Currently Loving: Vintage Luggage

Vintage luggage is my current obsession. I love the idea of using a piece of luggage whilst you are traveling and making new adventures, and knowing that, once upon a time, someone else may have done exactly the same. Who knows what adventures your luggage may have had, what sights it might have seen, which airports it might have traveled through. The whole idea of vintage suitcases and vanity cases are that they bring a touch of romance to your travels.

The great news is that it is relatively easy, and fairly cheap to pick up vintage luggage. Junk and antique shops, vintage fairs, and even charity shops seem to have these on a fairly regular basis. You need to look carefully for damage – often the linings may not be in such good condition, and you need to look carefully at the fastenings to ensure that the case actually does fasten and is secure. (Don’t wait until your smalls are all over the carousel before deciding that, actually, the fasteners are not as secure as maybe they need to be.) But other signs of wear and tear are part of the charm, a sign your suitcase has been on some adventures. I spotted some amazing suitcases on a recent trip to Wales at a great store called Pieces for Places and was lucky that the hubby treated me to the blue one as an Easter gift. It now takes pride of place on top of my wardrobe – you don’t necessarily need to use your case to travel, it could be for decoration or storage in the home.

I just love to travel with vintage luggage – anyone else? #vintagefashion #vintage #retro #travel #fsbloggers

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If you love vintage luggage but don’t like the idea of using something that is second hand, the good news is that you can find great design which gives more than a nod to vintage ideas and style. Betty Hemmings Leather Luggage is a great example of beautiful pieces that evoke the golden age of travel but are totally modern and new. These are not nylon style zip suitcases, or those ultra lightweight designs, but traditional style suitcases and vanity cases with leather corners and straps as well as combination locks. This is luggage that looks like it could tell a story or two, and would be perfect to get you that upgrade at the airport.

When it comes to luggage, what style do you prefer?




Classic French Interiors style with Dandelion Interiors

When it comes to interior style, my tastes definitely move towards vintage and classic looks. I love the idea of pieces that take their inspiration from the past, and have a range of eclectic vintage pieces that have been picked up from antique shops, vintage fairs and junk shops. But sourcing vintage inspired pieces takes time, and can also take serious money, so it is always lovely to find a brand that sells pieces that have that authentic feel, but take out all the leg work. Dandelion Interiors is just such a brand.

Dandelion Interiors have a wonderful range of homewares and furniture that have been specially curated for the discerning customer. They stock lines such as Art Deco style console tables, French inspired chandeliers, decorative pieces that fall under the catogory of weird and wonderful, and generally offer something that you will not find in a High Street interiors store. It is the sort of site you need to visit when you are looking for something with the WOW! factor to finish a room in style.

I have been recently looking for a statement clock to finish my dining room. The room is shabby chic in style so I wanted a clock that had a similar feel rather than something neat and tidy. I also had a specific place to put the clock so want something sizeable, rather than a smaller mantle clock. I found the perfect piece at Dandelion.

The Large Antiqued Black Industrial Mantle Clock with Manual Calendar is described as sleek, sophisticated and handmade. It is a very large and heavy clock (dimensions are 46x31x15cm) and has the markings of a clock that you may’ve found in a hotel 80 years ago.

Large Antiqued Black Industrial Mantle Clock with Manual Calendar £58 Click to visit Dandelion Interiors

The clock has an aged, shabby look to it – there are signs of rust on the case and on the face, and parts of the clock look like they have seem better days, but this just adds to it’s overall charm and beauty. This clock looks like it has a story to tell, like it has seen lots of comings and goings in the Parisian Grand Hotel, and this makes it a really stunning piece. The date features works through manual twisting of handles on the side of the case, and the clock needs a battery that can be added by opening the door at the back.

If you are looking for something that is not only beautiful, but is a little different too, check out Dandelion Interiors.

P is for Paloma Faith

I’m spending the evening trying to persuade my hubby that the best birthday present I could receive this year would be Paloma Faith tickets for her June 7th gig at the O2. It would be true to say I’m more than a little obsessed with the singer, her sublime voice is the sort that could sell you a nursery rhyme, whilst her style combines the best of the quirky, the unique and the decidedly retro, sort of what would happen if Rita Hayworth had been combined with Minnie Mouse.

Even when we consider all the beautiful and stylish, and mega talented female singers we have on the music scene at the moment, from Emeli Sande to Rita Ora, not forgetting Rihanna, Jessie J and Taylor Swift, Paloma stills stands out, she’s funny and says exactly what she thinks (did you see her putting Ugg boots into Room 101?), and yet can reduce you to tears with the tender beauty of her songs, the voice sounding bruised and fragile on songs like ‘Just Be‘.

2013 has been a vintage year in terms of style for Paloma watchers. From lace and jeweled beads at the Brit Awards, to outshining the acting talent in sequins and an Art Deco style headdress on stage at the Baftas,  then getting set to wow America, and Perez Hilton in particular wearing a unusual pink dress and a hat Cruella De Ville would skin a multitude of puppies for, Paloma is never knowingly under-dressed, and I frankly love her all the more for it. Can you imagine her sporting this seasons dungarees, or a pair of Converse, or even, heaven forbid, a hoodie? Paloma is a byword for glamour, and that makes her style refreshing and inimitable, a feast for the eyes on every occasion.

Would love to know what you think of the fabulous Paloma, and her exquisite style choices.