no wider than your body, from the side.
  • Belt – Wide waist belts are a great way to cinch in any floaty summer tops. Just don’t wear these if you have a wide hip and full stomach.
  • Scarf – A scarf, in summer?! Go for something floaty that can be worn loosely around your neck. Or even in your hair.
  • Earrings – Go for earrings that complement the shape of your face. For example, those with a pointy chin should avoid earrings that have a sharp point.
  • Necklace – Those with a long neck should wear short necklaces and chokers. Those with a short neck should wear longer necklaces. Simple!
  • Bracelet – Don’t fill your arm with bangles, it’s never a good look. Less is more when it comes to bracelets.

Remember, you only need to pick three and they must match in either theme or colour.

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Experiment With Colour

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stick to neutral colours in their wardrobe, then accessorising is the perfect way to make an outfit pop. If you go for pastels and creams in the summer, then break it up with some rose gold accessories. If you prefer darker colours, then go for something vibrant to accessorise. Wear a plain outfit into a store and play around with all the different coloured belts, bags and shoes. Reds, yellows, blues and silvers are some of the must-wear colours for this season.



Practical Accessories

It’s a good idea to make sure you can get some practical use out of your accessories this summer. A bag big enough to carry all of your essentials is a prime example. Using one of the Shinola watches for women in place of a bracelet, is another good idea. You’re still accessorising, but you’re getting some kind of use out of the items too. This will save you from over-accessorising when you realise you still need to find a bag that matches or a watch that fits in.

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Finally, a real fashion must-have for summer. Not everyone knows which glasses suit them, however. It’s quite simple once you know the rules. Essentially, you should go for sunglasses that are the opposite shape to your face. If you have a round face then opt for square frames. And vice versa. You also want to make sure the top frame of your sunglasses follows the natural shape of your eyebrows. You don’t want your perfectly arched brows peeping from above a straight-lined frame.

You now have the ultimate guide to accessorising your outfits this summer. Turn those simple wardrobe staples into catwalk creations, with just a few tweaks here and there.