Checking Out The World’s Biggest Primark


The World’s biggest Primark opened in Birmingham just before Easter. Formally a complete shopping centre ( Pavilions) I don’t mind admitting that I was one of the people who couldn’t see just how this would work. Surely it would be too big to be just one store. Well, after leaving it a few weeks to calm down I since ventured into the store twice to take a good look around, and I have to say I am impressed. In days when our department stores of old are on the decline, this is like a new form of department store, complete with a beauty department and treatments, cafes for comfort stops and departments for men, women, children and home. It has something for everyone, and is as affordable as ever.

There are floors for menswear, childrenswear and two floors which make up womenswear including a holiday shop and accessories section. The ground floor has the Duck and Dry salon which offers a range of treatment including express hair and nails, and there is also a decent beauty section which has everything from cosmetics to skincare.

In terms of fashion a store this size can carry far more ranges than you will find in your average Primark store, and, more importantly, you will probably be able to find items in your size. My problem with Primark in the past was that I struggled to find a good range of sizes, plenty of small sizes but hardly anything for the plus size. This is not the case now, I found lots of items in my size so I was virtually spoilt for choice.

My favourite element of the fashion floors are the fabulous range of accessories. Once again these are brilliantly priced and there is just so much choice.

Disney Lovers are just spoilt in this store, as well as a Disney shopping section filled with clothes, toys, accessories and homewares, there is also the already infamous Disney Cafe, although it has to be said this is very busy, even on a weekday.

My final verdict: Definitely worth a trip if you are in and around Birmingham.

How to Maintain Balance in Life as a Studying Mom

Modern moms have a lot of opportunities to explore, especially with so many resources and tools offered by the internet. As a mom, you can choose to work from home, either as a freelancer or as a fulltime, remote employee of a large corporation. You can also start your own business from home, and you can make a fortune from it too.

Many moms choose to return to school as a way to improve themselves while taking care of the kids. Returning to school in pursuit of a higher degree is a great way to train the mind and upgrade yourself. You can also return to a career – with a higher degree in hand – after taking a break to take care of the kids.

If you think becoming a studying mom is too much to handle, you are mistaken. The tips and tricks we are going to discuss in this article will help you maintain balance in life, even when you are busy pursuing a master’s degree while taking care of the family. Let’s get started, shall we?

Pursue an Online Degree

As mentioned before, the internet is filled with opportunities to seize these days, including opportunities to earn a master’s degree in a field of your choice. You can pursue a master’s in healthcare administration, for example, without having to attend classes or move closer to the university. You will even have enough time to spend with the kids.

More universities are offering their online programs to students across the country, including to moms who want to return to school. Online degrees are also more affordable than the equivalent offline course, so it is easy to justify going back to school as an investment.

Even better, online degrees now come with accreditations and up-to-date curriculums. Try visiting and you can see how the course is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) nonetheless.

Stick to Your Passion

Earning a degree in a field that you are passionate about is one of the best things you can do when you want to return to school. This is because the entire learning experience will feel more like a fun and enriching thing to do than an obligation. That, in turn, makes the whole process easier to manage.

When you love the things you are studying about, you will not hesitate to spend time studying and going through the course materials. You are also more likely to enjoy doing research and completing course assignments.

Passion makes maintaining that balance easier. After a long day of taking care of the family and doing house chores, spending an hour or two in the evening to keep up with the online learning program will feel like the kind of positive boost you need to survive another day.

Be Meticulous with Your Time

Speaking about spending time at the end of the day, another thing you need to do if you want to succeed as a studying mom is manage your time meticulously. When taking an online course, you want to allocate one or two hours every day for studying.

Trust me; there will be a lot of distractions during the allocated hours, and studying isn’t always easy. However, you have to stick to the schedule and use the allocated time strictly for studying. Before you know it, you will have a pattern to stick to.

Having a routine and scheduling your studying sessions is good for the mind as well. Since your brain can pick up common signs of an upcoming studying sessions – through the things you normally do before you start – the sessions themselves will be incredibly effective.

Get Support

Before deciding to return to school, it is also a great idea to get everyone involved. Your partner and the children are fantastic supporters, and they will give you the drive to continue when times are difficult. Their support also makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

When you have to study and the kids are acting up, for instance, you can have your partner handle the situation, so you don’t have to miss your session. When there are assignments to complete, you can sit down with the kids and work on it while the kids do their homework.

With some planning, earning a master’s degree as a fulltime mom is well within your reach. Now that you have the tips (and secrets) to help you maintain a balanced life, you can confidently make that decision, knowing that you have what it takes to go all the way while taking care of the family.

Personalised Power Banks From USB Makers

One of the absolute necessities of modern life is the mobile phone. Our Android and i phones contain our whole life, from emails to photographs, to our social media apps, or Whats app and Snap chat, our calendars, our contacts, literally everything. But if the phone is one of our must haves, mobile phone batteries can be one of the most frustrating things around. The use of all those apps and constant social media is a drain on our battery life that can leave us panicking about only having a couple of percent battery life let. This is what makes advertising on a power bank such a brilliant idea. allow you to choose a power bank of your choice, and then add your business logo to it. They offer a range of different styles to meet all needs, and if you are a small business just looking for an initial run you can order as low a number as 10 devices.Designs can be either printed or engraved on your device, and the devices are made from recycled materials that come from a sustainable source.

USBMakers say of their power banks:-

We started our Logo Printed Power Bank service in early 2014 and it has been a massive hit and ever-growing since. We offer both printing and engraving on all of our power bank styles! If you were looking for something a little bit different for your marketing purposes, then a Power Bank might just be the way to go.

I was sent a range of power banks that I added my Fashion-Mommy logo to. They were delivered in super fast time (around 3 days) and looked great (I was able to check the mock up design before they were printed, so could iron out any issues at that time.) Each device comes with a small USB lead so the banks can be charged by laptop or through a phone charging plug at your mains. I like that they are easy to use on your phone and can hours to your battery life.

These power banks are a great way to promote your company or brand because they are something that everyone can and will use. They are practical and useful and small enough to carry in a bag or a pocket. I carry one in my bag and use it every single day.

Flying Solo with Baby: How to Prepare

Before you had baby, trips to the grocery store or coffee shop were practically second nature. Nowadays, a simple errand or afternoon out of the house can make even the most relaxed new parent anxious and apprehensive! Whether you’re leaving home for half an hour or half a day, you need to know the keys to a successful trip. By taking a few moments to plan out the big details and prepare the most essential baby items, you’ll feel more confident and keep your little one as happy and comfortable as possible.

Time Your Trips Wisely

You know by now that you can get more done if baby isn’t cranky. Accomplish your to-do list, avoid a public meltdown and stay out longer by planning all lunch dates, bank deposits and trips to the pool around your feeding and nap schedule. If a friend, family member or even the pediatrician suggests a visit or appointment in the middle of a sleep session, kindly ask if you can do it a different time. While you may not be able to avoid missing a few moments of regularly scheduled sleep, adhering as much as possible to your regular routine will help keep the rest of your week on track.

It’s also wise to be realistic about how long you can stay out. Two- and three-month-old babies’ average daily wake times, for example, are between 45-90 minutes. A long brunch or multi-course restaurant meal may not be possible for several more weeks. Until then, it’s probably best to enjoy a quick-service snack or go out for ice cream.


Plan for the Best Case (and Worst Case) Scenario

Infants can sense when a parent is anxious or stressed. Keeping a positive attitude both before and during your outing will increase the chances that things go smoothly. While little miss fussy could start screaming in the middle of your favorite department store, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. Before you head out, imagine yourself calmly soothing your child. Envision you and your cutie going through an entire trip to the mall or corner boutique without a hitch. Remind yourself that you know best about what your baby needs if they’re tired or overstimulated.

Staying upbeat is always the best way to influence baby and keep yourself as Zen as possible, but some moms and dads also prefer to imagine the worst case scenario. In fact, deciding ahead of time how to handle an uncomfortable situation can actually be empowering. Go over in your mind what you’ll do if your daughter refuses to baby wear or how you’ll act if your son has a diaper blowout. That way, if you get nervous or flustered, the actions you take will be much more intuitive.

Sometimes, you’ll also need a backup plan. The park may get too hot—or your friend could cancel your playdate last minute. Find a place to go in close proximity if something backfires. A family member’s house, air-conditioned business with ambient noise or kid-friendly fast food joint is always a safe bet.

Stock the Diaper Bag

Ask any seasoned parent—a properly packed diaper bag can get you through every situation. At a minimum, you’ll need diapers, wipes and feeding supplies. Always take more with you than you think you need. You’ll also want to pack a couple of clothing changes in case baby gets too hot, too cold or has an accident. Bodysuits, socks and pants are just a few of the most recommended baby clothing essentials. Don’t forget a burp cloth, bib and blanket. Toys, soothing tools like loveys and pacifiers and a portable changing pad can also be helpful.

When flying solo with baby, add a few supplies for yourself. Bottled water, antibacterial gel, grab-and-go snacks and a change of clothes for potential spit-ups are always recommended. Many moms and dads like to put their wallet and smartphone in the diaper bag as well. It’s not as chic as a designer purse—but it’s one less thing to think about.


Get Ready the Night Before

The night before your trip, ask your partner or someone else you trust to watch your tiny adventurer. Double check the diaper bag and put it by the door. If you want to take a stroller or carrier with you, place it in the car. It’s also a good idea to lay out everyone’s clothes, make sure your phone is charged and ensure you have enough cash in your wallet or pocketbook.

If you’re going somewhere new, research the location and map it out. Find out any rules related to bringing baby, such as whether you can bring a stroller inside or if there are booster seats available. It may also make you feel more relaxed to take a shower the night before. Should it take longer to get your child ready—or if you take longer than planned to complete your outing—you won’t be pressed for time when you arrive home.

Solo Trips with Baby Can Be Fun—and Productive

Going out with baby alone is a big milestone! Instead of getting stressed, remind yourself that you’re taking the first step in experiencing more fun adventures with your new family. Be patient with yourself and your little one as you work out any kinks and get to know baby’s personality more. Starting small, knowing where you are going ahead of time and taking everything you need with you all makes it much easier to begin a new way of life with your son or daughter.