Treat Yourself To A New Handbag This Autumn

If there is one fashion item that I cannot resist, it is the lure of a new handbag. When it comes to clothes and shoes I can hold myself back, but a handbag…

I think it’s something to do with it being a treat item that you can use, whenever. It doesn’t matter if you lose or gain weight, your bag is totally forgiving. You can choose a designer label and it should last you for years, but the High Street often has the most covetable bags each season. You can choose a different design to match every outfit, or can opt for a totally classic investment piece that will work whatever you are wearing. Whether it be the lure of leather or suede, or if you are a magpie drawn to sparkling pieces, there is a handbag out there waiting for you.

Karl Lagerfeld K bag

A new season can mean the chance to indulge in a new bag, and if you can make a substantial saving on the cost, then that can only be a good thing. Love the Sales collates all the best prices around and currently has a huge selection in their handbag section. This includes designer names like Lulu Guinness, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Kenzo and fabulous High Street brands like East, Dune, Ted Baker and Karen Millen. They have all different bag shapes, from totes that work well as work bags and everyday bags, to clutch and box bags that will be brilliant come the party season.

Kenzo A4 Occasions Pouch

With savings that start at 20% and go up to more than 50%, you can be assured that you will find a fabulous buy at its very best price.

Here are some of the current savings that have caught my eye and have been added to my handbag wish list. Now I just need to find a little more room to store them all…

Carvela Rachel Quilted Bag

French Connection Cara Body Bag

DKNY Greenwich Clutch Bag

Lulu Guinness Kooky Cat Perspex bag

Grey snake cross body mini chain tote bag

Biba Jenna Top Handle Shoulder Bag

You can find all the bags featured at Love the Sales, bag sales are updated regularly.

Make Groupon a Regular Part of a Financial Life

It’s easy to approach your personal finances just like people have for dozens of years: save, pay off debt, invest, etc. While these are timeless skills that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon, it’s easy to forget about modern resources that make saving money easier. Case in point: Groupon. Groupon is one of the few money-saving resources that has stood the test of time on the internet. While countless other websites have gone the way of the dinosaur, Groupon is as good as ever. Here are ways to save through many of the businesses they promote. All of these will be familiar, and some of them are probably businesses that you use regularly. By taking advantage of Groupon’s deals, you’ll save money all the time.

Toys “R” Us: If you have kids, you’re no stranger to Toys “R” Us. This longstanding toy retailer is a favorite for kids all over the country, and you probably shop there at least once or twice a year, if not more. Kids toys are pricey, and it’s easy to break the budget if your kids have a taste for the new and the exotic. The best way to save is to use Groupon’s coupons for Toys “R” Us. Like so many Groupons, these change frequently. Sometimes they are related to specific items that the toy giant sells. Other times they are related to savings that you can secure store wide. Whatever the case, the savings are great to get, so set up a notification whenever Toys “R” Us Groupons are announced.

eBay: We’ve all experienced the excitement of watching an auction clock count down to zero, waiting to see if we won the item of our dreams! Whether or not you are an avid eBay user, you’ll no doubt appreciate the savings that the site can bring into your life, with or without the additional savings from Groupon. If you regularly buy name brand or hard to find items, eBay is a no-brainer. With the additional savings from Groupon, it’s even more so that way. If you or someone you love is a traveler, discounted services through will come in real handy. Use these discounts to make your next vacation more affordable, to improve your digs during your next business trip, or to create a staycation to be remembered forever. offers accommodations for all budgets, so there will always be something you can afford. With the savings Groupon offers, you may even be able to up the ante next time you have to book a hotel.
Groupon has so many other deals, for so many other companies, that there wouldn’t be room for all of the information in fifty short posts like this. If you want to find out all of the ways that Groupon can improve your personal finances, you’ll have to head on over to their site and look around. Explore randomly, then search for businesses that you regularly use. You’ll be sure to save.

Guide to buying men’s shoes

This infographic will walk you through which shoes you should buy next. The graphic goes through shoes such the dress boot, the boat shoe and the basic trainer. What I really love about this infographic is that it introduces some keys, these keys easily show you what each shoe is perfect for. For example, the dress boot is perfect for sunny days, for smart attire and also advises you to wear those certain shoes with socks.
Another example would be the basic trainer where the keys say to also wear with socks, comfy for sports, for the casual look and perfect for sunny days. You can wear clothes such as hype clothing, hoodies and bomber jackets with basic trainers as they all fall under the casual look category.