Stylish Movies: Downton Abbey

The movie of the smash hit TV show Downton Abbey has just hit cinemas and it is certainly the best dressed movie of the year. Set in 1927 and telling the tale of a royal trip to Downton, the film is gentle, nostalgic escapism which I, for one, absolutely loved. Gloriously filmed, with stunning overhead shots of Highclere (where it is filmed) and its grounds, the film is a visual delight, and that is without even getting to the clothes worn by Lady Mary and Lady Edith which are simply exquisite.

With the film set in 1927, we have a true taste of the style of the 1920s. This means cloche hats, drop waist style dresses and beaded, fringed dresses. Shoes are of the buckled, Mary Jane variety, and the jewellery is showstopping, think Chanel style beads worn long and layered, with jewelled tiaras, diadems and headbands the order of the day for the ball at Harewood that is at the conclusion of the movie. There are also some nods to Art Deco, with the geometric patterns and monochrome blouse worn by Lady Mary.

The glamour is high and the style is totally fabulous. Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary has a bobbed haircut that makes her resemble the glorious and iconic Louise Brooks, and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith is equally as glamorous in champagne colours that totally match her colouring, she looks amazing all the way through the film, and one of her dresses is the subject of a subplot itself.

Autumn 2019 is the season of 1920s style, as we also have the already classic Peaky Blinders showcasing the style of 1929 for both men and women (Polly has had a stormer this series, she has looked incredible throughout.) With the Downton Movie, it doesn’t matter if you never watched the series, this is a stand alone episode, set two years after the series ended, and can totally be enjoyed, even by the Downton novice, and even if only for the clothes.

How to Be Comfortable Around Your Boyfriend

If you are new to the dating scene or have had some unpleasant experiences in your previous relationships, you are likely not to be comfortable with your boyfriend at first. While it is expected that you will be a bit uneasy in such cases, you should get comfortable around your boyfriend after getting to know him better and becoming stabilized in the relationship. However, some women take longer to get comfortable around their boyfriend or are not very at ease. This may hinder having a good relationship with lively interactions.

Here are some tips that can help you to be at ease around your boyfriend:

Find out why you feel uncomfortable

Why do you feel uncomfortable when with your boyfriend? Is it due to things he says or does? It could even be that you have been far apart for long so you are still getting to know him. You could also be timid by nature, and it takes some time for such people to feel comfortable around others. If your discomfort is due to something your boyfriend said or did, have an objective discussion with him. Perhaps he does not even know that you are not quite comfortable with his actions and words. When you speak out honestly, he will most likely change to ensure that you feel relaxed around him, but that is only if he cares about you.

Identify ways to eliminate the discomfort

After establishing the cause of your discomfort, you should come up with tactics that you can use to feel relaxed. At times, involving your boyfriend could be a good idea. For example, it could be that you and he are planning for your first meeting and you are uncomfortable with his suggested meeting place and activities. You can discuss the plans over the phone to settle for what works for both of you or even research first date ideas on the internet. You will get various suggestions and you can pick what is best for both of you.

If you have been dating for some time but you feel as if he is not very into you due to being overweight or other issues, you can resolve to enroll at a gym and start making healthy eating and lifestyle choices. You should be committed to getting into good shape for your own sake and not for your man. With time, you will develop confidence in yourself and become happy with yourself, making your relationship more fulfilling. With good feelings about yourself, you will be more comfortable around your boyfriend and your relationship will have higher chances of success.

Get to know your boyfriend better

You could be uncomfortable with your boyfriend because you do not know him well. The best thing to do in such a case is to work on getting more familiar with him by spending more time with him, engaging in common activities that you both enjoy, and even having a heart-to-heart conversation where you ask each other questions and answer them honestly. It is also critical to allow the relationship some time to grow and avoid rushing it so that you both get to know each other, build trust, and feel at ease.


There are many benefits that you can get from learning how to get comfortable around your boyfriend, and the main one is having a fulfilling relationship that has mutual trust. If you experience unease, you need to find the source of your discomfort and communicate with your guy if it has to do with him. If the discomfort emanates from internal issues, you need to come up with some solutions. Having a deeper understanding of your boyfriend can also help you to be at ease around him.

Second Hand September – Charity Shop Finds

September has been a month that has looked at moving away from fast fashion shopping and has instead looked at re-using our wardrobes – Second Chance September. When we do buy something new, we are being encouraged to look at charity shops, vintage stores and nearly new shops in order to buy second hand, with Oxfam terming the month Second Hand September.

Now regular readers of this blog will know that I always buy second hand, vintage and car boot sales when adding to my wardrobe. This does not mean I don’t buy new, I do, but my budget doesn’t always allow for splurges and I love the idea of finding a treasure or a real bargain.

So if you have not yet signed up to Second Hand or Second Chance September, maybe some of the finds that I have found in the last couple of months may be enough to leave you having a rethink.

Compton Hospice

Top is vintage and was £2.99, the bag is an independent label and was £1.99. I love the bag, it is unusual and roomy and is typical of the unusual things you can find in charity shops.

The Children’s Society.

Oasis jumper £3.99, Autograph at Marks and Spencer’s trousers £4.99. Winter ready!

Top River Island £3.99.


Denim dress, no label £3.99, perfect transitional piece as it will look great with opaques too.

Vintage glass and jug, both under £5. You can get lots of pretty home accessories in charity shops, many of them vintage like this dressing table set.

I love this vintage Jane Shilton bag £5, so on trend in this season’s python print.

Vintage 1960s dress for £4.99. A little tight though, but the style is so modern.

The Children’s Society.

This bag is amazing, I couldn’t leave without it, especially as it was £3.99. Accessorised with my Luvit scarf (read that post here.)

You can actually put an outfit together from charity shop finds. This Dorothy Perkins skirt is another great transitional piece when teamed with a polo neck from Primark. The whole outfit was £6.50 and the Primark top still had the tags in.

How amazing is this dress. A genuine 1970s piece with an incredible pattern and a plisse style pleat skirt. Just £3.99. I can wear it with gold shoes now, and then add brown knee high boots when Winter comes.

Beacon for the Blind

This Amanda Wakeley elements dress is just so pretty and was only |£3.99. Unfortunately it was a little tight so it didn’t come home with me on this occasion.