Normal People – Marianne Style

I have never been one of those people who binged watched a television series…until now. Whether it is because the never ending lock down is not leaving us much else to do, or whether it is because the garden furniture is now too wet to sit on, yesterday I watched nine episodes of Normal People, the television series based on the acclaimed novel by Sally Rooney. I have three episodes to go and am totally hooked on the beautiful adaptation of the modern love story between Marianne and Connell, who are wonderfully played by Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal. It is touching, it is heartbreaking, and it feels very real as a look at that first love that never really leaves you.

I love everything about Normal People, the story, the fabulous acting and the stunning soundtrack. I am also more than a little in love with Connell, who is certainly brightening these dark days. But I am mostly lusting after the truly gorgeous wardrobe and style of Marianne. She is part Audrey Hepburn, part Anne Hathaway, with a little bit of Audrey Tatou thrown into the mix. She is a waif, a gamine, slight and flat chested, and wears clothes so beautifully. Her style is simple and yet chic, sort of thrown together in that effortless way that is usually attributed to the French. She wears everything with such attitude and style that you can’t help but admire it.

Absolute faves so far have to be her Italian wardrobe. The simple black sundress she wore for a trip on her bike with Connell was totally Roman Holiday Audrey, simple, yet devastatingly elegant. Her printed sundress was a 60’s throw back worn by the likes of Anouk Aimee, with tiny floral prints and checks.

And then we have her party outfit from the night she gets back together with Connell. A foppish velvet blazer worn over a knockout blue dress is just a sensational look and she totally owns it.


If you haven’t watched episodes 1 and 2 of Normal People, you can now watch them on iplayer or catch up on BBC1.


How Can Event Management Software Help You Plan Your Best Event

Organising an event for your company can be a long, tedious and somewhat thankless task due to the sheer amount of planning involved. The most successful events, whether they be conferences, parties, meetings or press led events work because they have the right venue, the right people are invited and they are pitched correctly. But there is so much more than just getting the venue and people right, there is the publicity needed to pack out the event, the delegate packs that everyone attending needs, the food for those attending. Do I really need to go on? This is the reason why the best events these days are planned using Event management software which makes it easier to market your event and reach the right people, managing ticket sales and attendance.

Eventbrite is the simplest and most reliable way to sell tickets and register participants for any type of event. Its technology connects millions of people with a huge base of events around the world. Many people have used Eventbrite in order to buy tickets for events, conferences and concerts that take place all around the world, but then forget that it is also useful if you are at the business end of a transaction or event.

Eventbrite has a far reach which can be very important when you are marketing your event. After all, the worst possible thing is that no one attends, but it can be matched if you have too many attendees, or lose track of just how many tickets you have sold and then under or over estimate just how many people you are going to be planning for. By allowing Eventbrite to take over the event management and registration you can actually concentrate on what is important, i.e. the actual event itself, the format of it and its content, rather than just the people in attendance.

What I really like about the Eventbrite events process is that it is very personal and yet so professional. Once you have your event decided and organised, you can let Eventbrite take over all your marketing and ticket sales. This can include designing a very special events page that people are taken to when they book tickets, something that is personal to your event and not only looks great, but carries all the relevant information that attendees need. You can team this with a personalised invite to your database, or to people who have registered an interest in your company/business, another personal touch which can, yet again, move you ahead of your competitors.

The Eventbrite system allows you to add a ticket link to your own website and Facebook pages, and any other promotional page, whilst it also allows you to keep up with your ticket sales and guest numbers by updating in real time, so you know when you are heading towards capacity and can let people know this on your website and social media.

The best events are always the ones that are best organised, where the delegates are able to walk into the door and to their seats with a minimum of fuss. Eventbrite allows you to keep all your ticket sales in one place, to track delegates and makes registration so much easier, stopping all those queues that you have at the door for some events which are never the best start to the working day.

An event still takes a lot of planning to get right. You still need a good venue, good organisation and great content to keep the delegates happy, but using Eventbrite can take the pain away from ticket sales and marketing.


Indoor Play Solutions From Wicked Vision

Wicked Vision always think outside the box when it comes to kids toys, and in the current climate they have realised that with children having to stay in more than ever, they need toys that will keep them occupied and happy, without destroying the house in the process (not that I’m talking of experience or anything…).

This Spring Wicked Vision have come up with some brilliant play ideas that will work for children of all ages and should appeal to both sexes, and will certainly lead to hours of fun. They will help give your kids some time away from the tablet, laptop and mobile phone for a few hours, and will also help to keep them fit and active too.

Here are a few great ideas you can enjoy this spring, both indoors and out, and look out for the discount code at the bottom of the page.

The UKick

This is an absolute godsend for kids who just want to kick a ball, but can’t get outside due to isolating or poor weather. The UKick is a combination of weights and feathers that is perfect for practicing keepy uppies in the bedroom. It is a great way to practice this skill, and it won’t do damage when it eventually lands.

It comes in a box with a scan code to watch videos of other kids having a go, which may just challenge your child. It is brilliant for hand and eye or hand and foot co-ordination, and costs just £8 – an absolute bargain!

The Indoor Booma

A boomerang made of foam that comes back, but doesn’t wreak havoc on the way – that has to be a fantastic idea. The Indoor Booma is stable, is easy to throw and easy to catch, with a full set of instructions on the back of the pack, along with some ideas for trick catching. You can also enjoy the Youtube video with more hints and tips for ‘safe’ flying.

Wicked Mega Jump

For those who love skipping as a form of fun, exercise and training (my lad did boxing, and the skipping was his favourite form of training.) the Wicked Mega Jump takes basic skipping, and then makes it competitive and advanced. This is a high performance rope, and, once you have mastered the basics, you can go on to learn a whole host of tricks with UK champions Stacie Pegg and Phoebe Gorton on You Tube.

The rope is easily adjustable, but also comes in a longer variety for two jumpers.

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