Songmics Beauty Box Review And Competition

Songmics Inc is a top 50 seller on Amazon UK and are experts when it comes to organising your beauty products. They have created a stunning range of beauty boxes and cases that allow your to keep all your cosmetics and beauty products in one place, giving you easy access to all your products, stopping you searching around for that favourite nail polish or lippie.

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I was sent the Songmics make up storage cosmetic case in the croco pattern to review. This is a lovely large case with an aluminium frame and glossy purple alligator grained PU skin. The case has secure locks on the top, great if you are trying to avoid little ones getting to your make up (we’ve all been there.), and it has a sturdy handle, and a strap if you want to use the case in a portable capacity. (this would work well for a mobile beautician or hairdresser).

Once you open the case you find two rows of shelves on each side, and a large storage unit in the bottom that is ideal for larger bottles, brushes, even for storing a cosmetic bag, it is that large. You can create your own shelf sizes by adding plastic slats so you can make compartments that suit your needs, and these can be moved around if your needs change.

This is a really attractive looking beauty case that is also roomy, practical and strong. For less than £30 it is a great buy. With protective food pads on the bottom of the case, this is not going to be damaged when it is stored on the floor, and the adjustable and removable shoulder strap makes this portable and practical too.

Competition Time

You can win your own Songmics Make Up storage case like the one featured above by entering the competition below.



Win Songmics Make up Storage Cosmetic case croco pattern

Four Subtle Decor Tips for New Moms Looking for a Cozier Sleeping Space

Let’s face it: it’s only natural to let your bedroom décor fall to the wayside after you become a new mom.

Maybe you’ve accumulated clutter from the baby. Perhaps you simply haven’t had any time to yourself to clean or tidy up. Maybe you’ve got older children who also leave a lot of mess or insist in sleeping in your bed too. (Although an Harkla’s anxiety blanket can be a huge help in getting your child a full night’s rest.)

Regardless, becoming a mom shouldn’t mean sacrificing your own comfort at home. Make it a goal to revamp your bedroom to ensure that you’re getting the highest sleep quality possible and that you’re more likely to feel fabulous in your own space. After all, what good is your bedroom if you don’t feel comfortable in it?

Thankfully, redecorating doesn’t need to happen overnight, nor does it have to put a huge dent in your wallet. In fact, sometimes it’s the small and subtle changes that make for the coziest spaces. Regardless of your budget or experience with décor, consider the little investments you can make to create the most comfortable bedroom possible.

New Blinds

There’s perhaps no better way to transform a bedroom than by investing in a new set of blinds. Seriously. Basking in the warm glow of natural light can be an absolute pleasure; meanwhile, being able to truly black out artificial light at night can instantly improve your quality of sleep.

For example, installing cellular shades is a relatively simple DIY project that you can knock out over the weekend. Such shading solutions are stylish and cost-effective, representing a win-win when it comes time to redecorate.

Smarter Storage

If you feel like you’re stuck with a bunch of clutter on the floor, why not stylize your odds and ends with some smarter storage?

Whether through shelving units above your bed or IKEA-style box storage solutions, it’s important to make sure that you keep as much off the floor as possible (think: this also makes your bedroom friendlier to your baby). Sure, it may take some time to get rid of some of your junk; however, you may be surprised how much space you can save when you invest in some shelf space and take out the trash.

Lovely Lamps

As noted earlier, lighting has a direct impact on our moods. If you feel that your bedroom is down in the dumps, something as simple as replacing your current lighting fixtures with brighter bulbs or looking into a new bedside lamp may be worth your time. While you don’t necessarily need to wash your room out with light, you should be able to comfortably be able to read in bed, for example.

Radiant Rugs

Maybe it’s cliché to say that a proper rug can “tie the room together,” but it’s true enough. Whether you want to splash some color into your space or simply accent your existing color scheme, a large rug can help give your bedroom a more sophisticated look. Likewise, new rugs are a time-saving alternative to projects such as painting the walls which can be both tedious and costly for newbies.

Being a fashionable mom isn’t always about what’s on the outside: never neglect the interior of your home and take special care to feeling fabulous in your own bedroom. By sticking to the aforementioned tips, you take the first steps toward ensuring your comfort and turning your room into something more modern.

Fashion and Storage Advice- All you need to know

Creating a fashionable and stylish wardrobe requires you to know what will work best for you. Understanding how factors such as your lifestyle, body shape, complexion and personal sense of style influence your fashion will make shopping for clothes much easier and more enjoyable.

Trends and Originality

Fashion involves implementing various trends while maintaining originality and ensuring that your clothes highlight your best features. Accentuate you natural attributes by determining the colors that look good on you, dressing appropriately for your body type, choosing the right accessories and combining various stylish outfits.

Fashion Makeover

Fashion makeovers are most effective when your closet is organized. An organized closet not only saves you time, but money as well. Your wardrobe forms the basis of being able to create your own unique style. Trends give you inspiration and ideas that you can include in your closet.

Standing out from everyone else is a worthwhile challenge. Keep up with the latest fashionable trends by determining which trends suit you before updating your closet. Maintain an up-to-date wardrobe by ensuring that you in invest in the season’s essentials. There are various places where you can find trendy clothing items and accessories.


Accessories are vital for a fashionable appearance. Timeless accessories such as shoes, scarves, hats, belts and handbags can instantly transform your outfits. Accessories also enable you to create different looks affordably while providing additional style and originality to your overall appearance.


Using a Storage Unit

More and more people continue to use storage units because they require more space. There are different reasons why people need a storage unit. Find out more about Closetbox Locations here. The following are tips for using your storage unit effectively. It is always advisable to avoid leaving your items on the floor!


Before you select your unit, ensure that your possessions will not be exposed to any leakage or spills on the floor that may damage them. Every time you decide to use storage units, you can protect fragile or valuable items by wrapping them. Durable wrapping material such as industrial plastic will keep your items sealed and clean for as long as they are stored away.


Although you may be aware of what you place in your storage units, you may find it difficult to remember where you placed various items after a period of time. Avoid the challenge of struggling to find your items when you need them by placing labels on everything. You can also include a checklist that will let you know where everything is.

Weather Conditions

Depending on the prevailing weather conditions within your location, prepare for changes that may affect the condition of your items. During extreme weather conditions or temperature changes, consider wrapping or insulating items such as electronic devices.


Units are popular for their security and you have the option of securing them further with a heavy-duty locking system. Invest in locks that are resistant to different elements. Proper storage is essential for all your possessions as well as making sure that the unit is properly protected.