How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Aaaah! My bed. A place where I feel safe and secure, warm and comfortable. I can honestly say that if I was asked, I would class sleep as one of my hobbies, and my bed would be in my top five places in the whole world. And, I think this is due in no small part to the fact that I changed my mattress last year for a new one after more than 10 years of using the old one. I think it was not a day too soon.

Some people are very reluctant to change their mattress. They feel that it has become molded for their body and so this ensures they get a good night’s sleep. They love the familiarity of their old mattress, and worry they would not be as comfortable, and therefore sleep as well with a new model, particularly if you feel you will have to break a new one in – a bit like a pair of shoes. I have even heard people who didn’t want to change their mattress because of the trouble it would take to get it down the stairs and to get the new one up again. Thankfully, this at least can be addressed if you are tight for space with Rolled mattresses – one which is vacuum packed in order to get it up the stairs, it can then be rolled out as a normal mattress.

So, why should you be changing your mattress and how often? It has been suggested that, on average, your mattress should be changed every eight years. However, if you suddenly find you are not getting a good night’s sleep, or wake up feeling stiff and achy, then you may need to change it sooner. You also need to look at the state of the mattress – any rips, exposed springs, or odd dips in the middle (or anywhere else for that matter) may mean your mattress has come to the end of it’s days.

And then, of course, we have the bed bugs. We spend so much time in our beds, losing hair, dry skin, dead cells and these can all be absorbed by our mattress. If you think about it, we change our sheets regularly, but the mattress stays the same and is not washed (Febreeze doesn’t count!). Bed bugs and germs can all be there, unseen, and so it makes sense to change your mattress as suggested.

Ultimately, a good night’s sleep helps improve the quality of our life, improving our moods and productively. So if you are not sleeping as well as you could be, it might just be worth changing your mattress.

Four Subtle Decor Tips for New Moms Looking for a Cozier Sleeping Space

Let’s face it: it’s only natural to let your bedroom décor fall to the wayside after you become a new mom.

Maybe you’ve accumulated clutter from the baby. Perhaps you simply haven’t had any time to yourself to clean or tidy up.

Regardless, becoming a mom shouldn’t mean sacrificing your own comfort at home. Make it a goal to revamp your bedroom to ensure that you’re getting the highest sleep quality possible and that you’re more likely to feel fabulous in your own space. After all, what good is your bedroom if you don’t feel comfortable in it?

Thankfully, redecorating doesn’t need to happen overnight, nor does it have to put a huge dent in your wallet. In fact, sometimes it’s the small and subtle changes that make for the coziest spaces. Regardless of your budget or experience with décor, consider the little investments you can make to create the most comfortable bedroom possible.

New Blinds

There’s perhaps no better way to transform a bedroom than by investing in a new set of blinds. Seriously. Basking in the warm glow of natural light can be an absolute pleasure; meanwhile, being able to truly black out artificial light at night can instantly improve your quality of sleep.

For example, installing cellular shades is a relatively simple DIY project that you can knock out over the weekend. Such shading solutions are stylish and cost-effective, representing a win-win when it comes time to redecorate.

Smarter Storage

If you feel like you’re stuck with a bunch of clutter on the floor, why not stylize your odds and ends with some smarter storage?

Whether through shelving units above your bed or IKEA-style box storage solutions, it’s important to make sure that you keep as much off the floor as possible (think: this also makes your bedroom friendlier to your baby). Sure, it may take some time to get rid of some of your junk; however, you may be surprised how much space you can save when you invest in some shelf space and take out the trash.

Lovely Lamps

As noted earlier, lighting has a direct impact on our moods. If you feel that your bedroom is down in the dumps, something as simple as replacing your current lighting fixtures with brighter bulbs or looking into a new bedside lamp may be worth your time. While you don’t necessarily need to wash your room out with light, you should be able to comfortably be able to read in bed, for example.

Radiant Rugs

Maybe it’s cliché to say that a proper rug can “tie the room together,” but it’s true enough. Whether you want to splash some color into your space or simply accent your existing color scheme, a large rug can help give your bedroom a more sophisticated look. Likewise, new rugs are a time-saving alternative to projects such as painting the walls which can be both tedious and costly for newbies.

Being a fashionable mom isn’t always about what’s on the outside: never neglect the interior of your home and take special care to feeling fabulous in your own bedroom. By sticking to the aforementioned tips, you take the first steps toward ensuring your comfort and turning your room into something more modern.

Introducing ‘Stick Em Up’ stickers for the home

When it comes to decorating our homes, it has to be said that it can be a very expensive business. Wallpaper is costly and many of us actually prefer the blank canvas that painted walls can provide, we can then add our own decoration and adornment. But blank walls can also be rather dull, particularly when they are in a child’s room. That is why I love the idea behind Stick Em Up, a company who are all about fun and interesting wall stickers that will create a theme for any room.

Stick Em Up are based in my neck of the woods (Wolverhampton to be precise) and have a lovely ethos when it comes to wall stickers and the great reason to try them. They say:-

“As parents we struggled to find a reliable source for wall stickers for our three children’s bedrooms as the characters they were in love with evolved.  Moving from Thomas The Tank Engine wall paper to Paw Patrol to the next great cartoon was extremely expensive and time consuming.  Now the room can be changed in minutes for less than £10.”

From focusing on stickers for children’s bedrooms, Stick Em Up have now moved around the home, and produce stickers that will work beautifully in a teen or adult bedroom, a living room, office or the kitchen – in fact – in any part of the home.  The stickers require no artistic skill to apply, and come with full sets of instructions in order to make the application process as easy as possible. They are also delivered with free shipping, making sure there are no additional costs. Most stickers currently cost under £10, this means you can add interest to a room, or create a themed wall for minimal cost. Some of the stickers are removeable, which means they are also good as a temporary fix – i.e. for a nursery which will then be transformed into a child’s bedroom.

You can find out all the information for the best walls to apply the stickers to on their website, but one tip is to avoid a newly painted wall, it is suggested you leave at least six weeks from painting in order for the wall to be cured completely.


Competition Time

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Win a sticker of your choice from Stick Em Up.