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10 Tips to be a Yummy Mummy

Everyone’s idea of a yummy mummy is different – but in most cases the definition is an attractive (dare we say it) middle aged Mother who wears trendy clothes in-keeping with the latest fashion, has amazing hair that isn’t out of place – and has make-up that will never appear smudged. That can be a lot of pressure to put on some Mums out there, especially as summer is fast approaching and people are baring a little more skin.  As well as having the kids, it can be difficult to look fabulous at the same time, all the time. We have put together some fashion tips for you, so you can be a yummy Mummy in your own right without the hassle and the pressure.

Dress for your Current Body and Shape Size

There is nothing more depressing than wearing clothes that perhaps used to look flattering, but now look a little different since you have had kids.  You need to dress as your body is now as that’s the reality. You can worry less about what you used to look like as the actuality is – you are just as beautiful as what you used to be, and simply may need to dress a little differently now to suit your body type.  It’s also widely known that sizes aren’t always reliable – so don’t get too deterred if something doesn’t fit, when it’s the size you were before.  Wear what fits you best, don’t worry about the numbers – they don’t matter.

Don’t Get in the Habit of Constantly Wearing Comfort Clothes

It can be all too easy to wear comfortable clothes all the time – they are after all incredibly comfy.  The only thing is it can be pretty easy to fall into that trap that you never make the effort. By that, we mean the effort for yourself not for anyone else.  Leave the jogging bottoms and sweatshirts at the gym and opt for something a little more flattering. This will make you feel better about yourself.

Don’t feel the Need to Look Middle Aged

There are so many “rules” about how you should dress and how you should look after a certain age.  We have news for you, you don’t need to have short hair, you can go for shorter skirts – and you don’t need to worry about being sexy.  If you don’t want to conform to age rules that really shouldn’t exist – dress how you feel most attractive. Even if you want to wear some casual jeans and a t-shirt on the school run – wearing some strappy womens sandals for a sexy, summery look can make all the difference. If you are in search of a new pair, then boutiques like IKRUSH and even retailers like Amazon have some top options for sandals, and there are comfortable ones too if you are on your feet all day!

Pay Attention to Detail

There is no doubt that you will pay attention to detail when it comes to all kinds of things such as what’s included in your children’s lunch box, what kind of shoes they have for school etc – so you should pay some attention to detail when it comes to yourself.  Simple things like the cut of a t-shirt can make a big difference. For example, if you are short, or on the busty side – a crew neck t-shirt may be unflattering, so you can opt for a different kind of style.

You Don’t need to Buy a Whole New Wardrobe for a New Look

If you are thinking of trying out a new look, you don’t need to purchase a whole new wardrobe.  You can purchase some accessories to go with your existing outfit to spice things up, little things like that can have a big impact.  So, instead of going on a massive shopping spree where you buy the whole store – you can invest in things like jewellery, handbags and shoes to make your outfits pop. Even if your clothes are on the plain side – you can get some vibrant stuff that will make you feel as if you are wearing a whole new outfit.

If you have Fashion Fears, Face them

Have a little fun with your image, there’s no reason why not.  If you are the kind of person who normally wears nude lipstick or lip gloss, why not throw in a red lipstick every now and then for good measure?  Have you tried a fake tan? There is never a better time than summer to have a healthy glow, and you may not suntan well. It could give you the health glow you need.  You can even up the hemlines a little as the warmer weather approaches. If you don’t try things like that now, you never will.

Get Advice from Personal Shoppers

This is a service that’s widely available in lots of stores these days.  It’s a great way to get an expert opinion or some advice if you aren’t sure what looks good on you.  They might select things that you have never thought of before – and give you a bit of a surprise as to how good clothes you’d never pick out for yourself.  There are lots of options when it comes to personal shoppers, and it doesn’t always come with the price tag you may think.

Stop Looking Nice

When people think of the phrase “look nice” – it’s usually a Grandmothers phrase.  It’s not associated with a “yummy mummy” – but someone of the older generation. Instead of aiming to look nice – go for another adjective. What about sexy? Youthful?  Even the language you use to describe yourself can make a big difference.  Although, the phrase “look nice” not always means something bad. Some people think it means you have to be just fresh and neat. If you don’t have enough time for taking care of your clothes, you can use an iron with a steam function, it works great and takes a minimum of time.”

Don’t Dress for Other Mums, Dress for You

If you are in an area where there is lots of tittle tattle from Mum’s in the playground – don’t worry about it, they will always find someone to talk about.  Don’t worry about their opinion if you rock up with a pair of heels, or a skirt that’s a little on the short side when doing the school run. The reality of the situation is, they probably wish they had the guts to do the same thing.

On Mothers’ Day, Get Heels Instead of Flowers

Mothers’ Day is fantastic, but it’s also a day that can make you feel old rather than a yummy mummy.  Traditional gifts are things like flowers, but that kind of thing is probably reminiscent of things that you would purchase for your own Mum or Gran.  Why not ask the kids (or your partner if they don’t yet choose the presents) for a little bit of glamour instead of flowers. That way you could have a Mothers’ Day where you look and feel great.

The message is, being a yummy Mummy isn’t all about how you look, it can be about how you feel too. Ditch the things that don’t make you feel attractive – and spend a little bit more time on yourself. Whether it’s trying out some new make-up or popping on some killer heels – if it makes you feel like a yummy Mummy, then that’s what you are.  Little changes can make you feel much more attractive than you’d think.

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