Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Winter is often considered the toughest time of the year to sell your home, but sometimes needs must and you need to sell your home quickly, possibly wanting to sell your house for cash. There can be many reasons for this, a job offer you can’t refuse that means moving out of the area, downsizing your current home, needing to release money quickly, emigrating to another country, or even if you have another home already lined up which you could lose when your own buyer pulls out of your sale.

If you are looking for a quick sale you could look at a company like A1 Home Buyers UK, who can buy your property, regardless of condition and can complete in as little as 5 days. This could be a lifesaver if you really do need to sell and have no time to spare. This could also be useful if you are strapped for spare funds as they also pay legal fees related to the sale.

There are lots of other things you can do if you want to sell quickly. If you can hang on until Spring this is the ideal time to sell, many people look to making a move in the new season, and want to be completed long before Summer holidays start.

Another good tip is actually preparing your house for sale. Start with the look of your house from the outside, this is going to be the first thing potential buyers see, so a rusty gate, or chipped paint on a door does not give the first impression that you want. A coat of paint could be the difference between making the sale. De-cluttering is another really important step, you need people to see themselves living in your home, so having toys all over the floor when a young, childless couple come to view is never good. Similarly, pare down your knick knacks, photographs and overly large furniture that may make rooms look smaller.

Although you don’t want to be spending a fortune on a house you want to sell, DIY could still be essential in order for you to actually sell the property. If there have been jobs you have needed to do, small repairs, replacing chipped tiles in the bathroom, making sure carpet is secured down etc, make sure these have been done before you invite potential buyers in.

Finally, it pays to keep your price realistic. Over priced properties are harder to sell, and will therefore be on the market much longer. You should get plenty of valuations that should give you a good indication of the local market and the price for a property similar to that which you are selling. This should help you to set a realistic and competitive price for your property.

Happy Selling.


Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re still trying to complete your shopping for the holidays, it’s likely that you need a few good gift ideas for the people in your life. You may have a perfect present in mind for a few lucky individuals, but what do you give someone who absolutely dotes on his or her dog? It’s likely that one of your friends or relatives is a parent to a fur baby as recent statistics show that there are more dogs than any other kind of pet in British households, and 24% of pet owners own a dog. Instead of giving generic gifts such as a water bowl or a chew toy, let your loved one know that you have his or her pet in mind by giving any of this creative Christmas gift ideas.

Photo by Álvaro Niño on Unsplash

A personalized dog tag

Does your friend’s dog’s tag need a serious upgrade? Then give him a personalized dog tag to keep his pet safe at all times. Dog safety and health are important for pet owners, and apart from affording regular visits to the vet, insurance papers to cover pet emergencies, and dog training, a well-designed dog tag can keep a dog safe, especially if your friend’s pet has a tendency to wander. You can pick a stainless steel or enamel dog tag and have it engraved or printed with the dog’s name and the dog owner’s mobile number. Add a smart dog collar, and you’ve got a nice present that will be a hit with the dog owner and pet.

A dog photo session

Are you handy with a camera? Do you create Instagram-ready shots that are the envy of your loved ones? Then give the gift of a doggy photo session to the pet enthusiast in your life. It’s a great present for people who are longing to take great photos of their dog for posterity’s sake. After the photo session, print out some of the greatest shots and frame the best one. Wrap all of these up before giving to your friend or relative.

A pet gadget

There are a lot of new high-tech pet gadgets out there that will allow your loved one to track his pet’s whereabouts or enable him to video chat with his dog. There are even a few gadgets which will allow a pet owner to dispense a treat for his dog even if he’s not at home. Find out what you think your friend or family member needs before choosing a pet gadget to give this Christmas.

A portable or folding dog bed

If your loved one prefers to travel with his pet in tow, then get him a portable or folding dog bed. It can be used for camping trips, beach vacations, and anywhere else they love to go. When choosing a dog bed, make sure that it’s soft, comfortable, and is the right size for your friend or relative’s furry friend.

This Christmas, treat your favourite dog owner to any of these gift ideas. Your loved one and his or her pet will love receiving any of these gifts this holiday season.

Making Pampering Plans For November

Another month has almost finished, as the year continues to fly by. October has been great fun, but November is always one of my favourite months of the year, as the countdown to Christmas truly begins. Christmas lights are switched on, Christmas markets arrive in town and everywhere has a very festive feel, which is perfect if, like me, you think it is the most wonderful time of the year.

But Christmas can also be the a really stressful time, when the preparations and excitement can actually take a real toll, especially if you have young children with excitement levels at boiling point. So, November could be a time when you think about taking a little ‘me-time’, with some pampering, relaxation and well being at the heart. It is the perfect excuse for a spa break.

A spa break is a perfect girly getaway, whether it be as part of a hen party, a mother and daughter bonding session, or just a solitary session for you to recharge your batteries. You can combine massage, and skin treatments like facials and peels, whilst also enjoying the use of luxurious facilities like heated pools, saunas, Jacuzzis and whirlpools.

If you book a luxurious spa day or overnight stay at a resort like Champneys, you also get to use the excellent restaurant facilities. Most spa day packages include a delicious buffet lunch, with overnight stays also having breakfast and dinner options.

You can make your spa package perfect for you. If you are a gym bunny who wants to include a fitness option, then the state of the art gym facilities will be put to good use, and there will also be a range of exercise and dance classes you can partake in. If, however, you just want to relax and let some of the weight of the world be removed from your shoulders, then you may just prefer to book in for a deep massage, and then soak in a warm whirlpool. The beauty of a package is that you decide what you want to do. It really is that simple.