Secrets To Maintaining Your Health & Happiness

If one fact is for certain, it’s that everyone is trying to figure out the secret to remaining healthy and happy on a consistent basis. It’s difficult to do when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities and have a job and family to attend to.

The solution is to find a few ways for how you can care for your wellbeing and remain at peace, even among the chaos that surrounds you. Be glad to know you don’t have to keep living a life full of uncertainty and stress if you’re willing to hear ideas for improvement and then change your ways going forward.

Talk Through Your Problems

Holding negative emotions inside for too long will drag you down and cause you to be unhappy. It’s important to talk through what’s on your mind and use your problem-solving skills to get yourself through trying times. Being vulnerable makes you a strong person and is a smart way to live. You can’t constantly be hanging onto toxic thoughts and feelings if you’re going to maintain your health and happiness.

Travel More

Everyone needs a break once in a while and time away from the demands of a taxing job. What you can do is travel more and get out and see the world to help you relax and unwind. One spot, in particular, you may find interesting is to visit the Galveston RV resorts where you can soak up the sun and participate in a wide variety of activities. Travelling is a great way to meet people, try new foods and simply escape your daily responsibilities for a short while. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to work hard when you return to the office.

Enjoy Some Alone Time Daily

What your life could be missing is alone time to be with your own thoughts. It’s likely that you’re typically running around and taking care of business and not even giving yourself a chance to breathe. All it takes to maintain your health and happiness is you set aside five to ten minutes of quiet time daily to meditate, clear your head and regroup. It’s a great way to start and end your day and an opportunity to truly be in the present moment for a little while.

Manage Your Stress

Stress has a funny way of creeping up on you and quickly wrecking havoc on your life. Maintain your health and happiness by proactively managing your worries and not letting yourself get too worked up about any one topic. Practice deep breathing, go for a long walk or read a book to help you keep your stress in check and avoid any inappropriate reactions on your part. Be aware of your warning signs and get in touch with your emotions before they begin to control you.


These are a couple of the most important secrets that are going to allow you to maintain your health and happiness. You’ll find more success working them into your daily life if you start putting yourself and your needs first. Give yourself time to adjust because change doesn’t always come that easy.

Stylish solutions for your home office

If you don’t have the right storage solutions, a home office can quickly become piled high with work and cluttered with mess. It’s well documented that working in an untidy space can have a negative impact on your creativity and hinder your ability to concentrate. Having a proper home for all your office essentials can make a big difference when it comes to creating a productive working environment and boosting your morale. To find out more about the options on offer, you can take a look at the products provided by companies like Lionshome which sells a range of beautiful and stylish desks and shelving units solutions that would suit a variety of office interiors.


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Meanwhile, to help inspire you to clear the clutter, here are some helpful ways to create a tidy and organised office:

Make use of all the available space

Shelving units are a simple and affordable way to free up valuable floor and desk space. There are plenty of shelving systems on offer for you to choose from, whether you want a single shelf or an entire floor unit, you won’t struggle to find a solution to suit your personal needs.

Floor shelving units work particularly well in larger rooms and are ideal for storing heavy, bulky items. Wall shelves are perfect for holding files, containers and trays to store smaller odds and ends, such as stationary.

Not only can shelves be used for files, books and various other items of office equipment, they also offer a great chance to show off your personal items and they can help ensure the room feels more homely. Some shelving units can even incorporate desk space if you are short on space.


cupboards and desk space

Under desk pedestals and cupboards are a great way to maximise your office space. These nifty storage units are available in a variety of sizes and fit seamlessly underneath your desk. To extend your work surface further, space-saving desks with built-in storage cupboards, shelves and end-units come in extremely useful for printers, books and files, and are particularly convenient in tight spaces.

Although filing cabinets have long been associated with commercial offices, they work equally well at home. These cabinets are specifically designed for organising work, and make life a lot easier when you’re searching for that all-important piece of paperwork. You can now buy stylish, slimline filing units that take up minimal floor space and include internal box-style drawers for further organising.

You may also want to think about trolleys, or mobile roll units, to ensure that you can easily move your storage as and when needed. If you want to discreetly conceal your clutter, it may be worth investing in ‘hidden units’ with doors too.


Bookcases are a simple and effective way to keep your workspace organised. Modular systems that have an adjustable height are particularly useful for home offices, as they can be easily and quickly rearranged to suit your changing storage requirements and to create bespoke solutions. Depending on your needs, bookcases can be positioned on the wall or along the floor, and you can even get special corner bookshelves to maximise your space.

To stop your office from feeling too clinical, combination furniture is ideal. Units with large open shelves and glass doors can be used to display ornaments and decorative items, while bottom cupboards can be used to house work items.

Final considerations

Remember that home offices don’t have to be bland and boring. Be creative with your storage solutions and try to strike a balance between making a designated area for work and a space that reflects your personal tastes.

The size of the room will also have an effect on the furniture you purchase. If you have limited space, avoid large, bulky floor units and aim for space-saving solutions like wall shelves and under-desk pedestals. For important work files, you may also want to think about lockable cupboards for secure storage.

Simply Snorkelling in Cyprus

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was looking forward to testing my snorkeling kits from Simply Scuba during our holiday in Cyprus. Well that holiday came around pretty quickly, and with glorious weather and a snorkelling lesson beforehand, we have had some great sea fun over the last week or so.

Both Joe and myself are novices when it comes to snorkelling, but the scuba and snorkelling kits from Simply Scuba are both comprehensive and easy to use. They come stored in carry bags that keeps them safe and secure in your luggage, and mean that they don’t take up a lot of room in your case. In addition to this they are very easy to use – the flippers are adjustable to fit most foot sizes, and then mask and snorkel are easy to adjust and attach, so it is really just a matter of putting the equipment on and having fun.

Before we took the equipment to the beach, Joe practiced in the hotel pool, really just getting used to the breathing equipment – many novices to snorkelling keep bringing their head out of the water in order to breathe, a really common practice, and this proved to be the case with Joe, so we got some expert advice from a scuba diving company who offered lessons in the pool.  Joe loved the lesson and become much more comfortable breathing with his face in the water.

We got advice about the best places to snorkel in Paphos, because there are very few good beaches in this part of Cyprus. They advised against the Lido in the harbour, known as the municipal pool, as this can have strong undercurrents that can be dangerous. In addition, they said that they refrain from taking children under 12 out to sea, so suggested we try the safe beach at Faros where we could stay in relatively shallow waters and therefore enjoy our kits in safety and security.

Faros beach (also known as Lighthouse beach) has a great jetty where you can go a little bit further out to sea, but use the steps to descend safely. This was ideal for both me and Joe as it was a little deeper, but not too deep, and the sea was quite calm. Unfortunately, there were creatures to be seen and Joe was stung by a jellyfish as he got into slightly deeper water, resulting in quite a bit of pain, but overwise, this was a perfect place, with a mixture of clear waters and small fish and plant life.


We loved our first experience of water sports and will definitely be indulging in a little more water fun very soon.