Sharing Those Winter Wonderful Memories With Truprint

Everyone has a favourite season, and for many people this has to be Winter. Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and with the added attraction that we might just get a Winter Wonderland, Winter is definitely a great season for making memories that will last forever.

Truprint have many fabulous ways for you to preserve those memories for posterity, including canvas prints, photo book, personalised calendars and prints of all sizes that can then be framed. These make wonderful gifts for loved ones – can you think of a better Christmas gift than a shared memory, but also make a lovely treat for yourself too.

I have been thinking about some of my own favourite Winter memories, the days that linger in the mind and bring a smile to my face, and I’m going to share a few of them here. I would love to hear about your fave ‘Winter Wonderful’ memories too.


We don’t get that many snow days in the Midlands, but, when we do, it is the perfect excuse to get wrapped up and get into the garden. Making snowmen, throwing snowballs and playing on a sledge, so many perfect photograph moments as you make happy memories.

Joe’s Birthday

Joe is a Christmas baby, so that makes our December doubly special. We always have a special birthday celebration to get it separate from Christmas. This has included a Santa sleepover at Legoland, and last year we took 30 adults and children to The Hawthorns to watch West Brom V Manchester Utd. A really special day for all concerned.


Christmas is the time for making special memories, and as a complete Christmas lover, it is a time that is a carousel of panto’s, Christmas Markets and visits to Santa. My camera is constantly out at Christmas, as I snap away at those memories, ready to relive them at a later date.

How do you preserve your photographic Winter Wonderful memories?

Winter Safety on Two Wheels

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This week we have been plunged into some seriously wintry weather, with some parts of the country having the first snow of the Winter, and temperatures making it feel decidedly bleak and cheerless. Mornings are now frosty, and this is all leading to our already busy roads turning treacherous, as the surfaces become slippy and the stopping distances increase. For those using the roads extra vigilance is needed, and non so more so than those who are traveling on two wheels, the cyclists and the motorcyclists.

Even though they only account for 1% of road users, motorcyclists account for 21% of all road deaths, with high numbers also suffering from personal injury. Cyclists are 17x more likely to be killed in a road accident than someone traveling by car. Winter makes using these forms of transport even more dangerous, as poor visibility, slippy road surfaces and inclement weather all leading to a rise in accidents. Unfortunately I have personal knowledge of this fact. A close family friend was very recently involved in an hit and run accident when riding his bike. He has suffered two broken legs and other injuries, with his bike completely destroyed in an accident that could so easily have cost him his life. The driver has, luckily, been apprehended thanks to the vigilance of other drivers on the road that day. They witnessed the accident and followed the driver, phoning the police who were able to arrest the driver. But the road to recovery is a long and slow one for my friend, and this story is all too common, happening every single day on Britain’s roads.

With Road Safety week due to take place week commencing 21st November, now seems an apt time to share a very useful infographic put together by Jefferies Solicitors, which gives all sorts of useful hints and tips on how you can keep yourself safe and sound if you are riding a motorbike or cycle this Winter. Looking at areas such as lights, maintenance and protective clothing, the infographic offers sound advice that may just save a life this Winter.


Michelin Winter Driving Campaign

As the Autumn days continue to drift away, our thoughts turn to winter. There are so many lovely things to look forward to  when Winter comes. We have Christmas and all the joy it brings, the festive markets, the mulled wine and mince pies, the countdown to Santa. Winter brings many other joys, sitting in front of cosy fires on those cold winter nights, the chance to wear all those lovely hats and scarves and gloves, and the beautiful, bright clear frosty mornings where it is cold, but oh so crisp. Yes, Winter has a lot to recommend it.

But then we have to consider the weather, and all the problems it can bring. Last year we had the terrible rain that caused endless misery in the way of flooding. The two previous years had since very heavy snowfall that lasted for long periods of time and created chaos on the road networks. With all this in mind, and with Winter fast drawing closer, Michelin have created a series of films that give help and advice, as well as statistics, on road use during wet and snowy weather.

The video’s explore some of the myths of winter, the driving worries that many people (especially moms and dads with children in the back of the car) have when the weather turns bad.  There are five films in total, exploring the myths of snow and winter tyres, and the differences between driving on twisting, turning country lanes, or in busy city streets. They also stress the need to make sure your car is road worthy and safe this winter, which you can check using the services of autocare.

nu1 michelinThe videos and campaign have uncovered some interesting facts that are well worth taking a look at. You can view the first video here.

*Collaborative post.