Interior Trends: Removable wallpapers

Are you looking for a convenient way to change the whole style and look of your rooms? Then read on to find out more about removable wallpaper, a style trend that is gaining popularity in the United States.

There have been a lot of home improvements made in 2020. Spending a lot of time at home has given people the inspiration to make cosmetic changes to the look of their home, and this has led to new interior design trends emerging. One of those trends is not just super stylish and designed to suit every taste, but it is also very practical too, and saves that age old job of scraping wallpaper from your walls when you want to make a change. I’m talking, of course, about removable wallpaper.

Wallpaper has always been a way of making a style statement. In a range of colours, patterns and designs, and also suitable for pretty much any room, your wallpaper could be a real cool way of showing your taste, and also following trends. But wallpaper had seen a fall in popularity in recent years due to our more shifting tastes that can mean we want to change the look of our rooms more frequently than we have in the past. It has just made it easier to paint our walls rather than to cover them. But trends are now shifting back again, and removable wallpaper that doesn’t need paste is part of the reason for this.

Removable wallpaper is essentially self adhesive wallpaper. The need for wallpaper paste and glues is made obsolete due to the adhesives already on the paper, and are easy to put up, and, more importantly, easy to remove when you choose to redecorate. They come in a wide range of colours and designs, with companies like Wall2Stick offering designs that range from the truly modern to fabulously quirky and vintage inspired, which really ties in well with current obsessions with all things 1970’s. The designs are not limited to sophisticated adult styles either, with removable wallpaper being a great choice for a child’s bedroom, especially as it avoids the use of toxic pastes and glues.

Removable wallpaper is a brilliant choice for people who often change their mind and get bored with their surroundings, as the wallpaper is easy to remove if you want to change your look. For those who have spent time scraping layers of wallpaper from their walls in order to redecorate, this is a brilliant touch of convenience that will certainly appeal. And even if you don’t want to use paper on all of your walls, this is a brilliant, stylish way to create a feature wall in your home, or a mural wall if you are decorating a children’s bedroom.

Have you tried self adhesive wallpaper yet? Do you love its convenience and style?

Trendhim – Supreme Men’s Treats

Let’s be honest, when we talk about pampering and treats, we are usually referring to gifts and items for women. But Trendhim may just be the brand to change that. Trendhim is all about the man, it has been selling beautiful jewellery and accessories for men since 2007, and have established an admirable mantra, that is every man should be his own. They expand:-

To us, accessories are not about dressing up for special occasions, nor are they reserved for a specific group of men. It’s not about gimmicks or necessarily looking good. It’s about expressing what makes you your own, and one way to do that is through the smaller things you wear. We want to help every man be his own.

I have to admit that before 2020, Trendhim was a brand I was unaware of, but, in this year of uncertainty and disappointment, I think everyone needs that little bit of pampering and treating, and my own hubby is no exception. His own particular brand of joy are products for the beard, as he has a rather luxurious long one. Trendhim have a brilliant section that is dedicated to shaving, and also, to those not shaving, with beard oils, balms and kits that are a cut above (excuse the pun) those you can find on the High Street.

I got the hubby to select a couple of his favourite products to share with you, products that he has been using himself and totally rates.


Beard oil is an essential for a longer beard as they help maintain the beard by keeping it soft and smooth, and can also help to tame a slightly messier look. It also gives the beard an amazing smell. The Big Sur Organic beard oil certainly ticks all those boxes, especially the final one, as it smells so good, a mixture of apricots, lavender and lime.

It is a product that you only need to use in moderation, a couple of drops is enough to add that delicious scent to your beard, and it also works well as a moisturiser to keep the beard soft and in tip top condition, and can also be an aid if you are suffering from the dreaded beard itch. As it is also 100% organic, you can also feel happy that your beard is not harming the planet in your quest to look good.

Audacious Beard Co.


The Woodsman beard oil from The Audacious Beard Co. is a real earthy, manly product, with a gorgeous cedar scent. Another truly natural product, this consists of just four essential oils and natural ingredients, so it is great for those with sensitive skin.

Another product that just needs to be used sparingly, a couple of drops can be simply rubbed into to the beard to help it keep its healthy appearance and will also look pretty fabulous on any bathroom shelf.

This product is just made for men who have a man cave!

What grooming product or accessory would you treat your man to?


Stylish Movies: The Red Shoes (1948)

Some people believe that The Red Shoes is one of the most beautiful films of all time, a riot of colour that was shot so perfectly, with faultless performances by Anton Walbrook and Moira Shearer. Certainly, it always rates highly in the top ten best British movie polls, and was innovative in its day due to the actual ballet that features at the heart of the film, that of the red shoes. But, until the week, I had never actually seen the film, even though I loved the Matthew Bourne version of the film which I had watched a couple of years ago, and also adored the Kate Bush Album that was, in part inspired by it. I watched it for the first time yesterday, and truly fell in love with it, it is a masterpiece.

It is also so, so stylish. Moira Shearer, a real ballerina, plays Vicky Price, an inspiring ballerina who manages to attract the attention of impresario Boris Lemontov (Anton Walbrook). At the same time Lemontov takes on a young composer, a music student called Julian (Marius Goring). He tasks Julian with creating The Ballet of the Red Shoes for Vicky, but in the process they fall in love. Vicky becomes a big star, but Boris, who also has feelings for his protege, is jealous of her love for Julian, and forbids them both from having anything more to do with the red shoes. Vicky, turn between her love for two men, and her love of dance, is turn between the two, and the red shoes which commit the wearer to dance and dance until death, do their worst, leading to a heartbreaking denouement.

For lovers of style, there is a lot to love. Ballerina fashion has long since been a part of our mainstream fashion, with tulle skirts and dresses, wrap style cardigans, and ballet slippers and pumps all iconic classics (think Carrie Bradshaw and Amy Winehouse for modern aficionado’s of the ballet look.) Vicky also has one completely standout look when she attends a work meeting wearing an exquisite evening dress of turquoise, so effective against her glorious red hair.

But it is the dance practice outfits that really stand out, the outfit below could’ve been worn yesterday, rather than in a film made over 70 years ago, it is that modern.

If you have yet to see The Red Shoes, you are in for a real treat, it is a fascinating, beautiful movie that will have you spellbound.