Sharing Those Winter Wonderful Memories With Truprint

Everyone has a favourite season, and for many people this has to be Winter. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and with the added attraction that we might just get a Winter Wonderland, Winter is definitely a great season for making memories that will last forever.

Truprint have many fabulous ways for you to preserve those memories for posterity, including canvas prints, photo book, personalised calendars and prints of all sizes that can then be framed. These make wonderful gifts for loved ones – can you think of a better Christmas gift than a shared memory, but also make a lovely treat for yourself too.

I have been thinking about some of my own favourite Winter memories, the days that linger in the mind and bring a smile to my face, and I’m going to share a few of them here. I would love to hear about your fave ‘Winter Wonderful’ memories too.


We don’t get that many snow days in the Midlands, but, when we do, it is the perfect excuse to get wrapped up and get into the garden. Making snowmen, throwing snowballs and playing on a sledge, so many perfect photograph moments as you make happy memories.

Joe’s Birthday

Joe is a Christmas baby, so that makes our December doubly special. We always have a special birthday celebration to get it separate from Christmas. This has included a Santa sleepover at Legoland, and last year we took 30 adults and children to The Hawthorns to watch West Brom V Manchester Utd. A really special day for all concerned.


Christmas is the time for making special memories, and as a complete Christmas lover, it is a time that is a carousel of panto’s, Christmas Markets and visits to Santa. My camera is constantly out at Christmas, as I snap away at those memories, ready to relive them at a later date.

How do you preserve your photographic Winter Wonderful memories?

The Value of a Photograph?

Family photographs were once something to be put into family albums, to be shared with friends and relatives, and to be pulled out at embarrassing times once your children are grown up and dating. (You know exactly what I’m talking about – the naked ones on the change mat!!!). But these days were are less likely to print out our photographs, and are growing more and more wary of sharing them online. Do we now value our family photographs less than we did in the past?

We can share our photographs so much easier these days, Instagram is hugely popular, as is Snapchat, and Facebook still has the capacity for us to create album after album. Yet, In order to take a closer look at how we now value photographs and to find out how much we worry about their reach in the online world, asked 1040 people aged over 18: “Are you happy sharing photos of your children online?”

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I share some family photographs on my Instagram feed.

The results were surprising. Despite living in times when oversharing seems to be the norm, and life doesn’t seem to be happening unless it has an online footprint, the results found that 83% of parents who responded to the survey were wary of sharing photos of their children online, while just 17% were fine with it.  There are worries about photographs being stolen and used for insavoury purposes. Even photo storing and secure accounts have been hacked, with high profile stars like Jennifer Lawrence falling victim. It’s no wonder that although we seem to want to share, we are wary and uneasy about possible consequences. (You can read more about the survey here.)

Speaking about the study, Ian Cowley, Managing Director of Cartridge Save said:

“Our lives are now lived online; it’s a culture to take tens, if not hundreds of photos a day and share them with friends, family and strangers – what we’re doing, what we’re eating, where we are. It seems that photographs, now that they are no longer limited by cost, are rarely printed and kept safe so have lost their value and become worthless to us – they can always be deleted and replaced with another, better, selfie or snap of your meal.”

He continued with a warning:

“Despite assurances of online safety, once photographs are shared online, their reach is no longer in your hands. Even if they are deleted from a social site shortly after being uploaded, or even if you upload them to an account that it set to be private, the photos will already be backed up in servers around the world that may be vulnerable to hacking.”


Despite all this, I still can’t see us going back to a time of photo albums. I love flicking through old photographs, but have you actually tried to buy a nice album recently? They are getting harder and harder to find, and more and more expensive. The answer may be that we have albums on our laptops, smart phones and ipads that we keep all to ourselves, only sharing impersonal snaps on our online outlets.

What do you think?




Wedding is a very special affair, and an equally expensive one. Everything related to weddings is outrageously expensive. It is natural for you to want to make the most out of everything.

Photography is a major expense when it comes to weddings, and due to simple lack of a little bit of planning, many couples end up with very few photographs. For instance, most couples want to get their couple portraits done after the ceremony and right before the reception. If the ceremony start/runs late (it usually does), your caterer won’t push the dinner timings and it is the photographer’s job that will suffer. With little time to spare, the number of photographs can be considerably fewer.

If your wedding is around the corner, employ the following tips to avoid situations similar to the one mentioned above.


Yes, you read that correct. When it comes to weddings and schedules, you need to be pessimistic. Assume everything will take longer than it should, because it usually does. Whether is is formal group photos, formal couple portraits, there are so many people involved that at some point, delays will happen. It is better to be prepared for these instead of ending up in stressful and anxious situations, which might be reflected in the photographs as well.


Most of the times when people make their wedding day schedule, they forget to factor in the travel time. Don’t make this mistake. It might be true that when you do factor in the travel time, you will find out that you’re on a very tight schedule. And don’t just stop at travel time, think about the time taken to park the cars and walk to the venue, you don’t want to miss anything.

Another thing that people usually forget about is the times they are pulled aside by relatives and friends to chat, congratulate or catch up. The smart thing is to anticipate these moments and factor in the time to your schedule.


Stick to the plan, don’t let anyone talk you into doing otherwise. A change in timings, or venue or even the things you don’t pay attention to, like extra group photos WILL add to your stress. The delays will also affect the time you need for your portrait photos.




Portrait photographers call this the golden hour. The lighting is perfect at this time and magical photographs are almost guaranteed. Scheduling the couple portrait just before the sunset will ensure you and your better half look awe inspiring in memories that will last a lifetime.




First looks are precious. The intimate moments that the couple get on an otherwise busy and crowded day make for great photographs. They capture magical emotions that occur when the groom witnesses his bride for the first time. Typically, the groom is made to stand facing away and the bride is made to tap on his shoulder to make him turn around and look at the bride. First look sessions make for great additions to couple portrait collections.




Remember to have fun! It is your wedding after all. And as the bride, don’t ever forget two things, one, there is nobody else that finds this day as important as you, and two, nobody is more important than you and your future life partner on this day.