13 Mom-to-Mom Tips For Building Up Your Tween’s Closet

Your daughter is officially a tween, so, it’s time to think about building up her wardrobe. It can be hard to find just the right outfits that are age appropriate and style conscious while sticking within your budget. There are several things you can do to help. Here are some tips to make sure you are buying something she will love and wear often enough to make the purchase worthwhile. 

Buy Good Quality

When buying shoes and clothing, stick with well-known brands and buy quality items that last. This way you won’t have to spend more money on ‘disposable’ wardrobe pieces every few months.

Pay Attention to How the Clothes Close

Choose zippers instead of buttons whenever possible because they will last longer. Make sure all other clothing closures, such as snaps and buckles, are secure and will not fall off.

Consider Price to Some Degree

Maintaining a budget can help you save money and plan for future clothing purchases. Write down what items your daughter needs, then compare the prices of each garment at different stores to find out which store has the best price. Be sure to add tax when comparing prices! Also consider buying outerwear during the spring or fall when other clothes are still in season. Just remember, buying something high quality may cost a little more, but it should also last longer. 

Plan Out the Wardrobe Before Going Out Shopping

When shopping for clothes, stick to a pre-determined budget and buy items that work together. Buy coordinated outfits instead of individual pieces so your daughter can mix and match later when she needs to get more creative.

Remember How the Accessories Can Make the Outfit

Add personality to any outfit with accessories such as necklaces, belts, brooches, or handmade hair clips. You can even add flair by using pins or fun scarves.

Think About the Wearer

Buy clothing that is appropriate for the season and your daughter’s activities. Think about what she needs to wear such as school uniforms, sportswear (if involved in sports) or dressier clothes for parties and special occasions. Every young lady needs one casual dress that’s relaxed and unpretentious for when something comes up, so include that but find a dress that is in a style your young lady will feel confident wearing.

Buy During Sales Whenever Possible

Buying when items go on sale can help save money while keeping your wardrobe stocked with current styles. But make sure you buy enough of each style to last until their next sale! 

Include Her Likes When Deciding on Clothing

When buying new clothes, make sure at least one piece is something she really loves and will want to wear often because it expresses her personality and taste. If she does not like it, she will not wear it, plain and simple. 

Let Her Enjoy the Rainbow of Colours

Have your daughter experiment with each colour in the rainbow because they all work together. When she finds a few colours that bring out her eyes or makes her feel good, then let her focus in on those colours more. Each child is unique, so let her find what makes her feel good and go with it. 

Let Your Daughter Pick Out Items She Loves

If your daughter feels invested in her wardrobe, she will be less likely to argue when you talk about her clothing choices. Let her have a say in at least some of the clothing decisions you make for your family. 

If She is Unsure, Consider Color Coding Her Attire

Organizing clothes by color groups is a great way to help tweens get dressed more easily. Instead of spending five minutes trying to figure out what shirt matches the pants, they can simply grab a top from one pile and some bottoms from another group! This may end up where your child wears similar styles throughout the year, but it also allows them to simply focus on finding coordinating colors instead of having to buy new clothing for every season.

Let Her Have Some Fun

Put together outfits with her by combining plain colors with bolder colors. Add fun accessories she can swap out to change the style throughout the day! This will keep her interested in what she is wearing and give her some variety. 

Go Through the Closet Regularly to Make Sure Everything is Getting Worn

If there are clothes that don’t fit or that your daughter does not like, then take them out of her regular rotation. It’s better to know what clothes your daughter doesn’t like than have them sitting in the back of the closet, unworn! 

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