Diana and Kate together…thanks to photoshop!

Does Newsweek’s Kate-and-Diana cover creep you out?.

This is a special cover of Newsweek that commemorates the fact that the forever young Princess Diana would’ve celebrated her 50th birthday on 1st July, Tina Brown, editor in chief of Newsweek, and a close friend of Diana, surmises that a 50th year old Diana would’ve been as fabulously fashionable as ever, would’ve been on Twitter and would have submitted to the lure of Botox to keep looking eternally young. The cover of course, shows Diana with daughter-in-law and current royal darling Kate.

Many people have said they are slightly freaked out by this cover (see link above), but I personally think it is rather poignant. It is hard to think of Diana at 50 – getting old and needing to Botox wrinkles, and the fact that she never got to see her son grow up and make such a fab choice for a bride is something that is really sad. The cover above is what could’ve been – a sorry reminder of a princess lost.

Pavillions embraces vintage

Whilst the sun was beating down on Sunday, I decided to step inside fashion’s past. I took a trip to Pavillions in Birmingham to enjoy their fabulous vintage fair, and suffice to say, there were bargains galore to be picked up.

In this time of recession, Pavillions deserves praise for being able to provide shoppers with extra-special experiences to enhance their shopping trip, and placing a free entry vintage fair inside the centre was a great way of encouraging new customers to visit. Over 60 stores were involved in the fair, selling a whole range of vintage, and vintage inspired goods. There were stores focused on jewellery created using old pieces that had been reworked and remodelled, amazing period fashions, glamorous evening bags from a bygone era and gorgeous chintzy crockery and china.

I loved the fact that all eras were covered, from 1950s prom dresses, to 60s shifts, 70s maxi’s with original Dotty P labels, and 80s glitter and shoulder pads. The other amazing thing about this fair, which had attracted traders from all over the UK, was that it was so very cheap. One store had an amazing array of vintage dresses all priced at just £5, whilst another was selling a 1980s Burberry mac for £70 – an absolute steal.

This was a great vintage treat which I hope Pavillions repeat sometime soon..maybe close to Christmas time!(Hint!)

A summer of Roksanda Ilincic

In the month she unveiled her 2012 Cruise collection with the brief ‘Effortless Glamour’ it seems fitting that Serbian Born, London-based designer Roksanda Ilincic should transfer some of that glamour to the High Street. Her first capsule collection for Debenhams has just been launched, under the RI label. This is an evening wear collection made up of five different styles of dress, from chic cocktail styles to full length and fabulous draped gowns.

After viewing the collection, I can truly say that I’m in love.  Using a pallet of black and white as a base, this is a stunning collection of utterly wearable yet totally glamorous dresses. From chic but modern prom dresses in monochrome stripes, to full length evening dresses in tulle with applique detailing, these are dresses for every special occasion. I personally adore the yellow strapless cocktail dress, which looks like it was taken from Betty Draper’s wardrobe, whilst  the little black dress has a timeless quality to it.

Debenhams need to be applauded for keeping their finger on the pulse and working with Roksanda Ilincic at the present time, because this is one hot designer. From Michelle Obama on her recent UK visit, to Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Blunt, Michelle Monaghan and Florence Welch, Roksanda is currently dressing all  the stars in her faultless designs. Her  cruise collection contains some looks that would be perfect for the Duchess of Cambridge on her upcoming tour. This RI collection is full of investment pieces that would add lustre to any wardrobe.

Roksanda Ilincic Cruise 2012

The RI collection for Debenhams is on sale now, with cocktail dresses at £180 and column dresses £200.