11 Stylish Wedding Trends for 2021

Now that most of the world is coming out of the pandemic, fashion is coming back to the spotlight. Many people will have their long-awaited weddings this year, and for the first time in over some will be stepping out in style. No sweats and messy buns here. Wedding trends for 2021 are fun, fashionable, and beautiful.

Brides and grooms can even set up the best free wedding websites to share their wedding details and the expected dress code. You want to ensure people know if your wedding is more formal like a black-tie event or a garden party with bright floral prints expected. No one wants to come to a wedding looking like the odd man out.

Dried Flowers

In the past floral arrangements had to be fresh and stay in water to look their best. Now, dried arrangements are making a comeback and are a great option especially for those outdoor weddings in the hot summer heat. Dried flower arrangements are beautiful, diverse, and a unique option for 2021.

Less is More

This year many people are planning smaller, more intimate weddings. This doesn’t mean they are boring or bland. With less people, couples can focus more on offering unique details, exotic menus, and going to the location of their dreams. Less people means that more time can be spent with them during the reception.

Eco-Friendly Options

Recycled paper, repurposed dresses, and even choosing eco-friendly venues help couples create beautiful and stylish weddings. Whether your bridal party heads to the thrift store to find dresses, or you use your mother’s wedding dress, there are many ways to create eco-friendly weddings. This is also a great chance to borrow or rent decorations instead of buying new ones.

Creative Seating

Instead of renting out those hard little white chairs for the wedding ceremony, why not use vintage pieces of furniture? Small couches and chairs provide more comfortable seating but help create a boho vibe for your wedding. Imagine all the details you can add to make your stylish wedding look and feel luxurious.

Custom Cocktails

Have a drink created just for you. Serve this fresh beverage at the wedding or send the supplies to go. Custom cocktails help you create a fun, new tradition that you can enjoy each year on your anniversary. A good bartender can help you develop something delicious and unique.

Bright Colours

In the past, whites, creams, and plain linens all dominated the color scheme. Colour was added as a sort of topping to make them stand out. A new stylish trend is to use colour on the walls, the table cloths, and even the guests.

Unique Bridesmaids Dresses and Pageboy Clothing

Instead of putting everyone in the exact same dress in the exact same colour, why not let your bridal party choose something they love that fits with your wedding theme. These mix and match outfits look beautiful without taking away from the bride. The same is true of your younger bridesmaids and pageboys, there are many online specialist stores that stock baby girl and baby boy wedding outfits, so even your youngest guests can look the part.

Short Wedding Dresses

You don’t need a 30-foot long train to look stylish and beautiful. Short dresses are trending and they are as lovely as the brides who wear them. The best part is they are light, easy to dance in, and are perfect for hot outdoor wedding ceremonies.


Not only are short dresses trending, but so are the most incredible bridal pant suits. Some of them feature belly baring tops, while others have flowing legs. If you’re not much of a dress kind of woman, these pant suits are still trendy and beautiful.

Prints and Patterns

Look for ways to incorporate not only floral prints, but other patterns as well. From dresses to sashes and even bridal hats, prints and patterns are making waves in 2021. They are a beautiful way to make your wedding stand out.

No Meal

Not every wedding will serve a meal. If you have your nuptials during an off time, you can easily skip serving a full meal. Some couples choose a dessert bar or snack bar instead to give their guests something to munch on, without serving steak and potatoes.

These stylish trends are just some of the ways that couples in 2021 are forging a new path forward. Saying “I do” at a hotel is being replaced by glamorous backyard events and more. 

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