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We all deserve a sweet treat at some time, but for many of us this is counteracted by the fact that we are trying to eat healthier, are trying to look carefully at our sugar intake, and are trying our best to put better foods into our bodies. A sweet treat just isn’t a treat when we are faced with guilt because we feel we have ‘cheated’ the diet and thus cheated ourselves too.

Deliciously Guilt Free is a brownie brand that understands this, knowing we want to eat the delicious cakes, but also want them to be healthier if possible. Their brownies and blondies have no artificial sweeteners, no mallitol and no transfats. The brownies are naturally gluten free.Their story is that you should be able to enjoy a treat without compromising your diet, particularly if you follow a low sugar/low carb/keto lifestyle for health reasons.

Deliciously Guilt Free brownies started with us adopting a sugar free and low carb lifestyle but struggling to find sugar free baked goods with clean, natural ingredients. Every low carb snack we found was filled with fake ingredients and chemicals, so we decided to experiment with baking our own. 

They now create and deliver a delicious range of Brownies that taste wonderful, and are available in all your favourite flavours. These can be delivered to your door in boxes of 8, and the boxes can be just your favourite flavour, or a mixed box. The Brownies are wonderfully soft and moist, and are totally full of flavour. My favourite is the Salted caramel blondie  which contains just 1.1g net carbs per blondie and has the most scrumptious caramel taste, it is hard to eat just one of these to be honest.

Other flavours include traditional chocolate fudge and peanut butter brownie, a fruity blueberry and lemon drizzle cake, and this month’s special which is pecan butterscoth blondie. Each brownie is perfect just as it is, ready to be enjoyed with a coffee, but of course you could also eat them warm with a dollop of cream or ice cream if you wanted to really treat yourself (fat free of course!)

Competition Time

Fashion-mommy has teamed with Deliciously Guilt Free this Easter for one lucky person to win a box of ‘The Favourites’.

“The Favourites” mixed box contains classic and most popular flavours of all time. In each box you’ll find:

UK entrants only.

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Business Advice From Dan Lok, The King Of Closing

The global situation which has affected everyone in the world of business and finance due to Covid 19 has seen people making real changes in their work lives and careers. For many people, the employment and working career that was enjoyed before 2020 is gone forever. Working environments have changed completely with many of us now working from home and meeting with colleagues online only through zoom meetings, which has resulted in many of us finding it hard to get motivated in the way we did when we traveled into the office.

Yet for some people, there has been a more positive effect; they are finally looking at taking that step into business ownership – a step which may have avoided due to being comfortable in their position or not feeling the need to be ambitious and focused. Lockdown has given people time and space to think about what they really want out of their work and this has made them realize that they could strike out on their own in business. For new entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, they only need to look to Dan Lok to understand that hard work, a clear focus, and having an extended social media reach can all help you develop your business dream.

Dan Lok, known as “The King of Closing”, is a modern phenomenon. As a business magnate, global educator, and founder & chairman the world’s #1 virtual closers network, Dan Lok is proof of the power that Internet and social media play in expanding a business and in growing a brand. In our modern world, the internet makes the world smaller, creating a truly global marketplace where clients are never more than a click away.

Dan Lok has truly harnessed the power of social media. First, there is YouTube, where his motivational and business videos are free for all budding entrepreneurs to watch. These videos could prove to be very useful if you are looking for information, particularly on ‘closing the deal’. These videos are super popular already, with more than 1 million subscribers, so you will be in good company watching these. They could certainly help you feel less alone as you tackle a new area of business. You can also find similar motivational and business videos on Dan Lok’s Instagram (1.9m viewers and growing daily) where you can both watch videos, and enjoy encouraging mantras that may just be the pick-me-up you need on any given day as you start a new venture.

Also worth listening to is The Dan Lok Show on iTunes. As the host of this podcast, Dan has interviewed many of today’s top CEOs, business leaders, millionaires, and billionaires to uncover the secrets behind their own successful rises to the pinnacle of business.

If you are currently in a business rut or have decided that 2021 is the year for you to make that break and start out alone, Dan Lok’s examples and business knowledge is definitely a great starting place, and its one where you should be able to find answers to your myriad of questions. You may also find the motivation you need to venture out to begin your own business.

Charity Shop And Vintage Finds

The reopening of non essential shops last week meant that charity shops have reopened. My mom is the manager of a charity shop, and has said that they have been super busy since the reopening, maybe due to the fact that, other than buying from sites like eBay and Vinted, the joy of charity shop shopping is something that can’t be replicated online. To put it bluntly, this is something that really needs to be done in person, with lots of Instagram feeds dedicated to shopping preloved to attest for this fact.

I used the excuse of a beautifully warm day last week to venture out once again to Bloxwich to see what the Charity shops had to offer. Bloxwich has five charity shops, one of which has not yet reopened, and there were some rich pickings to be found. Shops are operating a restricted customer policy, so you may have to wait to enter, but on a beautifully warm day, this didn’t seem to be a problem, and most shops were in the midst of a sale to clear Winter items, and also had some lovely pieces for Spring/Summer.

There are some selected things that I am currently looking for when I visit charity shops. I love vintage jewellery, particularly pearls and gold tone pieces, I am also obsessed with brooches, seeming to be on a one woman mission to bring the brooch back. I look for Agatha Christie books of any kind, both hardback and paperback (both are like gold dust to be honest), and I also love vintage finds, particularly 70’s and 80’s skirts and summer dresses that I remember my nan wearing.

The images in this post are some of the finds that I was able to find (and in some cases buy) last week. Look out for more Charity shop finds in new posts, and on my instagram stories as I often feature them there.


Buying For The Mother That Has It All? These Gifts Are Sure To Impress!

Image Source: Pexels

Moms can be impossible to shop for, so finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a real challenge. Whether she has it all or she refuses to indulge any information on what she wants; we tend to question ourselves like crazy before deciding on a present. Don’t sweat the details, because these gifts are sure to impress any Mother, even the pickiest or hard to shop for!

A Bouquet of Flowers

You can’t go wrong when you purchase a bouquet of flowers because there are so many different arrangements available. To send flowers for Mother’s Day, be sure to order in advance or purchase from an online store with a generous delivery schedule. If you don’t know what type of flowers your Mom prefers, try to choose a bouquet based on her favorite colors, or subscribe to a flower delivery service that switches up the kinds of flowers delivered every week or month.

Manicure or Pedicure

Even if your Mom doesn’t like to wear fake nails or paint her toenails, it’s difficult for anyone to pass up a day at the spa. Purchase a gift card for a local nail salon where she can kick back, relax, and enjoy a foot massage or new nail polish on her hands. Nail salons provide a wide range of services that aren’t limited to nails like facials and waxing. Some specialty salons will even offer premium services such as eyebrow tinting, eyelash extensions, and more.

Coffee Espresso Machine

About half of the people in the United States over the age of 18 drink coffee every day, so it’s likely, your Mom likes to drink a cup of Joe every now and then. Most modern coffee and espresso machines are pre-loadable and run on a timer, so your Mom can have her dose of caffeine prepared before waking up in the morning. You could also consider buying a latte maker, concentrated liquid coffee (like Jot), or a milk foamer if she’s big into Starbucks.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking is a skill that’s in high demand these days thanks to how easy and inexpensive eating out has become over the past decade. Signing your Mom up for cooking lessons can come across as mean-spirited if they’re already good cooks, so ensure you don’t imply they’re bad at this skill. However, if they’re aware their cooking could use a bit of work, then gifting a MasterClass from Gordon Ramsey or Dominique Ansel could be a saving grace for them!

A Year’s Supply of Makeup

An incredibly thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be new, flashy, or expensive. In fact, you could buy duplicates of something your Mom uses every day, so they don’t have to purchase it again a few months later. If you know what kind of makeup your Mom uses, or you have a way to find out, buy them a year’s supply of foundation, lipstick, and mascara. Since makeup expires, it’s essential only to purchase what they’ll need and use on a daily or weekly basis.

Wine or Whiskey

Unless your Mom explicitly wants to avoid drinking, purchasing wine or alcohol is always welcomed. A bottle or two of your Mom’s favorite wine will bring a smile to her face; plus, it’s a present you can both share! You likely know your Mom’s preferences for alcohol if you’ve been out to dinner with her or went on a trip together, so purchase what you’ve seen her drink. If you’re unsure what to choose, preload $100 on a gift card for the local liquor store.

Dog Toys for the Dog Mom 

Almost 50% of American households own at least one dog. If you’re completely unsure what to buy your Mom, buy for the family dog instead. BarkBox is a popular subscription box that includes a collection of innovative toys, all-natural treats and chew toys each month. Your Mom will love the fact that you thought of her furry son or daughter by buying her a year’s subscription. You could also buy a few toys from the pet store and package those as gifts.