Sprucing Up Your Home For The New Year

Ok, you’ve done the run-up to Christmas, the actual Christmas bit, the run-up to New Year and the actual New Year. You could be forgiven for feeling a little jaded. But those New Year’s resolutions really aren’t going to happen unless you do something constructive about them.

Well, one way of making a difference – and it doesn’t have to be a resolution, just something you really want to do – is giving your home a makeover and adding a whole range of new styles to spruce it all up. It’s not that difficult and you don’t have to spend a fortune, especially if there has been the odd maxed credit card over the festive season.

So let’s take a look at some ideas to help stimulate your design juices.

Hello 2018!

Ready or not, here it is, and you have 12 months of it ahead. Now 2017 has gone with the fairies, you don’t have to channel white on white any more. Yes, it was, and still can be attractive, but if you want to move with the times, look at ways to break up white, perhaps by using a black trim to make a statement.

Different rooms require different design solutions, so think about what will work best for you in individual rooms.

Living spaces

Apart from the bedroom, these are spaces you will spend most time in, so you want them to be comfortable but have an attractive decor that adds to that relaxed feel you want. This year, it seems that lavender, lilac and violet are on the colour agenda, and with so many hues to choose from, you can paint soft-toned walls, perhaps accentuating with a splash of pink to draw the eye but still provide a comforting environment.

It’s not just paint that can make the difference. You can incorporate these colours into your home with artfully placed throw rugs, artwork and pillows. In the end, it comes down to your own eye and what you feel works best in your living spaces.

Window coverings

It might sound boring but the way you decide to cover your windows can make a major impact on not just how your living spaces appear, but also on the other rooms in your home. Curtains and blinds are often the go-to solution and can be attractive additions to the decor, especially in terms of colours and decorations.

A popular alternative is to use window shutters that add a real sense of style to your rooms. They are easy to install (you can do it yourself if you prefer) and can be made to fit any size or style of window. Half-moon, bay or just standard sizes, you can find a range of wood and other materials to suit the way you want your home to look. Affordable shutters give you options that are worth considering when you go for your home makeover.

Work on your lighting

It’s easy to forget how important good lighting is in any room. Take the bathroom, for example. If you don’t have good light, whether it’s from a window, overhead electric or quality mirror lighting, then you’re going to have dissatisfied family and guests who are trying to shave or wash without being able to see clearly.

Take that on to your kitchen. When you’re making food, you need to see what’s going on. Darkness can foster danger, so look to LED ceiling lights and under-counter lighting to put yourself on top of all the culinary challenges that you – and others – need to deal with.

Your main living spaces also need appropriate lighting. Have a mixture of bright options for the early evening as people are beginning to settle down after dinner, and use dimmer switches with a remote control to gradually bring down the brightness and create a different ambience. Strategically placed lamps with attractive shades, either placed on the table or as uplighters, can add to that feeling of relaxation. Spotlights can subtly illuminate wall areas, especially if there is artwork you would like to be seen.

During the day, this is where shutters can improve the natural light because they can be adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you want. In colder months, they also act as an additional layer of insulation.

Choose what suits you

Whether it’s moving furniture around, doing some decluttering to free up spaces, painting or putting in new window coverings, rugs or throws, the sky’s the limit. Be imaginative, explore your options and have a beautiful home for the rest of the year.

7 corner sofas guaranteed to give you furniture envy

Corner sofas first made their way into our homes in the 1970s. British people up and down the country were embracing the concept of open-plan living and relaxing the style of their living rooms. Corner sofas are perfect for this as they allow you and your loved ones to relax in style and comfort. If you’re thinking of upgrading your interior, furniture experts James & Rose take a closer peek at seven stunning corner models guaranteed to have you in the revamping mood.

  1. Marvellous mustard

We’ll dive straight in at the deep end with this delicious mustard yellow. It doesn’t get more statement or bold than this colour, which is very on trend and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. In your living room, this sofa will definitely be the talking point of all your friends and family.

Source: wehkamp

  1. Modern beauty


In the Zara, style and practicality meet and work together perfectly. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s incredible – isn’t that everything you want in a sofa? The strong lines of the seats and the armrests are the ultimate modern statement, but don’t worry because this creates the perfect contrast with the soft edges of cushions and throws which can be scattered for a warm and inviting effect.


Source: James & Rose

  1. Exquisite Italian


If you’re looking to add luxury to your living room then look no further. The matte wooden feet that raise the sofa off the ground are a small classic detail in a look that oozes contemporary style. Upholstered in stunning high quality leather with a traditional button cushion detail – the perfect finishing touches.


Source: Heal’s

  1. The graceful Chesterfield


This design takes the classic Chesterfield that has been around for hundreds of years, and elevates it to brand new heights – quite literally. It’s taller than the original design, standing proudly on elegantly carved legs, but you can still sink into the incredibly comfortable cushions which are so deep that you won’t ever want to stand up again.

Source: sofa.com

  1. The grand Chesterfield


We’ve seen a modern twist but now feast your eyes on the glorious design that is the Victoria. With the classic curved arms and deep buttoned detailing, this beauty will look right at home in any traditional interior. They say the classics never go out of style, and when it comes to the Chesterfield, they’d be absolutely right.


Source: James & Rose

  1. Contemporary curves


Now, we know what you’re thinking; corner sofas are meant to fit in corners, right? They’re angular and modern, but what if you could have something different? The Cristina puts a traditional twist – or curve – on the corner sofa you see most often. Rather than a right angle, it bends inwards at the centre for an incredibly elegant and spacious feel. Unique and dramatic – what more could you want?


Source: Sofology

  1. Rockin’ retro


If you like to incorporate a throwback into your interior, you can’t go wrong with this sofa. The Barbican from John Lewis looks like it was taken straight off the set of a beloved 70s TV show. A curved base, angular legs and delicate stitch detailing on the back, this gloriously simply design gives you an amazing level of comfort and support.

Source: John Lewis

Spring Homeware Haul

Spring always seems to me to be the perfect time for perking up the home with a few choice new pieces. The depression of Winter is over, the glitter and tinsel of Christmas seems a long time ago, so it seems the perfect time to add a little tender loving care to our favourite spaces, and whilst not necessarily giving them a complete makeover, at least adding a few new homeware pieces that will add new style to our surroundings.

Ocean Loans who offer a great range of loans to homeowners, asked me if I would be interested in adding some Spring touches to my home. Now, my home is a lesson in neutral, most of the walls are cream or white, and furniture is in neutral tones or classic black. For spring I decided that what I wanted to add was some touches of colour to my bathroom and living room, along with some more decorative pieces from other rooms.

The Living Room

Black and Cream are the current colours in my living room, but I decided to add some red accents in the form of some scatter cushions and a bargain new rug with a real retro feel that I picked up on a Welsh market for just £10. The cushions were also a bargain, they were from the Linea section at House of Fraser and were part of a few cushions for £25 promotion.

New Rug

New Rug

Cushions from House of Fraser

Cushions from House of Fraser

 Linea Red cotton cushion with contrast piping now £10 of 4 for £25 Click to visit House of Fraser

Linea Red cotton cushion with contrast piping
now £10 of 4 for £25 Click to visit House of Fraser

The Bathroom

My bathroom is currently white, with a line of navy blue diamond tiles. I decided to add lighter blue and green shades through new towels, flannels and some British Heritage products from Pecksniffs. The towel bales were a promotion at BHS online, and the large bath sheets were from Dunhelm. Soaps were picked up from TK Maxx at the bargain price of £3 each.

Bath Mat from Primark £5

Bath Mat from Primark £5

New towels from BHS and Dunhelm

New towels from BHS and Dunhelm

Pecksniffs soap

Pecksniffs soap from TK Maxx

Dining Room

Our dining room was redecorated last year, so I was just looking to add a few finishing touches. I found a lovely vintage cup candle at Corris Craft for £7, and a cake stand for £6. The one extravagance was the stunning Birmingham print showing the old Bullring and the Rotunda – how amazing is that!





The extension

This…just because…sigh!

Olivier Giroud ...

Olivier Giroud …