Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

Winter is often considered the toughest time of the year to sell your home, but sometimes needs must and you need to sell your home quickly, possibly wanting to sell your house for cash. There can be many reasons for this, a job offer you can’t refuse that means moving out of the area, downsizing your current home, needing to release money quickly, emigrating to another country, or even if you have another home already lined up which you could lose when your own buyer pulls out of your sale.

If you are looking for a quick sale you could look at a company like A1 Home Buyers UK, who can buy your property, regardless of condition and can complete in as little as 5 days. This could be a lifesaver if you really do need to sell and have no time to spare. This could also be useful if you are strapped for spare funds as they also pay legal fees related to the sale.

There are lots of other things you can do if you want to sell quickly. If you can hang on until Spring this is the ideal time to sell, many people look to making a move in the new season, and want to be completed long before Summer holidays start.

Another good tip is actually preparing your house for sale. Start with the look of your house from the outside, this is going to be the first thing potential buyers see, so a rusty gate, or chipped paint on a door does not give the first impression that you want. A coat of paint could be the difference between making the sale. De-cluttering is another really important step, you need people to see themselves living in your home, so having toys all over the floor when a young, childless couple come to view is never good. Similarly, pare down your knick knacks, photographs and overly large furniture that may make rooms look smaller.

Although you don’t want to be spending a fortune on a house you want to sell, DIY could still be essential in order for you to actually sell the property. If there have been jobs you have needed to do, small repairs, replacing chipped tiles in the bathroom, making sure carpet is secured down etc, make sure these have been done before you invite potential buyers in.

Finally, it pays to keep your price realistic. Over priced properties are harder to sell, and will therefore be on the market much longer. You should get plenty of valuations that should give you a good indication of the local market and the price for a property similar to that which you are selling. This should help you to set a realistic and competitive price for your property.

Happy Selling.


Moving house with young children

Moving house can be a very stressful time for adults. Finding the right place, securing the mortgage, the conveyancing, surveys, gazumping, removals – all this can lead to emotional upset, stress levels that seem to rise daily, and a general feeling that the whole process will never end. So imagine how it must feel for your children.


Volition Removals London have produced a great infographic with hints and tips to make moving house with children so much easier, and they have also asked selected bloggers (including moi) for their tips for making a house move as easy as possible for your little ones. This can be during the process of finding a home, and during the actual move.

Moving House With Children

 Here are my tips

  • Keep your children informed and involved. If you think that this is a stressful time for you, what must it be like for your children. They may be having to get used to the idea of a new school, new friends and a new area, so make the situation easier by telling children about the move as early as possible in order for them to mentally prepare and get used to the idea.
  • Stress the positives at all times. Make your child really excited about things that are important to them – i.e helping to design and choose things for their new bedroom. Play up all the strengths of your new home – maybe it has a garden big enough for goals or a playhouse? Maybe they will¬† be able to keep a pet in their new home?
  • Go and explore the new area – check out the parks and play areas, toy shops and food places – literally anything that helps your positive spin.
  • When it comes to the move, let them pack their own special box of treasured possessions that they can keep with them in the car. It is daunting to see all your possessions disappear into the back of a van, so make sure familiar things and much loved cuddly toys stay with your child. It may also be a good idea to get your child a special new toy as a treat that may just ease the moving. House of Fraser has a gorgeous new toy section all stocked for Christmas that is definitely worth a look. The outdoor section would be great if you are getting a garden for the first time.

Just keep reinforcing what an exciting time it is, and how fantastic the new house and future will be.