The role of the high street post Covid-19

As non-essential shops in the UK reopen, it’s fascinating to see what the new normal on our high street and in our stores looks like. We’ve relied on the online space for the last few months, so what are our attitudes now? Will we be returning to the shops as normal to browse the rails and shelves, or will we stick to online orders from the safety of our sofas?

There’s been no end of news stories for years that physical retail and the high street is suffering at the hands of online. Stores that we’ve known of for years have been slowly going into administration and disappearing from our city centres and retail parks. With this in mind plus the shut down of all physical retail stores on the high street, what does the future look like for retail?

Love it or leave it?

It has to be said that there’s something about going on a shopping trip that you’ll never be able to replicate online. Grabbing a few friends, browsing the shops, getting a coffee and enabling each other’s purchases can’t quite be beaten. There’s a social element to shopping that we love. 

Plus, retail stores are becoming more and more engaging. It’s not always just a case of walking around retail displays; innovative retail store design immerses you within a brand and it’s identity when shopping in-store. From the music and lighting, to videos being played in-store, to interactive pop-up shops; retail is often where a brand can really shine.

On the flipside, online shopping is convenient, open 24/7, flexible and during these times, much safer. You can browse product descriptions online, look up reviews and compare prices. Availability for stock may also be much higher. Some people just don’t enjoy the experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, but that didn’t stop the excitement when non-essential shops reopened after lockdown on June 15th.

The Covid-19 effect

We all saw the queues for Primark on the 15th of June on the news! Even though shopping online is more or less all we’ve been doing lately, people are still keen to return to the high street – so there must be something keeping us all coming back. The phrase ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ springs to mind. 

But taking the retail giants out of the equation, consumer drive to support local retail coupled with the pent up need to shop has really increased since Covid-19 which is likely to encourage many back onto the high street. With many retail business owners struggling to make ends meet with their doors closed for business, consumers feel compelled to do their bit to help and community-minded spirit is on the rise. This has included shopping at local fruit and vegetable stalls during lockdown instead of the supermarket, purchasing vouchers for local businesses and now that they’re open again, making a conscious decision to shop local instead of retail chains. It looks as if the pandemic has renewed an appreciation for our high street, which can only be a good thing.

But how long will this last? Retailers are going to need to provide shoppers with more reasons than ever to visit shops. Even though much of the public is keen to be back out there, many are staying put at home so retailers need to continue to make social safety a priority with limited numbers of people within the stores at any one time and heightened hygiene measures.

Alongside this, it’s time to really remind shoppers of the importance and joy of bricks-and-mortar retail. Many people will be looking forward to simply being around people, so customer service is vital right now. People have been shopping online with no interactions so the more we see happy shop employees making people feel welcome, the better the experience.

People certainly are excited to see the return of the high street and their freedom to shop. Perhaps physical return isn’t in as much trouble as we’re led to believe? Long may it continue as with physical retail and the high street, you get back what you put your money into. The more we spend and revive our bricks-and-mortar shops, the better they will be.




A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase For The True Meaning Of Beauty Sleep

‘I need to get my beauty sleep’. How many times have you said that exact statement when you gone off to bed, without thinking about what it means? We all know that a good night’s sleep is important, and that we spend around one third of our lifetime in bed, but are we really getting the best night’s sleep, and do we wake up and actually look refreshed, or do we look like we’ve been dragged through an edge sometime during the night.

Calidad Home ask that question of us, and suggest that, if the answer is the later, you really need to be switching to a Mulberry silk pillowcase. A silk pillowcase would most definitely be classed as a luxury item, but it also has benefits that can lead to you looking and feeling better. Calidad explains that ‘…100% Mulberry silk pillowcase is an unparalleled combination of luxury, quality, thickness and durability…’ and these qualities make it the perfect choice when you want to treat yourself to the best possible nights sleep.

So what makes a silk pillowcase such a treat? We all know that sleep isn’t sound – we move around a lot in the night, twisting and turning our head as we do so. Cotton pillowcases pull the skin on your face as you move, dragging the skin and causing lines, this is avoided on silk as your face and skin glide across it more smoothly. In addition, cotton can actually be dehydrating as it both pulls the moisture from your skin and then absorbs it. This can lead to your skin feeling really dry when you wake up. Silk doesn’t do this, so your skin can actually feel nice and soft when you wake up.

I found the pillowcase extremely comfortable to sleep on, with a lovely feeling under my face. It felt like a luxury item, and with the zipper concealed on the side, it was very comfortable too. I chose a beautiful soft pink shade for my pillowcase, but the design comes in a range of colours to match your taste and bedroom decor. I also love the fact that my hair was less knotted and messy sleeping on this pillowcase. I have long hair and often wake up with tangles, especially if my sleep has been restless, I definitely find this to be much less the case after a night on my Mulberry pillowcase. Another real bonus when it comes to beauty sleep.

In our current times, our sleep can be compromised by worries and restlessness, so a silk pillowcase is one way to help it along.

You can find a range of premium 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcases in a choice of colours by visiting Calidad Home.


4 Reasons To Take A Florida Vacation

Ok, so we all know that Florida is popular among locals and tourists alike but is Florida as great as everyone says? 

It depends on your personal tastes of course. But we think Florida is a great place to take a vacation, especially when you have a family and young children. It’s a family friendly state with plenty of things to do. Make sure you always stay safe, however, as you can be more vulnerable to injury on the roads, at tourist attractions, or even in your accommodation when you are somewhere unfamiliar (check out this St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer for further info). 

Here’s why you should consider Florida for your next vacation. 

Theme parks

You can’t really go to Florida without considering a trip to Disney World. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons for the tourist population. Whether Disney is your thing or not, Disney World is still impressive. There are so many fun things to do and the possibilities are endless. From thrilling rides, fun water parks and even surfing lessons, there’s something for all the family. But it doesn’t end there. Florida also offers Universal Studios – home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and many other film studios, and Sea World – a great place for kids to see some exciting underwater animals.  



Florida offers hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and plenty of peaceful parks. While it’s generally a pretty busy place, you don’t have to look far to find a little tranquility. Clearwater beach offers clear, shallow waters and soft sandy beaches, making it a popular destination for families with young children. For somewhere a little more tranquil, try Caladesi Island State Park, accessible by ferry. 


It wouldn’t be a popular tourist state without offering delicious cuisine. Florida is popular for it’s many food options, varying from classic key lime pie to Apalachicola Oysters. Being a seaside state, seafood is popular as it’s always freshly caught and cooked. Stone crabs are a Florida specialty; sweet meat served with cold tangy mustard sauce for dipping. But don’t worry if your kids are a little fussy, fries and sandwiches are also easy to find. And if they’re feeling adventurous they might try fried gator bates – fried and breaded alligator that looks like chicken nuggets, and tastes similar too!  


It wouldn’t be a vacation without a little shopping, right? Florida boasts a number of great malls and outlets, making it a hot destination for those who like to browse. Take a trip to Robert’s Christmas Wonderland in Clearwater if you’re feeling festive, or head to Pensacola Beach Boardwalk if you want to enjoy the fresh air while you shop. There are also a few enormous malls dotted around in Orlando, boasting the hottest trends and designers, such as the Mall at Millenia. You’d be a fool to miss out on all the amazing hot-spots that Florida offers.