Autumn Styling Tips With PrettyLittleThing

I love a new season! Sure I will be gutted that the Summer is over, I’m a person that would love to live in flip flops, and that they days will start to get shorter, but I love to look at all the new style that is on display, the new colours and prints, the lengths and the trends.

Online fashion giants PrettyLittleThing asked me to look at their new collections for Autumn in order to choose some of my favourite pieces.Now, I usually turn to the dress section immediately, but in this instance I wanted to look at the PrettyLittleThing skirts and tops as you can then mix and match them with other pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. I also wanted to see if the brand is suitable for women who are not a perfect size 10, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the brand has a curve section that has some really stunning pieces, including the animal print pleated skirt below.

A perfect evening look

The Plus Rust Leopard Print Pleated Midi Skirt is a brilliant transitional piece that can not only take you from day to night, but also slips easily from Summer to Autumn. This skirt is from the plus range, and has an elasticated waistband and a lovely mid calf length. I love the idea of wearing this with a thick cream jumper and knee length boots come the colder days, but on a warm evening this looks so cute with a boob tube style too like the Dobby Mesh frill detail bandeau top that is a total 1980s Madonna style top, and is now just £5. I can see me wearing this a lot, teamed with a pencil skirt for a seriously sexy look, or pale blue denim for that Madonna retro look.

Pretty in Pink

I love pink, it is totally one of my favourite colours and one that I think is kind to blondes, so these pieces totally appeal. The Mauve floral high neck blouse is so stretchy and pretty and has a hemline below the elasticated panel which means it would look great with jeans too, worn loose. The skirt, the Rose Pleated Full Midi Skirt, is absolutely gorgeous, shimmery and silky, with a double layer and a really glamorous, expensive feel. I will wear this skirt with a black polo neck when the weather turns, although I will keep the bare legs for as long as I can.

The 90s called and want their clothes back…

I love 1990s style. I’m thinking Friends, Kate Moss in slip dresses, everything biased cut, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt, need I go on. But they do say that if you remember a trend the first time around, you should avoid it. Well, pah to that, I love the satin skirts and faux halter style tops that were such a staple of the 90s wardrobe, and am definitely up for reviving them.

This champagne satin (isn’t that such a 90s colour too) asymmetric panelled skirt is pretty and versatile, it would look fab worn with a chunky knit for a 90s grunge look, but with strappy sandals you are totally ready for a night out. I wore it with the tall leopard print top, which has a drawstring fastening and sits squarely on top of the skirt.

I love the 90s feel of this outfit, and it is comfortable and cool to wear, although, being satin look, it does crease easily. But just embrace it, the 90s did!

How to Make This Birthday Special for the Man in Your Life

Every year, birthdays come and birthdays go. And, every year can feel exactly the same as the year before. You buy your man the gift he’s been hinting at, and you go to the restaurant you always go to every time a birthday, anniversary or holiday comes along. This year, you want to make it a special event. You want to show him you love him as much, if not more, than ever. Actually, this is one of those times when that old cliché holds true. It’s not the gift but the thought that counts. Put some thought into doing things out of the ordinary, and see if he doesn’t tell you this was the most special birthday ever.

Royalty free photo

Start with Breakfast (and a Little Romance) in Bed
When was the last time you served him breakfast in bed? Why not surprise him with a specially decorated tray for breakfast in bed. Wear that sexy negligee and put a rose on the tray. He will probably appreciate a rose bud just as much as you would. He might not say it, but the romance behind that bud says it all. Instead of reprimanding him for sleeping those extra minutes before work, serve him breakfast with love.

Add a Personal Touch to His Gift
While he expects that you will buy the gift that he’s been talking about for the past few weeks, why not add a new twist? Unless it’s too big to box and wrap, why not put it in a box within a box within a box? Or, you could make a special birthday card from one of many templates on the Adobe Spark website. You aren’t limited to the exact templates they have, because you can always add your own photos and greetings, but they give you a place to start. He certainly won’t expect anything other than the same Hallmark card he gets every year. This year, add a personal touch that he certainly won’t be expecting.

Delivery with a Smile
Another thing he won’t be expecting is having lunch delivered to him at his place of work. You could always have lunch delivered from the local pizza shop or Chinese restaurant, but why not deliver it yourself? What a surprise that will be! What could possibly be sweeter for dessert than a kiss from his beloved wife? Maybe, plan it in advance with his boss so that he can take a slightly extended break. Head toward the nearest park or waterfront if you are lucky enough to have one in the vicinity.
There are so many ways to make this a special day without spending an arm and a leg. Doing a couple of nice, little things to show him just how special he is to you will be the icing on the cake. Oh, and speaking of cake, don’t forget to do something unique with that as well. The more surprises you throw in, the more memorable this birthday will be.

5 Key Reasons To Choose A Scooter

When it comes to motor vehicles that just have that element of cool about them, then it is hard to think any further than the style, elegance and class of a motor scooter. Brands like Vespa and Lambretta, and the look of the Ace Faces from the iconic film Quadrophenia just make scooters a classic must have. When you add into that the fact that a classic, retro style scooter can cost less than £1000, then you start to see why scooters are continuing to grow in popularity as a nifty little run around for city living.



Direct Bikes a have a whole site just dedicated to scooters and are the UK’S NO.1 selling Scooter brand as confirmed by the DVLA,  with models that range from sports designs to those highly coveted retro looks. They can also help you to source your must have, essential scooter insurance too.

So why should you choose a scooter?

  1. Scooters are safer than both motorbikes and mopeds. A study in Australia by Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS-Q), claimed to be the first to compare the safety levels of mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles. And it was the scooter which came top when compared against other two wheeled motorists.
  2. Scooters are a relatively inexpensive form of transport when compared to other methods. They are cheaper to buy at the outset, cheaper to maintain, and their fuel economy is much better, so this makes them a better option if you are working to a budget.
  3. The Maintenance is pretty simple. An occasional oil change and oil filter replacement is pretty much the maintenance required, when compared to a car, or a motorbike, it bares no comparison in terms of time or cost.
  4. Perfect for the commute. Scooters are nifty and reliable and perfectly capable of taking you from A to B, whether that to work, to meet friends, or for a trip to the local shop. The economical aspect of this is part of the beauty, but it is also far easier to park than your car.
  5. They are fairly easy to use, even if you’ve never driven one before.


All this, and they look cool and iconic, whether it is Elizabeth Taylor in Rome, or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, or you, heading out to pick up a magazine.