Save Some Money – Make Some Money

Yesterday was officially Blue Monday, not a celebration of the fabulous New Order song, but the most miserable day of the year. Blue Monday is the day when the money runs out, after getting paid earlier in December, we now find ourselves struggling to make it last all through January, and we have all those Christmas toys that are now being paid for as the credit card bills start to hit the door mat. Yes it is certainly not a day for smiles and laughter.

But if money is what is making you blue, there are ways to save and to make a little extra this month. Here are a few ideas for making the pennies go a bit further.

Clear the Clutter

January is one of the best times to have a sort out. You have to put all those new Christmas toys and presents away and this can mean needing to make some room, plus you take the Christmas decorations down and have a bit of a Spring clean at the same time. This makes it a perfect time for sorting unwanted goods. But don’t just ditch them. Remember the old adage that one mans trash is another mans treasure and sell it on. Look for free listings days on eBay, or, better still, avoid delivery charges by selling through local Facebook selling pages. These allow you to negotiate on price, and, because they serve the local area, you can arrange for items to be picked up. You can make some extra space and money all at the same time. Result!

Have a Flutter

If you enjoy online gaming, bingo or casino sites, then this month you need to make sure you are signed up to alerts to a site that reveals No Deposit Casino Bonuses UK. 

This will allow you to identify the best UK casino deals, including free spins, welcome offers, and, of course no deposits. Free spins with no deposit could win that you have a win without parting with a penny, so if this is your sort of thing, you should definitely check out these special offers.

Make sure you are signed up for store loyalty schemes

Just this month I have received vouchers from Tesco and The Works as part of their loyalty schemes. These are points schemes where you collect points with each purchase, and they mount up without you even realising. You can then use the vouchers you receive to get money off your shopping, I don’t mind admitting I join every scheme, saving over £30 of Boots advantage card points that I spent on presents for Christmas. I also save Nectar points. Most schemes will also send coupons that give you money off items that are regularly on your shopping list, make sure you keep these in your bag when you go shopping.

Switch to a Budget Supermarket

It has to be said you can cut your shopping bill considerably if you switch to a budget supermarket. I love Lidl which I think has a great choice of food that also has the quality I like. I do shop at a range of supermarkets, but find I never get more for my money than when I shop at Lidl or Aldi. If January is proving tough, this could be a switch worth making.


3 Ways an installment loan can help you

Many people find it hard to make ends meet with the rising cost of healthcare and the cost of living without an increase in pay. Because of this, people are turning towards applying for loans or lines of credit to help them pay bills, buy groceries, and pay the rent. If you are in this situation, there are options for you to get help. This article will help you understand how an installment loan may be the answer to your money troubles.

Direct-Lender-Installment-Loans.jpg (506×319)

An installment loan is a loan that is paid off over a period of time. What makes this type of loan different than others is that you are given money on a periodic basis after you have already made some payments towards the balance. The terms of the loan can be made by you and the creditor and is as flexible as having 30 days or 30 years to pay off the debt. Here are some ways that this type of loan can help you get back on your feet.


  1. Set interest rates. Having a set interest rate for a period of time will give you peace of mind because you know what your payments will be for the duration of the loan. You will not have to worry about coming up with additional funds mid-loan term because of an increased interest rate. You will always know what your payment is and you can plan your budget accordingly. This is not always possible with other types of loans. One month your payment may be $200 and the next it could be $275 or more due to the varying APR rate. You will not have this headache with an installment loan.


  1. Lower monthly payments. Most installment loans have a longer term life than other loans. This means that you will likely have a lower monthly payment since you are paying the loan off over a longer period of time. While this is beneficial in the moment because you have a lower payment, you will likely pay a great deal more over the life of the loan because you are paying interest for the length of the loan term.


  1. Get your loan money fast. One of the greatest benefits to applying for an installment loan is that you can often count on getting the money fast. The reason for this is that documentation from lenders is not robust which takes less time to process the loan. The quickest turn around time after applying could be as little as 2 days but up to 2 weeks.

There are many great benefits to applying for an installment loan. Whether you are interested in paying off debt, consolidating credit cards, purchasing a car or a home, or need money for the cost of living, an installment loan is a great option to explore. To see if you qualify for an installment loan with a low interest rate and a generous term period, check out MTP Loans. You could be well on your way to financial freedom in a matter of a couple of days!

3 Ways That Owning a Life Insurance Policy Can Contribute to Your Happiness

The saying happiness is a choice is too cliché but it is nonetheless true in many instances. Our life decisions help pave the way to either happiness or ruin, which means that prudence has to be exercised when making day to day choices. One such decision that one needs to do is to prepare for the future, and while it may be morbid to think about our passing one day, many say it is a healthy attitude towards the reality of life. Over time, acceptance of death has become widely practiced and even prepared for. Hence, life insurance is becoming increasingly popular among young adults.

While life insurance is basically a preparation for the inevitable, it also provides benefits to people from day to day, including happiness. Learn more about life insurance at Here are some of the ways of how life insurance can make people happy.

  1. Provides a Sense of Security for the Future

Security comprises a major part in personal happiness. The feeling of having a safety net on whatever may happen gives a good feeling. Secure people are generally happy and they tend to appreciate the present more than those who opts to shoot in the dark and rely on luck. Having a life insurance provides such sense of security for young adults and even those who are nearing their 40’s or 50’s. Many people in their late adulthood who have life insurance are reportedly happier than those who don’t.

  1. Gives Peace of Mind

Nothing compares to peace of mind. In fact, this is the top reason why people work hard and accumulate wealth. However, it seems elusive to some and many are quick to lose it. Buying life insurance gives a certain degree of peace of mind as it allows a person to secure his or her person. Knowing you will be taken cared of well upon your passing helps you feel prepared, and thus feel good about yourself. It also reduces the worries of future financial status and makes one enjoy their day to day life better.

  1. It’s a Way of Caring for Your Family

Family is one of the greatest things that can make one happy, and this happiness grows exponentially as one provides and cares for his loved ones. The same is true with life insurance. Buying yourself a life insurance plan is a portrayal of love to your family because you take the burden off of them when the time of your death comes. Life insurance will cover expenses upon death and this takes off a heavy financial load from your loved one’s shoulders. With it, you can also better enjoy your time with your family because you know everything is taken care of.

Whatever other reasons may be on how life insurance contributes to your feelings of happiness, it is doubtlessly beneficial in the long run. This is why it is always better to buy a plan while it is still early on in life. Adults, too, can still take advantage of this opportunity and live happier, better lives.