Managing Social Media Effectively For Business

When setting up a new business, or trying to grow your existing building, there are lots of things to consider. Premises, insurance, staff levels and budgeting are all important, but you also need to consider how you market your business, and these days, marketing means social media, and how you effectively use it.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn along with Pinterest to a lesser extent, are all channels that can be used to promote pretty much any kind of business, from a small one man operation, to large multi nationals. Social media has a large reach that can spread worldwide, it’s instant, and it allows followers and potential customers to make contact with you and the product. It has the beauty of being updated on a regular basis, keeping your audience firmly in the loop when it comes to new developments and initiatives for your brand.

The most effective social media needs to be planned as part of your wider strategy for your company. This need for planning can make a Social Media Posting Tool essential, especially if your company has a team rather than an individual who creates and posts social media content. This is where ContentCal comes into its own.

ContentCal is a social media posting tool that allows you to plan your social media content, to monitor the analytics of each post and campaign, and also to quickly respond to questions, queries and comments from customers. It can be used by either individuals, or as a team, with different pricing plans according to the size of your business and social media team.

ContentCal allows you to plan your social media content in advance, with the times you want each post to go live. The beauty is that you can see all of this as an online calender, and can therefore move the content around if you decide you want the posts to go live in a different order, maybe in response to current events in the world or a sudden rush of demand for a certain product. You can preview every single item before it goes live, and can therefore make changes if you decide it doesn’t quite work. Once you have your content, it can be sent to lots of different apps in order to promote, promote , promote.


ContentCal also gives you a record of your content, so you can look back on which posts were popular, which didn’t really work, and this can help you avoid duplicate content, or alternately, it could allow you to use a post again if it was part of a concerted marketing campaign.

Social Media is so important to the growth of modern day companies, a social media posting company can allow you to make your social media use effective.

ACC Art Books: Rock ‘n’ Roll London Reviewed.

ACC Art books is an online treasure trove, a place to find the best in books about music, art, travel and fashion. With a regular drop of new titles, ACC Art Books could be the answer if you have someone who is very hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas.

Rock ‘n’ Roll London is one of their newest titles. Subtitled ‘A Guide To The City’s Musical Heritage’ the book is a sort of A to Z of London’s rock ‘n’ roll history, ‘The Knowledge’ for fans of rock ‘n’ roll trivia. It is all about those important addresses, the ones where rock stars lived and died, where iconic groups were formed, videos were filmed, gigs were played, arguments took place. It is about the place where jobbing musicians become legends, where those truly iconic albums were recorded.

The book is heavy on interesting, sometimes little known facts about the creme de la creme of British rock, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Oasis, Blur and Amy Winehouse. It also features international stars like Madonna, Prince, Bob Dylan, Mama Cass and Nilsson. Some of the facts are well known, for instance, the location of where three members of the Rolling Stones took a pee outside a petrol station. Others are less well known, for instance, the pub which gave Mark Knopfler the inspiration for the classic ‘Sultans of Swing’, or information about the shop that Prince once opened in London.

Their are some great images in the book to illustrate this musical map, and the book is a very quick and easy read. It is also very entertaining, I read it in one sitting because I genuinely didn’t want to put it down, and have now promised to pass it on to my brother-in-law after I spent some time singing its praises to him.

If you love rock ‘n’ roll stories, the famous and the infamous, this book is a perfect read that will not disappoint. The book costs £15 and is available here.

Princess Beatrice Style

Yesterday Princess Beatrice announced her engagement to boyfriend Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, with another royal wedding for us to look forward to in 2020. I love a royal wedding, and think Bea’s could be a really stylish spectacle , as she has lots of friends in fashion including the model Karlie Kloss and singer Ellie Goulding. I also think Beatrice could be a truly stylish bride, as she is one of the most stylish royals around.

For many, Beatrice’s style is still associated with the outfit she wore for William and Kate’s wedding. She faced a lot of ridicule for her choice of headwear, which rather overshadowed the stylish coat dress she was wearing. It’s a shame that the look she sported that day became iconic for all the wrong reasons, because, the truth is that Beatrice is one of the most stylish and fashion forward of all the royal ladies, and is a great champion for designers like Jonathan Saunders, The Vampire’s Wife, Self Portrait and Zimmerman, brands that are not often featured on royal ladies.

Beatrice is not afraid of sporting a statement look, a bright colour or print, a dress that uses lace or brocade to unusual effect. She favours full skirts that hark back to Princess Grace and the 1950s style of her grandmother the Queen,. but then adds an unusual print, or even a leather biker jacket to toughen up the look. The effect is modern and effective, she looks like a thoroughly modern Princess.


It is yet to be seen who will design the Princess’s dress. Names already being mentioned include Ralph and Russo, who designed her outfit for sister Eugenie’s wedding, Roksanda Illincic, Erdem and Emilia Wickstead. The most exciting proposition though, would be the Vampire’s Wife, Susie Bick’s label, a range of elegant, almost other worldly dresses that could definitely be filed under edgy.