Style Icons 2012 – Two Kates – Moss and Upton


Kate Middleton hasn’t been the only Kate making fashion waves this year. Two model Kate’s have also made waves in the world of fashion, albeit of different varieties. Both Kate Moss and Kate Upton have proven that blondes still have more fun, and have both featured on Vogue front covers. But whereas Moss remains the cover girls all others aspire to be, Kate Upton has frankly divided opinions. Should the former Sports Illustrated Model be an editorial cover girl at all, least of all on the cover of Vogue. Isn’t the gorgeous blonde more cheesecake than High fashion? The debates have raged.

Personally. I loved seeing Kate Upton on the Vogue cover. Her soft curves and pretty features made a nice change from the more angular models that Haute fashion loves, and she seems to look back to the goddesses of Monroe, Mansfield and Mamie Van Doran. And the girl can dress – she uses those curves to their very best advantage and looks utterly glamorous at every event, using red as a badge of honour. When she attempted a more pared back look at the Met Ball, with slicked hair and red lips, I actually missed the tumbling curls and softer make up.

Kate  Upton is definitely one to watch in 2013, she’s bringing sexy back. A sort of blonde Christina Hendricks for the fashion set. Hallelujah to that.


Kate Moss on the other hand, just improves with age. This is a woman who never ceases to be trendsetting and relevant, meaning it was no surprise when Grazia named her the best dressed woman of 2012. She still sticks to her wardrobe mainstays – lots of classic black, ballerina pumps, skinny jeans and fur and leather jackets, a sort of rock chick style accentuated by husband Jamie Hince on her arm. It still works and means she remains timelessly stylish. An icon for this, and every other year.

Doris Day – forgotten style icon?

One of the nicest things about taking a little time to chill over the Christmas period has been the opportunity to catch up on some television. I was delighted to see that one of my favourite channels, BBC 4, was dedicating some time to look at Hollywood Goddesses, the icons that still light up our screens today. Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Clara Bow were the main focus, but I was also really excited to see a documentary about one of my favourite stars, Doris Day.

I grew up loving Doris Day. My mom had a real love of her films, from ‘By the light of the Silvery Moon’ to ‘Love me or Leave me’. I grew up loving ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Calamity Jane’ and ‘That Touch of Mink’. Doris seemed like a magical being, radiantly blonde and pretty, super talented, with an exquisite singing voice, and also a strange combination of prim and sexy. For I never understood why Day was described as a professional virgin, films like ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘Move over Darling’ were sexy, and Doris was sexy in them.

And she was also superbly dressed, Her film wardrobes were always elegant and often spectacular (check out her showgirl costumes in ‘Love me or Leave me’, where she plays torch singer Ruth Etting), and they often featured the latest styles. Off screen, Doris could also look amazing. At the 1960 Oscar Ceremony, Doris wore a shimmering silver sheath style gown by Irene that made her one of the best dressed of the night. This style, coupled with her acting talent, comedic wit and beautiful singing voice, made Doris the World’s top female star by 1964, but by 1968 it was all over, and Doris retired, never to make another film.

If you haven’t checked out Doris Day, you really need to get some DVDs and set yourself up for the ultimate girls night in with the ultimate girl next door. Doris was a shining star who deserves to be both remembered and respected by future generations.


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