Muddy Boots Storage With Vintage Apple Crates

One of the negative point people often mention when they are talking about storage solutions is how unattractive it can be. Go to Ikea and you will find acres and acres of plastic boxes that work well but look pretty horrible if we are being honest. If only there was some way to make storage more attractive.

Vintage Apple Crates do just that. Using sourced genuine vintage apple crates that have been sanded down, the sturdy and roomy crates are perfect for storing a range of objects. They have a gorgeous rustic look that will appeal to lovers of vintage and retro styling, but as they have also been upcycled, they are totally in keeping with our passion for recycling and reusing objects, something that is becoming more and more important in our ever throwaway society.

One of their most popular and useful products is their Muddy Boots crate. With Winter firmly taking a grip we are all looking for somewhere to store those wet and snowy wellies, and this continues into Spring, when rain brings us muddy paths and parks, particularly in semi rural areas like the one I live in. The muddy boots crate is roomy ( Crate Size: 50cm Length x 40cm Depth x 30cm Height) and attractive, with vintage style lettering on the front that has been hand stenciled to match in with the rustic/vintage feel.

Each crate has a larger gap under the top slat in each side so they can be easily carried when full. This means you can carry it outside when the weather warms up, and keep it somewhere inside, whether than be a shed or garage, or, like me, kept in the conservatory near to the back door so you can take your boots straight off when you come in from the garden.

How you store your boots is up to you, you can stand them up neatly, or just through them in, either way is fine – you may find more room for storage is they are thrown in randomly like I have done.

I love the vintage look and feel of the muddy boots crate and think they are a great addition to any home.

Stunning Storage Solutions From Lumino

Increasingly we want our homes to be full of products that can do more than one job. Space is at a premium, so anything that looks like one thing, but can do another job is always something to be impressed with. Lumino, who specialise in Illuminated bathroom cabinets have long since realised that their products can be multi purpose and multi functional. One example of this is their bathroom cabinet with shaver socket , that can be used for storage, as a vanity mirror, and also for shaving too.
Lumino’s bathroom mirrors and cabinets have lots of features which make them both a practical item and yet something that adds a tough of luxury to your bathroom. A key product is the sleek LED illuminated cabinet. All Lumino’s LED illuminated cabinets feature energy efficient lights and come in a variety of styles to suit any contemporary bathroom. These can dramatically transform a dark and small sized room into a larger and more welcoming space. Easy installation with no re-wiring needed.
As well as the lighting, which can always be a good feature if your room is a little on the dark side, the Lumino mirrors also have the demister feature. Bathroom mirrors tend to mist up very quickly due to condensation from hot baths and showers. This can waste valuable time in the morning if you are trying to get ready in a hurry. The demister feature puts a stop to all this, You no longer need to clear the mist away using your hand  which can leave unsightly marks and can be difficult to remove. Lumino’s range of beautiful bathroom cabinets even include innovative and stylish features such as motion sensors to help give your bathroom that added touch of luxury.
A beautiful mirror can add light and the appearance of space to a small room. Lumino mirrors also add the appeal of the most luxurious of hotels. Definitely something that could completely change a room.

Maximising Space In Your Child’s Bedroom

It is a common scenario. A young couple buy a starter home that is just perfect for them. Then they start a family and the home that was once perfect suddenly feels a little tight on space, especially when it comes to the bedrooms. So many new build homes have a box room as part of their layout, and these need to have some serious space saving ideas in order to make them viable as a bedroom. The obvious answer in this scenario would be to move house, but that is not such an easy option in the 21st century. Instead we have to look carefully at creating space where we can, and have to look in particular at the furniture we use.

One way that you can create space in a child’s room, particular if it is a shared room is through the use of bunk beds. Bunk beds place both of the beds on a single wall, and are also great if you only have one child, but often have friends over to stay. Some beds still have storage space underneath that can be used for toys and games, but the children’s bunk beds from Room To Grow also have an option where the under bed space can also be home to a third bed that can be pulled out when you have guests to stay, or for a very special sleepover.

Bunk beds really are a great option. Kids love them, we recently did a sleepover at Warwick Castle and the fact that the room had bunk beds just added to the general excitement. There is also the option of a cabin bed style bunk if you have just the one child, this can then help you with space as wardrobes, desks and shelving units can be incorporated into the design. The most important feature is the amount of floor space this sort of bed leaves, very important if you want to play with train sets or racing tracks.