Stylish Films: The Dig


The Dig is the latest high profile film from the increasingly prolific Netflix. Set just before the start of the Second World War in 1939, It has an impressive cast featuring Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James and Ken Stott, and is garnering some fabulous reviews and great word of mouth, showing that even if you can no longer go to the cinema, you can still enjoy the escapism of the movies.

The Dig is the story of the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure, found in buried Anglo Saxon ship on the Suffolk coast in a mysterious mound. The land was owned by a widow,  Mrs Edith Pretty, and she tasked an experienced but unqualified archaeologist Basil Brown with finding the treasure she was convinced lay under the strange mounds on her land. When treasure is indeed found, and when its age becomes apparent, the British Museum gets involved and Basil is initially pushed to the sides, although he is later able to resume his part in the dig. All this is set across the storm clouds of World War Two which are signified by the war planes that fly across the dig site, and the increasing frailness of a dying Edith Pretty.

The Dig is a beautiful film, one that has been filmed with almost a haziness to it that makes it very evocative of Summers past. The performances are wonderful, from Carey Mulligan, who is really far too young to play Mrs Pretty (who was in her 50’s rather than her 30’s at the time of the dig), and Ralph Fiennes as Basil Brown. There is also a rather tender love story between Lily James as the married Peggy Preston and Johnny Flynn as Mrs Pretty’s cousin Rory Lomax.

At a time when we are all in need of escapism, The Dig is just that. It is a slow, gentle film, almost a lament of times gone by, and one that is definitely worth pouring over on a Saturday night, whether you are a history buff or not.



Joggers And Hoodies From Femme Luxe

Question: When are joggers not joggers?

Answer: When they’re a pair of faux leather, high waisted, cuffed joggers from Femme Luxe.

I’ve been wearing a lot of joggers over the cold, Winter months of lockdown. They’re warm and comfy, easy to wear, easy to work and home school in, and great for when I want to go for a walk for daily exercise. They are no-brainer, no nonsense pieces that totally earn their place in my wardrobe…and then some.

But you only have to look at the fashion magazines and online sites to know that joggers are no longer confined as loungewear and casual wear, but can actually be a piece that can be dressed up, worn with heels, worn with a blouse, and even worn with strappy sandals and a slinky top once 22nd June comes around. The humble joggers have been reimagined in silks, in faux leather and in cottons making them more versatile and wearable for far more social situations.

The Black PU Faux Leather High Waisted Cuffed Joggers from Femme Luxe are a perfect mixture of casual and dressy. They come in sizes 6 – 14, but I would say that a 16 would be able to wear these comfortably as they are both generously sized and have an elasticated waistband with plenty of give. The style is high waisted, which is perfect for those who don’t really like their stomach area, and means that these can easily be teamed with crop tops, tops that are tucked in, or, like I’ve worn them, with a looser blouse.

The joggers have a slightly cropped style, designed to be worn with ankle showing. I’m 5ft 7 and that is how they fit me, but if you were shorter they would fit snugly on the ankle and I still think this would look stylish, or you could simply make them more slouchy by lifting them slightly above the ankle. They look great worn with trainers for a casual look, but can also totally carry off a heel or even a flip flop when the weather gets a little warmer.

I wore them with a high necked blouse with a black tie neckline ( I call it my KFC blouse as it reminds me of Colonel Sanders…). I wore a gold mid heeled shoe. I think this works, but I would also wear it with a black camisole in summer, teamed with long strings of pearls, or with the cream hoodie below for a more casual look.

Femme Luxe is also known for its joggers, hoodies and loungewear. The cream hoodie above is part of a set which also included cosy jogging bottoms, but as the weather was warming up, and as it was rather muddy, I chose to team this fleece lined hoodie with a denim skirt (and wellies). This hoodie is once again a size 14, but as it is oversized it would probably work for a size 16-18 (I usually wear a size 16 on top.)

Femme Luxe hoodies are almost like the comfort food of the clothing world, a warm hug that washes like a dream, looks great and is perfect for relaxing in.




Mother’s Day Treats With ARRAN Sense of Scotland

If ever you needed further proof that this year is moving along very fast, then the fact that next Sunday (March 14th is Mother’s Day) should be proof enough. A really special day, both for moms, mum’s and mom figures everywhere, this is the one day of the year when that special lady in your life should really be pampered and treated to something nice. Something from ARRAN Sense of Scotland could certainly fit the bill.

If you are not already familiar with the brand ARRAN Sense of Scotland. then you are in for a real treat. Based on the spectacular island of Arran, the brand has grown from a small family business to a beautiful success story with gorgeous fragrances using uniquely Scottish crops and flowers at their heart. As they are also luxuriously packaged, they make a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, one that will surely be gratefully received.

My own favourite fragrance from the ARRAN Sense of Scotland range is After the Rain. The idea behind this fragrance is gloriously evocative – imagine a flower packed garden on the Isle of Arran after a rain shower, and the scent that has been left behind and you get the idea. Rose, Lime and Sandalwood have been combined to create this fragrance, and you can choose whether you want it for yourself, or for your home.

After the Rain is a fragrance I discovered through my mom, so it makes sense to give this as a Mother’s Day gift. The packaging is clean and minimal, and I love the fact that you can use this to layer up on fragrance, with products including liquid hand soap, bath and shower gel and Eau De Parfum (so much stronger and longer lasting than an eau de toilette). If your loved one prefers a gift for the home, you could opt for this fragrance as a scented candle, room spray or a diffuser.

The range comes as individual products so you could create your own hamper, or else there are also gift packages in the range. The choice really is yours, but either way, this is a traditional, British Heritage brand that is a sign of quality, and a lovely, well thought out gift idea for someone with a love of natural, cruelty free, gift ideas.

Tips For Decorating Your Home According To 2021 Trends

Spring is always a time to think about redecorating your home, the whole Spring clean and new broom seems to take a hold when the weather is improving and we want to brighten our homes. Redecorating can cover a whole raft of possibilities, ranging from the simply cosmetic – new soft furnishings for instance, to the more dramatic renovations – new floors, window and doors, or even rebuilding – adding a loft conversion or another room.

Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to be influenced by the latest home trends that you can see in the style magazines and daytime magazine shows.

Here are a few of the trends that are making waves in homes and interiors in 2021.

Using real stone

Natural stone is a smart yet unusual choice for your home, one that can be both stylishly modern, and yet equally can be traditionally rustic – it all depends on the types of natural stone chosen.

Beautiful granites and marble are great as worktops and can also be incorporated into large tables. These can look ultra modern and contemporary, and can also look luxurious when highly polished totally fitting in with a Scandinavian kind of minimalism. These stones make a statement, so it it best to keep the rest of your decor simple in order for the stone to be the star.

Slate is perfect for kitchen’s if you are aiming for a more traditional look, I’m thinking of a real farmhouse look with an Aga and large wooden table at the heart. I love the classic black slate, but you could opt or a grey or reddish colour way to match your fixtures and fittings.

Art Deco

You would have to be living under a stone to not notice that Art Deco, always a harbinger of glamour and decadence, has been making a comeback. And whilst the most glamorous of deco items are the originals that you can source from eBay and Etsy, along with other antique sites, there are plenty of reproduction pieces to be found online, in places such as Home Bargains and BM.


Key trends have included a drinks trolley, last seen carrying bottles of Cinzano in the early 1980s, but now the perfect place to store rather exquisite Gin bottles that have also grown in popularity in recent years. If you haven’t space for a trolley, then a large glass mirrored tray for your martini glasses is another lovely idea for a feature.

Your Art Deco choices don’t have to be large and ostentatious. There have been some stunning hardback editions of Agatha Christie’s key works that have a very art deco feel and could make a lovely arrangement on a shelf, especially with some modernist style bookends.

Patone Colours 2021

The patone colours of 2021 are actually two colours which go together so perfectly and are sure to become a colour scheme in many a living room. Ultimate Gray and ‘Illuminating’ a rich bright yellow shade are great as working as a neutral and a splash of colour, and you can see these being used in both soft furnishings and wall colours, with the illuminating yellow being perfect for a chimney breast or accent wall.