A few steps to a healthier lifestyle

In the 21st Century, we are constantly barraged with the perfect healthy lifestyle. Magazines are full of articles that tell us how to  live our lives in a way that is healthier in terms of the food we eat, our forms of exercise and our general day to day lifestyle. And whilst it is true that some of these articles grate on our nerves, and while we may want to tell some of the experts to pipe down and enjoy a cake, it is a true fact that it has never been easier to make our lives, and ourselves, healthier.

Here are a few ways that we can achieve a better life/body balance each and every day.

Drink more water

And by this I don’t mean the expensive bottled variety. The water we get in our taps in the UK is the best possible source of hydration. Although experts still argue about the 2 litres of water a day guideline, it has to be said that personally, when I drink plenty of water, I feel fresher, healthier and have a lot more energy. In summer hydration is so important, so I fill a plastic bottle and always keep water in my bag, especially on car and train journeys. Water is good for the skin, great if you are dieting as it fills the stomach up which stops unnecessary snacking, and helps your waterworks to function properly. All this running straight from your kitchen tap.



Switch from Ciggies to e-cigs

If you are still a smoker, and that number does seem to be falling rapidly, then it really is about time you switched to an e-cig. Cheaper, and with current opinion saying that these are a healthier option, e-cigs can also be the first step on the way to quitting smoking completely. E-Cigs have no ash and no bad smells, and they are fast building up a following amongst previously committed celebrity smokers including Leonardo Di Caprio, Katie Perry, and probably the most famous celebrity smoker of them all, Kate Moss.

Many people who have made the switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigs have noticed that their skin condition has improved within weeks of making the switch – yet another good reason to make the change. (You can read the Public Health England advice here.)


Walk More

It is so easy to get into the car to run every little errand, but do you really need to? We make so many journeys by car that would actually provide us with a really simple, yet effective form of exercise. I have lost weight in recent years, enough to go down two dress sizes, and I have to put a lot of this down to walking each day doing the school run. It is exercise I do without even thinking about it, and has been more effective than any gym membership I have ever used.

Walking can be fun, it can be companionable when done with a friend or loved one, and it can allow you to really enjoy your natural environment. Plus, by leaving that car at home, you are also helping the environment too.


What are your simple tips for a healthier lifestyle?



Safe Vaping Guide – Liquids

Yesterday I talked about the how to safely charge your battery for your e-cigarette, and how to store the battery if you had children in your house. In this post I am looking at the safety of your e-liquid, and again why you need to store it safely when it comes to your children.

just_joes_squezd.png (650×650)

With the rise of the e-cig, there are now many places to buy your liquid for vaping, but you are best to stick to something that is British made, and uses the best of ingredients and flavourings. Vape Liquids should comply to ISO accredited level and should be CHIP compliant, which shows they are safe to use and have been created in a correct, clean environment. A site like the Vape Shop should address all your concerns about your liquid. They explain:-

All our e-liquid manufactured here in the UK is both fully CHIP compliant and made to food grade standards under the strictest conditions with every batch produced undergoing GC-MS testing. Ensuring that all our liquids are both chemically pure, free from diketones and traceable guaranteeing our customer receive the highest quality e-liquid available.

Once you have ascertained that your e-cig liquid is safe, you then need to ensure you are storing it safely once you get it home. E-Cig liquids are very attractive to children. They often come in vibrant, bright colours, they smell like food types that appeal to children – fruit, sweets, fizzy drinks, and they often have interesting labels that catch the eye. All of these points make them an item that should be stored safely, away from young eyes and hands. Choose a high, cool cupboard that can either be locked, or that children cannot reach.

The ideal place to store your liquid/vape juice is actually in the freezer, but of course, children can and do mess in the fridge all the time. One solution could be using a locked box to store the bottles, but it may just be as easy to use that high, locked cupboard, just to be on the safe side.

Where do you store your e-cigarette liquid?

Safe Vaping Battery And Charging Advice For Families

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge supporter of vaping, both as a way of cutting down on traditional cigarettes, and as a support for actually giving up smoking altogether. I witnessed my husband able to give up a 30+ cigarettes a day habit by using an e-cigarette, and this was something that has both improved his health and led to a fairly massive monetary saving.

Vaping is a cheaper option than smoking cigarettes, and one which certainly smells a lot fresher, but if you are thinking of vaping, there are some safety measures you need to be aware of, especially if you have young children living in your home. In the same way that you wouldn’t leave cigarettes, lighters and matches unattended where children are around, there are safety considerations that you need to remember, particularly when it comes to storage and safe charging of your e-cigarette. Fortunately E-Cig Wizard have put together a battery safe guide that gives lots of useful tips on how to store and charge your battery safely, and they are going to be expanding on this further this summer with a safe vaping guide.

BatteryWarning_lft_Nov16.png (893×827)

So what do you need to remember when it comes to looking after your E-Cigarette? An important point is that you only use the charger that came with your e-cig, even if you have another one that will fit. The safest way to charge your e-cig is by using a charging bag (Ecigwizard sell one for just £4.20, which is so affordable for peace of mind.) Another point that you might not consider is that you should not over excessively charge the battery. This is not your mobile phone that you can leave on charge overnight, you should probably restrict charging to an hour or two, no longer.

It stands to reason that all paraphenalia linked to e-cigs should be kept well out of the way of young children, whether they are being charged or not. Use a high shelf in an out of the way place when charging, children are curious and will look at anything that seems to be interesting, so basically hiding these from young eyes is a good idea.

You can find a lot more hints and tips related to charging your vape battery by clicking here. Look out for a post all about safe use of vape liquid tomorrow.