Celebrity get the look with Vicky Pattison, Olivia Palermo and Prince George

It seemed like it was about time for another celebrity get the look post, looking at some of the latest looks that celebrities have been wearing that include some pieces from the High Street, as well as a few covetable designer looks thrown in for good measure.

So, this month we have it all – cream of Hollywood Royalty, a couple of supermodels, reality tv finest and a bonafide fashionista. We have looks from Zara, Select fashion, Topshop and a couple of stunning dresses from latest fashion ‘must have’ label Self Portrait, a label I first saw in person at a Pandora launch, worn by Sarah Jayne Crawford, and have admired ever since then. This time the Self Portrait dresses are being worn by Miranda Kerr and Rachel McAdams, and show the diversity of styles designed by the label.

I have also featured a get the look featuring Kate Upton. Now, the dress worn by Kate is a Topshop dress that cost £150, but I can find no trace of it on the website currently. However, I have found 3 similar (but much cheaper) alternatives that can give you a similar stunning look.

In amongst all the gorgeous fashionista’s I have also included the also totally adorable Prince George in his personalised My 1st Years dressing gown, which he wore to meet and charm President Obama recently. How cute does he look?

Olivia Palermo in Zara


REVERSIBLE EMBROIDERED JACKET Ref. 3440/041 79.99 GBP Click to visit Zara


Miranda Kerr in Self Portrait at Selfridges


 SELF-PORTRAIT Daisy embroidered Guipure lace mini dress £240.00 Click to visit Selfrdiges

SELF-PORTRAIT Daisy embroidered Guipure lace mini dress £240.00 Click to visit Selfridges

Rachel McAdams in Self Portrait


 SELF-PORTRAIT Ayelette off-the-shoulder crepe dress £325.00 Click to visit Selfridges

SELF-PORTRAIT Ayelette off-the-shoulder crepe dress
£325.00 Click to visit Selfridges

Prince George in My 1st Years


Prince George's Gingham Blue Trime Robe - £27 Click to visit My1stYears

Prince George’s Gingham Blue Trime Robe – £27 Click to visit My1stYears

Danielle Armstrong wears Select Fashion


 ASYMMETRIC WRAP FRONT 3/4 SLEE Code: #S043/1402/022_LIGHT GREY now £8.99 Click to visit Select

ASYMMETRIC WRAP FRONT 3/4 SLEE now £8.99 Click to visit Select


2 in 1 Bodycon Midi Dress Item code: D715CORAL £30.00 Click to visit AX Paris

2 in 1 Bodycon Midi Dress £30.00 Click to visit AX Paris

Vicky Pattison in Topshop


Jersey Pleated Midi Skirt £32.00 Click to visit Topshop

Jersey Pleated Midi Skirt £32.00 Click to visit Topshop

Holly Willoughby wears Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Suzi Dress £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Suzi Dress £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Kate Upton in Topshop


Get the look

**Black Lace Midi Dress by Goldie £49.00 Click to visit Topshop

**Black Lace Midi Dress by Goldie £49.00 Click to visit Topshop

**Swanie Midi Dress by TFNC £38.00 Click to visit Topshop

**Swanie Midi Dress by TFNC £38.00 Click to visit Topshop

**Ameena Long Maxi Dress by TFNC £45.00 Click to visit Topshop

**Ameena Long Maxi Dress by TFNC £45.00 Click to visit Topshop




When a loved one has Dementia

One of the most heartbreaking things you can ever face in life is the reality of knowing a loved one had Dementia, and is no longer the person you know and love. Trying to cope with the fact, and choosing the right thing to do for both you, your wider family, and the person living with the dementia is difficult, with the care and safety of the sufferer being paramount, but trying to balance that with the feeling of guilt if you have to admit you can’t cope alone is hard and painful. I speak from experience.

It is now 18 years since my grandmother died at the age of 68. She had an aggressive form of alzheimers that took just over three years to kill her brain, and eventually kill her. We had not been aware initially just her advanced her disease was as my grandad had covered and protected her, but my grandad died in 2006 and we were suddenly faced with a situation of a women who could no longer care for herself, whose reality was often steeped in the past, but whose present was  very difficult. Bills were unopened and stuffed into drawers, she would leave the house in the middle of the night to look for my grandad – my husband once found her sitting in a bus stop at 4am waiting for a bus ‘to work’ (she’d been retired for years.). Her house became dirty, and she couldn’t settle – she would pace, holding her handbag and looking out the window for who knows what. It was distressing – and made all the more distressing because we had no space for nan to live with us.  Nan had to go into a care home for her own safety and to receive proper care. But in 1998 there was little choice or information about choosing the right home, and this was a very difficult time for all the family.

With my nan.

With my nan.

May sees Dementia Awareness Week, a sign of how far we have come in the understanding and treatment of Dementia. Care homes provider Barchester Healthcare have a range of different types of care home around the country, some which actually specialise in Dementia care, and their website is an invaluable source of information about what you should look for when trying to choose a home for a loved one – this just wasn’t available when my nan was suffering. They recommend visits and even trial stays before you commit to an establishment, something that I think could give you some peace of mind at this most horrible of times. Their dementia care homes guide  is very useful, it comes complete with questions to ask and checklists.


Dementia is a condition that cannot be cured, but it is comforting to know there are now places that sufferers can live in comfort and safety, with their families safe in the knowledge that their loved one can experience a good level of care.


The Cineworld family experience and Zootropolis

One of the great things about your children getting that little bit older is the chance to enjoy family film experiences. Because, as much as I love watching movies at home with Joe during a duvet day, there is nothing like the experience of the cinema – the smell of popcorn, watching those trailers, filling the face with pick and mix and enjoying a great film on the big screen.

On Saturday Pete, Joe and I went to our nearest branch of Cineworld to enjoy Zootropolis, the latest Disney release. I have been to this particular Cineworld on a few occasions, but Joe had never been and was excited, as he always is when he tries out a new place.Cineworld is a 14 screen multiplex that is situated on the Bentley Bridge retail park this makes it ideal if you want to eat out after a movie with Bella Italia, Chiquitos and Nando’s all within walking distance. It has great parking and is also served well by the local bus services. It has many different sized auditoriums, all with really comfortable and roomy seats.




Joe was really excited to see a huge Ninja Turtle on display in the foyer. He posed for pictures whilst I collected tickets from the pre-booking machines. These are easy to use, especially if you are in a hurry. There are plenty of food outlets where you can purchase movie friendly food before the performance, from a dedicated Pick and Mix area to Nachos with a choice of dips, huge bags of popcorn, and a range of chocolate and sweet treats. There are also dispensed and bottled drinks for you to take in.




If you do arrive a little early, there is a small arcade area where you can while away a little time before your film starts.


Hurray for Zootropolis – a children’s film that adults will actually enjoy. Judy Hopp is a hero for our times, told she will never make it as a police officer, she strives hard to finish top of her class and arrives at Zootropolis, where all mammals live together in harmony. But some creatures have been disappearing, and when Judy finally gets on the case, she finds that maybe we can’t escape our biology and how we are programmed to be. Teaming up with Wiley Fox Nick, Judy has just 36 hours to solve the case or go back to traffic – will she be able to do this!

Zootropolis is sharp and funny and warm, full of jokes that parents will laugh at too (the speeding sloth is just hilarious, as is the Mafioso skunk.) Definitely a movie that will impress the young, and the young at heart.