A Vaping Update

Vaping is a proven way to help people both cut down and quit smoking altogether, and one which shows no sign of disappearing. As I have written in previous posts, changing from cigarettes to vaping helped my husband, a thirty cigarettes a day smoker, to quit altogether three years ago, and he has never been tempted to smoke since. Recently a close friend, another heavy smoker, has switched to a new e-cig brand in order to try to quit the dreaded weed, and this post is talking about some of her findings and experiences.

Vaping has not been without issues, my husband complained about having to keep refilling the e-cigarette, part of the decision to quit came from when he dropped a full bottle of liquid all over himself and the kitchen floor, but a new concept in vaping may well address this particular issue. Vape AYR has created the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically, which should make vaping not only healthier, but much easier to do. The Vape AYR e-cig also has a glowdown feature that shows exactly how much you’ve vaped during a single session.

But back to my friend, who I will refer to only as E (she’s too shy to be named in the blog). I asked her why e-cigs seem to be helping her to cut down in a way that patches and gum never did. She explained:

“…Some of it is entirely pyshological. I need to feel a cigarette in my hand. I need to inhale, I need to see smoke. I need to still think that I am smoking even though the taste is different. It’s almost like I’m tricking my head, trying to fool myself, and it is working. I still do things I did before, like having a smoke after a meal, but I have also noticed I have cut down quite a lot, so things are on the right track…”

When I asked what differences she had noticed from using vapes rather than cigarettes, E had lots to say.

“…Well, the main one has been money. I honestly can’t believe how much I am saving, and, in all honesty, it is what is encouraging me to continue. Smoking is just too expensive. I’m not going to say I hate smoking – I love the taste if I’m honest, but the cost, and how anti-social it is now makes me want to quit. I hate standing outside in leper’s shelters because I smoke, I’m old enough to remember when you could still smoke on aeroplanes, but society is so different now, you almost feel you have to quit. But I have to say I don’t miss the smell of smoke on my clothes – I never really noticed it but my kids gave me hell. The vapes smell a lot nicer and fresher…”

Finally I asked if E would ever completely give up.

“Not at the moment, I feel really proud that actual cigarettes have gone, but I’ve smoked for so many years I would find it too hard to withdraw completely. I suffer with my nerves and cigarettes do help me feel calmer. But, I never thought I would get rid of ciggies, so never say never. It’s a watch this space answer.”

Quitting smoking – A personal story

As someone who has never smoked a single cigarette it is quite easy to stand in judgement, telling other people, from those who chain smoke, to those who just enjoy an occasional social drag, why it is that they should quit. But I feel that would be both sanctimonious and pious, and frankly, I am neither. I do however, have a personal story of someone who used vaping as a way to give up smoking after a 30 year addiction that had seen him smoke more than 30 a day, every single day, and that it the story of my husband Peter. I’m really proud of him,and believe that his story shows that anyone can give up, with a combination of determination and sheer willpower.

Pete’s story

Pete started smoking as a teenager, when James Dean with a cigarette was still the absolute epitome of cool. Cigarettes were cheaper then, and you could always easily buy a single cigarette at school from someone behind the bike sheds. Pete often His intake steadily increased, and neither breathing problems due to asthma, or the smoking ban that led to smokers being made to take the habit outside led to any thoughts of quitting.

In 2008, Pete’s mother, Rita, was diagnosed with Lung cancer. It was terminal, stage 4, and she died just four months later. Rita had also been a life long smoker, and still smoked crafty cigarettes as she was dying, not able to give up the very thing that was to end her life so prematurely. Pete adored his mom, and was by far a heavier smoker than Rita ever had been, but still he did not quit, despite my growing fears for his health. Our son Joe was just four months old when his grandmother died at 55, but her stolen life did not even tempt Pete to cut down.

But sometimes something has to give, and, finally in January 2014, something did happen that finally prompted Peter to finally try to quit. Joe was now five and idolised his dad. Pete had never smoked in our home and had tried to keep his habit away from Joe, but that hadn’t stopped Joe picking up a pen and telling us he was ‘smoking a nasty’ like dad. Pete was horrified. He had been doing some research into vaping and felt that this could be a way of quitting that might just work for him. (You can find some similar research here.)

Pete and Joe

Pete and Joe

Pete quit for his boy

Pete quit for his boy

He started with a vaping kit and alternated this with actual cigarettes, which cut his intake down to less than a pack of 20 per day, for the first time in 20 years. He then further reduced, so that actual cigarettes were limited to a pack of 10 per day, which had a great impact financially as the cost of cigarettes continued to soar with every new Budget. Eventually the cigarettes were gone – this took less than a month, which was pretty incredible, and habits like getting up in the night for a quick drag, or leaving a restaurant between courses all disappeared – for good as it turned out.

Really proud of my man.

Really proud of my man.

With cigarettes gone, Pete packed up the vaping kit and went cold turkey. It was not easy, but the introduction of vaping had made the process slightly more painless, and within another month, Pete was a non smoker. That was March 2014, and he has remained that way. It is sometimes hard for me to now remember that he had ever smoked, let alone been someone who had a really heavy habit.


If you are struggling to quit, or have been considering it, I would definitely recommend vaping as a way to cut down both your cigarette intake and costs, and as an effective way to quit. You can find a range of information about vaping, health benefits, research and e-cigarettes at https://www.vapemate.co.uk/ which may give you a little more food for thought.



Reasons for Switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes

Switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes is a positive move for many reasons. One big benefit is the amount of money you can save over time. The price of tobacco has skyrocketed in recent years, due in large part to the tax applied to each packet of cigarettes. According to the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA), if you spend £7.98 on a packet of cigarettes, £6.17 or 77 per cent of the total cost goes to the taxman. The proportion can be even higher on some budget brands.

Some vapers prefer the ease and convenience of disposable e-cigarettes when they first make the switch, but most will end up investing in a refillable e-cig kit. When you add up the annual cost of a typical smoker’s habit, it really is an investment.


There are other benefits to such an investment. Many vapers say it provides a better quality experience and there is far more choice when it comes to the dizzying array of e-liquids available. It’s also the most cost-effective option over the long run.

There is, of course, a certain amount of initial outlay involved, but if you invest in a kit like the Aspire Premium Kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started, whether you’re a newcomer to vaping or more experienced. The e-cigarette itself is the Aspire Nautilus Mini. As the “Mini” part suggests, it’s convenient to store and carry – it’s 72.85mm long, to be incredibly precise – but there’s nothing compact about its features. You can find good offers in this site.


As part of Aspire’s new generation of tank systems, it uses new Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) technology that is designed to last longer while giving the purest experience of whatever e-liquid you choose to put in the tank. It also boasts a unique four-port adjustable airflow system that allows the vaper to change the draw, the amount of vapour produced, and the warmth of the vapour as it is delivered. Different users have different tastes, and the Nautilus Mini allows them to customise every vape, view more here.

The CF VV+ battery is also worth mentioning. With a metal button, stainless steel endpoints, and a carbon fibre-coated tube, it certainly looks the part, but it is performance that counts and it doesn’t slouch in any department. The spring connector ensures a strong connection between the e-cig and the battery, and you can easily adjust the voltage by twisting the dial on the base. There’s also a high/low battery indicator and inbuilt over-charge and short circuit protection. The kit also comes with five spare coil heads, a USB charger, and a UK mains adaptor.

There are many reasons for switching to e-cigarettes. Besides the cost savings, e-cigarettes are far less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes. A report by Public Health England suggests they are 95 per cent less harmful. In addition, because they produce vapour rather than choking and stinking smoke, vaping is generally seen as a far less antisocial habit than smoking. If you’re looking to make the switch, the Aspire Premium Kit has everything you need.