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12 interesting facts about Knitting you would like to know

The textile industry with all its variants is one of the most successful commercial and productive activities in many countries of the world. This privileged situation leads manufacturers to make more and more use of artifacts to facilitate the task, and within these artifacts are the industrial knitting machinesThe logical result of all this is that not only the textile companies grow, but also the companies that carry out the not easy task of designing and manufacturing the industrial knitting machines. In almost all the countries of the world can be found factories of such industrial weaving machines, but they have a circulation in the market very limited, that is to say, that they are only sold in the countries of origin;

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This is because these world-class manufacturers create industrial knitting machines using the latest technology available today, in addition to having extremely rigorous manufacturing processes that meet the highest standards of world quality. It should not be forgotten that the most modern industrial knitting machines have complex automated work scheduling systems, which are only controlled by computers that have programs specially designed for those machines. Obviously, the excellent quality of world-class industrial weaving machines means that domestic or smaller manufacturers only limit themselves to smaller markets because they cannot compete with the products of larger companies.

However, not everything is so simple, because of a multiplicity of factors such as the exchange rate of the currency, import tariffs and many other issues, better quality industrial knitting machines are often inaccessible to many Customers, especially small-scale textile industries in less developed countries. The high prices of imported industrial weaving machines in these countries mean that potential buyers are looking for different alternatives, such as buying used machines, buying older models, or buying second-order brands. With respect to the first situation, buying quality but used industrial weaving machines is one of the most viable alternatives for textile companies, Which do not have enough capital to make big investments. Depending on the model in question, one of these products used can cost about half of what is currently a new one.

Differences between new and used industrial weaving machines

Of courseit is always good to know that used industrial knitting machines can have structural flaws or operating problems caused by their continuous use, so it is advisable before purchasing them to make an internal inspection of the motor and the external and internal structure with the To look for flaws or negatives of any kind. In the less-industrialized or so-called Third World countries, there are large and developed domestic markets for the sale of used weaving machines, markets that are often very reliable. The second alternative to save money is to acquire new industrial knitting machines but older models.

The global manufacturers of these products are constantly investing sums of money in development and research with the aim of creating new industrial knitting machines that outperform the previous ones. Therefore, it is very common to find that manufacturers not only offer the newest models from company like rjmodels, but also keep the older ones intended for customers with lower spending capacity. If you know how to look good, you can easily find old models at very interesting prices without this implying that the performance will be poor or inefficient; It is always positive to analyze what are the specifications and the most important characteristics of the old industrial weaving machines.

Finally, the third path that can be chosen to lower costs is to acquire the industrial knitting machines manufactured by companies of second order, that is, those that only have a national scope. As already pointed out, this alternative is much more accessible than acquiring new machines, and it can even be said that it is cheaper than buying new machines from old models. In the vast majority of cases the products are usually of good quality and yield slightly lower than those provided by the best brands, however it is always good before buying a second order weaving machine, ask for references to people or companies that They have acquired it. Remember that the more consultations are made, the better buying decisions can be made. 

Market niches offer better opportunities precisely at times of declining demand. Circular tissue in high gauges has its own success story. In the circular machines of Sintelli, materials that are as thin as silk and yet highly elastic can be produced economically. Thus, the circular fabric becomes an interesting alternative for materials of great fineness compared to other costly manufacturing procedures. For such elegant, fine and high-quality materials, fields of application that previously were impossible for knitwear have been opened. These materials have an optical appearance as if they were woven, but their high elasticity especially in combination with elastomeric threads – makes them especially comfortable to wear.


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