What would Grace Kelly do?

Next month I am going to be doing an intensive driving course, because, believe it or not, I can’t actually drive. I had a series of lessons nearly 20 years ago which culminated in a crash. It wasn’t my fault, but that didn’t stop me loosing all confidence behind the wheel, and suffering from whiplash which left me in pain for weeks also didn’t help matters. But now I’ve finally decided to put my fears behind me, and take the plunge. I am going to learn to drive.

There are so many things to consider when learning to drive. Who to choose as a driving instructor? How many lessons to book? How much to spend on a car? Where to get specialist car insurance and what sort of cover to opt for? My head is almost buzzing with all these questions, along with just how bad do I look in those passport size photographs, and could I be the first person in the world to fail the theory test? So, with all these things to consider, I’m doing what I always do, I’m thinking of everything in terms of fashion!

My Driving fantasy

My mantra at the moment seems to be ‘what would Grace do’, whenever I’m faced with any issue, problem or dilemma. In terms of driving, Grace always wore a gorgeous and elegant pair of driving gloves, in ladylike white or a pastel shade. So my first stop may well be House of Fraser, who currently have some amazing driving gloves in their summer sale.

Dents Ladies driving glove Product code: D418200 Now £ 24.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Dents Ladies driving glove Product code: D418200 Now £ 24.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Next to consider is the driving licence. Grace would never leave that important piece of paper bare and uncovered in the bottom of her handbag. Grace would have a special driving licence cover, probably leather, most definitely designer.


And then there’s the question of scarves. Grace often wore them to cover her hair when driving, Brigitte Jones tried this look with a little less success. Ted Baker has a great range of square scarves perfect for covering the head, and also have a fabulous taxi print scarf that is a sublime  gift for any pretty petrolhead.

CABBE - Taxi print scarf - £59 click to visit Ted Baker

OUDOVA - Swan print scarf - £48 click to visit Ted Baker

BOQUET - Wallpaper print square scarf - £41 click to visit Ted Baker

With the accessories all sorted, let’s hope I pass the actual test!





Duchess Kate drives us dotty with Dalmatian prints

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge officially bowed out of the public eye last week, and showed her own inimitable style right up to the end. Looking absolutely beautiful and, yes it is a cliché, but totally glowing, the Duchess again returned to her beloved High Street in a fabulous Dalmatian printed coat from Hobbs, causing the inevitable sell out.

The Dalmatian Mac from Hobbs was another smart choice for the Duchess. The shape was again reminiscent of the early 1960s boxy styles favoured by Jackie Kennedy, something that Kate has worn a lot during her third trimester, and again was a simple, but totally elegant look lifted by the fun, vibrant print. Kate showed that animal print is not only a classic choice, but a classy one too, as long as accessories are kept to a minimum.

The Dalmatian Mac has sold out, but John Lewis are currently playing host to the whole cast of 101 Dalmatians, with so many great pieces in this cutest of prints. So whether you’re brave enough to wear Dalmatian as a whole shift dress, or just want a touch of animal print in the form of a scarf, there are plenty of ways to buy into this trend.

Hobbs Animal Scarf, Ivory/Black £45 click to visit John Lewis

Hobbs Niamh Cardigan, Light Natural Black £79 click to visit John Lewis

Hobbs Tia Top, Light Natural Black £59 click to visit John Lewis

Hobbs Niamh T-Shirt, Multi £35 click to visit John Lewis

Hobbs Niamh Dress, Light Natural Black £110 click to visit John Lewis

Hobbs Savannah Trousers, Black/Natural £110 click to visit John Lewis





Boden: Brights vs White Hot

When it comes to summer I always find I have a schizophrenic wardrobe. On the one hand I am just longing to add colour of any description, from citrus lemons and oranges, to shocking pinks, azure blue and apple green (I even found myself taking a picture of a blue sky with green trees against it for colour inspiration. But on the other hand, when I start to think of my holiday packing I;m drawn to the cool, crisp, freshness of white, in cotton, and linen, with natural straw bags and gold or silver sandals to offset the starkness of the palette.

This season, Boden is offering you the chance to embrace both the colour and the blank canvas in their summer collections. There are beautiful florals in mouth-watering lemons and succulent pinks, with small flowers and large blooms to decorate, offering English Country Garden and tropical forests. Then there are the soft broderie anglaise dress and 1950s style skirts, all in that most basic and yet beautiful of shades.

What would you choose?


Marcy Top WA411 £45.00 click to visit Boden

Fun Shopper AM179 £99.00 click to visit Boden

Riviera Skirt WG487 (Was £59.00 ) now £52.51 click to visit Boden

Printed Cotton Top WA420 (Was £25.00 ) now £22.25 click to visit Boden

St Lucia Dress WH517 (Was £59.00 ) now £52.51 click to visit Boden

Mosaic Flower Skirt WG483 (Was £79.00 ) now £70.31 click to visit Boden

White Hot

Cleo Dress WH448 (Was £149.00 ) now £119.20 click to visit Boden

Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt WA443 (Was £39.00 ) now £31.20 click to visit Boden

Lace Dress WH436 (Was £169.00 ) now £135.20 click to visit Boden

Full Broderie Skirt WG480 (Was £89.00 ) now £71.20 click to visit Boden