Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it is sure to be a different one this year, although it will be the second one where we have been asked to keep away from our loved ones. But even if we are not together physically, we can still show our moms and mom figures how much we love them by sending a present through the post.

Below are a range of gift ideas that will be added to throughout this week. Some are perfect for slotting through a letterbox, all can be delivered, and all are sure to be appreciated by mom.

MamaBabyBliss Joy Invigorating Bliss Stick

A lovely idea for a new mom to carry in her handbag, and a small enough gift to post through a letterbox, the MamaBabyBliss Joy Invigorating Bliss Stick is a perfect pick me up in the form of a pulse point oil.

A blend of mood-enhancing essential oils including lime, geranium and bergamot, this little pick me up, will energise a tired mother and lift her spirits. It is also great to use as a perfume as it is a natural product which is not harmful to baby, and yet has a lovely scent that is fresh and uplifting.

Find this and a wide range of other products here.

St Eval Candle and Diffusers

A beautiful scented candle, particularly one with an evocative scent, is a gorgeous gift idea for mom. (My mom in particular always loves a scented candle). St Eval, who sell their products on Amazon, make their candles on a farm in Cornwall, and are inspired by the stunning scenary, plants and flowers in this most ruggedly beautiful county.

St Eval are an eco brand, thinking carefully about their use of packaging and energy in the creation of their products, which makes them perfect as a gift for someone who is committed to helping the planet. Their candles look super stylish, in silver tins with stark labeling, and they smell divine, with the Bay and Rosemary being a definite pick for me.

So Bomb DIY Light Up

When I was a child, homemade cards and gifts for mom were the way to go. The So Bomb DIY light up updates this idea to the 21st Century.  The So Bomb DIY Light Up 2 Pack (SRP £6.99) are really simple to create, leaving you with two bath bombs to gift to your mom.  Just mix the bath bomb powder and water into the mould, then add the special “jewel” light up LED decoration inside. The bath bombs are ready to use in minutes and the water activated LEDs can be reused time and again. The range comes in 3 different combinations.

Available from Sainsburys, Smyths and a range and Amazon.


If you love to put the world to rights over a cup of tea with mom, then a gorgeous letterbox gift of tea and biscuits from Proper Goose may just be the ideal gift. This is a gorgeous present, with a personalised tin full of a selection of tea and biscuits including a delicious range of Clipper tea bags: 2 Earl Grey, 2 English Breakfast, 2 Peppermint and 2 Lemon & Ginger and 4 biscuits.

I think this is just gorgeous, maybe treat mom and then enjoy your afternoon tea over a zoom session with mom on Mother’s Day.

Transformulas Mother’s Day Special

High quality skincare is a great treat for Mother’s Day, treating mom to a pamper that she may not always buy for herself. Transformulas products are truly high end with fabulous results, they promise beauty results without surgery. Their products provide safe, quick, visible and effective results. Their Marine Miracle Creme is their signature product and a cult classic with fans all over the world.

For Mother’s Day, Transformulas are  currently running an offer that gives you a Free Marine Miracle Eyezone with any Marine Miracle Creme purchase. Marine Miracle creme retails at £69.00 – eyezone is usually priced at £34 however as a Mothers Day exclusive you can get both products for just £69.00 – an absolute bargain and a real treat.

You can view products at

Henry Bell Sterling Feeding Station

There is no doubt that lockdown has made us appreciate and treasure our gardens, looking at them in a completely new light – as an escape and sanctuary.  Henry Bell Wild Bird Care offers the perfect gifts for those super mums who love caring for the birds in their garden as much as their own families. A family run business, it offers prestige products that will both enhance the look of your garden, and attract a range of birds too.

The Sterling collection is particularly lovely. It is beautifully made and finished in silver. The Henry Bell Sterling Feeding Station in particular is an elegant display of decorative leaves and hanging hooks, and is distinctive – standing at 218cm in height.

All the Henry Bell products can be purchased online via

Palmi Large Refillable Grained Leather Journal from Pen Heaven

Lockdown saw a rise in stationery sales, as people started to write again, and keeping a diary became a new pastime during uncertain times. If you mom loves to write, or keeps a journal, then a beautiful leather journal from Pen Heaven is not only a luxurious gift, but one that is also practical and useful too.

The Palmi Large Refillable Grained Leather Journal is stunning,and currently has £10 off the usual cost. It can be embossed with initials to make it even more special, and comes in a range of colours, so you can choose mom’s favourite.

You can find a full range of gift ideas at Pen Heaven by clicking here.

Make A Garden Room Your New Home Office

The Lockdown has created many different situations when it comes to the world of work. Many people, who for years had traveled to and from the office in order to work, suddenly found themselves forced into a situation where they have had to work from home, and home offices have suddenly become a talking point. And where some people are lucky enough to have an actual home office to work in, others have found themselves working on the kitchen table, or with a laptop perched on their knees. It’s hardly been ideal!

A year on from the initial lockdown, and still in the mire of Lockdown 3, it is clear that for some people, returning to the office will never actually happen, and something that was once a temporary measure may now be the new way of working. Creating an actual working office space as a permanent feature could now be the answer to working from home woes, but if space in your house is at a premium, maybe a garden room office could be a solution.

Garden Rooms offer a beautiful space that is totally conducive to working. The fact that you physically leave your house can get you into that working mood, even if you are just walking across a patch of grass to start work. A garden room allows you to keep your work and home separate by giving you a quiet space to work in, but also a space where you can keep notice boards, whiteboards and any other work related displays that enable you to do your job.

The beauty of a garden room, if designed by a company like Modern Garden Rooms is that they create your own bespoke space, so you choose the size of your building, how many windows and where you want them, the height of your room in case you have taller furniture that needs to be accommodated, literally your own design. The rooms also come fully insulated, and with power sockets for your laptop and printer. The real beauty though, is that you are able to bring your gorgeous garden into your room, giving you lots of inspiration and calm through the flora and fauna.

If you know that your working from home situation is likely to be long term, and you’ve been struggling to find a working space, it is well worth considering a home office in a garden room, particularly as we head into Spring, a new working space could help in so many ways.

Different Classes Of CBD Hemp Flower Like Sour Space Candy

CBD-rich hemp flowers offer a wide range of strains, all with unique therapeutic properties. The buds have classes, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, that determine the user’s effects. For those consuming a Sativa strain like Hawaiian Haze, the results are typically energizing and mood-enhancing. The recommendation is to use these in the morning or during the day for greater productivity.

Indica comes out at the other end of the spectrum with a more calm, relaxing tone that sometimes leads to drowsiness. Users should indulge in these strains like Sour Space before bed or after a long day at work. Read to learn which strains can help calm the mind.

A more in-between option would include Hybrids, which are a combination of Indica and Sativa strains. These create a nice balance allowing use any time during the day, but how you consume will likely affect when you indulge.

Many people smoke CBD flowers, which is comparable to smoking a marijuana joint; only there is no fear of intoxication. These strains are usually rich in cannabidiol as great as 20% and low in THC legal limits are 0.3% or less, which is not enough to create the “high” generated with weed. 

Why Smoke High CBD Hemp Bud Strains

A common question among users is why smoke an herb that creates no “high.” Cannabidiol is a compound that boasts producing benefits associated with wellness, particularly helping with symptoms of pain, anxiety, and inflammation. People who suffer from acute symptoms want to see results as quickly as possible, which is not likely when you ingest a product, and it transports through the body’s systems.

When you smoke (or vape), CBD transfers to the lungs and from there directly to the bloodstream. You feel the effects instantly, offering immediate relief to the benefit of those with acute pain, panic attacks, or other sudden onsets of symptoms.

For this reason, many people are turning to hemp bud products (look online at over other CBD products, including tinctures, edibles, and tablets. For those who prefer an extended-release with more prolonged-lasting effects, these different methods will be their preference. Some of these take as long as an hour to react but also last for extended periods compared to smoking.

Popular Hemp Buds For Smoking

Some people turn more towards smoking CBD flower strains overindulging in topical products, edibles, or extracts, mostly because of the rapid response received with the consumption method, particularly if enduring acute symptoms like pain sensation, panic situations, unusual bouts of stress, or sudden symptoms resulting from other types of ailments. 

In some cases, people will wake up in pain or have unusual stress episodes to deal with while working, creating the need for Indica strains to help them endure these situations. 

Others rely on Sativa after a long day of tension and intense productivity as a way to calm down and rest. Some want a balance with a hybrid to keep them even throughout the course of the day. There are high CBD hemp buds for smoking in each classification that have become popular among the masses. These include:

** Indica

  • Legendary: Legendary offers 15% CBD with the best use time before you go to sleep after a long day at work. The flavor is fruity, creating an enjoyable taste while smoking. It boasts as relaxing and calming right before bed, allowing for a peaceful slumber.
  • O.G. Kush: The force is 8% CBD that most suggest taking in mid-afternoon because it notes to pack a bit of a punch with a slight chance for anxiety depending on the user. The recommendation is to begin gradually with the lowest dosage and go slow to see how you react with this Indica.

** Hybrids

  • Sour Space Candy: Sour space candy offers up to 15% cannabidiol for use during the day. It boasts incredible popularity because it has unique results with slight euphoria, muscle relaxation, brain stimulation, confidence-boosting properties. If you’re an introvert, this strain will bring you out a little bit in social situations.
  • Lemon Drop: The strain also offers its CBD consistency at 15%, but you can use this option any time of the day for any sort of occasion. You would need to adapt to what is a bold, fruity flavor that will instantly boost your energy and enhance your mood. It is another strain that makes you one of the minglers in a social situation, more lively and open than you might generally be.

** Sativa

  • Frosted Lime: Frosted lime provides 16% CBD consistency with the suggestion to consume in the morning or at some point in the day because it will uplift and boost. If you intend to work out or go to work, you will be much more productive with whatever you engage.
  • Rainbow Sherbet: You will receive 16% CBD with this strain. The strain is another option that you want to consume in the morning to take full advantage of the energizing effect. It boasts as powerful with the benefits noted as inspirational and motivational. 

Wherever you fall in the spectrum, there might be times when you need to alter your choice. On an overall basis, you might be an Indica strain who needs a relaxing, calming effect because you’re consistently overstimulated, needing to come down several notches. 

But everyone has days when they’re off. It’s wise to mix things up and have a little bit from each category on hand. We have to cover our basis in this crazy, mixed-up world.