Summer Style Tips With J5 Fashion

Hurray! It’s Summer, and it is actually feeling like Summer, with warm days, long light nights and lots of sunshine. If you are starting to enjoy your freedoms again, are venturing out with friends, or to the seaside, or even just eating out with the family, you may feel that your wardrobe needs a refresh.

J5Fashion, one of the best names for wholesale clothing in the UK have been looking at the key trends in wholesale women clothing. With  over 10 years experience in UK fashion, the boutique clothing wholesaler is always quick to pick up on the latest trends when it comes to fashion, and this season is no exception.

Here are some of the key buys that you will be wearing all summer long, whether you stay local, or enjoy a staycation.


Western Buckle Sliders

When it comes to your sandals, 2021 is once again the year of the slider. Forget your more elegant sandals, or flimsy flip flops, sliders are cool and comfortable, and have bags of attitude, whether you are wearing them with your shorts, or to toughen up a skater or bodycon dress.

The Western buckle sliders are a key pick in wholesale womens clothing, and are certainly not just for wearing around a pool.


Next up from the wholesalers Manchester clothing it’s time for the plain white t-shirt. This season it is oversized so it can be worn with jeans, either tucked in or left loose, a faux leather pencil skirt for a sophisticated look, or even as a very short mini dress for those with killer legs and loads of attitude.

This is the queen of basics, it never goes out of fashion, but is oh so stylish without being a trend.



Summer is festival season, and some festivals are making a return in 2021, so that Kate Moss/Sienna Miller vibe is alive and kicking once more. This smock dress is stunning, worn with sliders or DM’s it will be the perfect festival piece, giving you more than a touch of Coachella cool, even if you are in a field in Reading.

This is definitely one of my favourite pieces from the wholesale clothing brand.


Ruffles have shown no signs of going anywhere, it seems we are still in love with a touch of romance in our clothing. Add in a linen component, the perfect cool fabric for hot summer and you have the go to dress for every occasion.


When it comes to accessories, Chanel is the dream. If you budget is not in the Chanel price range, then this fantastic dupe is the next best thing. Quilted and with a gold chain strap, this is just the perfect Summer bag, one which could work with any outfit and for any occasion.

You could change the look of your bag by adding a ribbon scarf in a bright colour to give it a Hermes heritage look.

Check out all that is current in ladies Summer wholesale clothing at J5 fashion.

More Blackpool Deco And Interesting Buildings

My trip to Blackpool last week, which I have already documented in my post about the Parks Art Deco Cafe, also saw me photograph some other interesting buildings.

Some of them need no introduction. The Pleasure Beach is world famous and is as popular a tourist attraction as ever, particularly on the sunny Saturday we paid a visit. The original Blackpool Odeon is a giant that was never surpassed for size by Oscar Deutsch and Harry Weedon, an absolute beauty of Art Deco design that was actually built almost at the end of the period, just months before WW2 broke out in 1939.

These buildings are well known and loved, but others in this piece are not so recognisable. I am indebted to the help of the History of Blackpool group on Facebook for sharing their knowledge in the creation of this post, or pointing me in the right direction once again.

Former Burton Store, 66-74 Promenade

It’s most recent use was as a Los Iguanas restaurant, but this impressive, curved, art deco building was once a beautiful Burton store. I’m not entirely sure when it opened as Burton, but work started on this building in 1921 when the previous building on the site was demolished. (The Albion Hotel and Restaurant ). It has been a Burger King as well as Los Iguanas, but now once again lies empty.

It is a glorious building, full of Art Deco period features that we a given for Montague Burton’s in house design team. I have no idea if it had the signature commemoration stones seen on many Burton buildings.

You can see more Burton buildings here, here, and here.

Former Blackpool Odeon, now Funny Girls, Dickson Rd.

The former Blackpool Odeon is the largest, and one of the most impressive of the cinema chain. It opened in May 1939 with seating available for 3,088. It originally closed as a cinema in 1998, but was reopened as a gay nightclub Flamingos and the drag cabaret show Funny Girls, with tasteful restorations made.

Even today, the sheer scale of the former cinema impresses, and you get a sense of what it would’ve been like in its heyday.

You can check out some more former Odeon cinemas here, here and here.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Entrance And Casino

The entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, with its curves and spiral white tower, are brilliant examples of Art Deco by the sea, with an almost futuristic look to them. Dating from 1938, the art deco entrance was similarly echoed by many of the attractions inside, including the incredible Grand National.

It was a gloriously sunny day when I visited, and so was hard to capture the scale of the tower but the entrance gleamed in the sunshine and I love that so much of the signage is decidedly Deco.

The Former Washington Pub, Now Websters

This vintage 1930s pub lay empty for some years with squatters inhabiting it, until it was taken over and turned into Websters, a coffee house, bar and grill.

The Blackpool Gazette reported:-

It was originally The Washington but has for many years been named after the Central Pier impresario Uncle Peter Webster, who used to let youngsters have their first crack at fame on stage, years before TV’s The X Factor. (link to post here.)

The white tiles used on the building, the rule of three for the windows and the fabulous sunshine detail all mark this as an Art Deco treasure, that is thankfully being given a second chance.

Waterloo Road

Shoemarket, formally Talbots Fruit and Veg

Once again the good people of the History of Blackpool Facebook page have come to my rescue with details about the original use of Shoemarket, telling me that it was (Tom) Talbots Fruit and Veg.

It has the feel of a 1930’s streamline moderne building and is recognised as having merit in a study SOUTH-BEACH-Historic-Townscape-Characterisation-Assessment-August-2009.

The 1930s ‘Shoemarket’ (formerly a fruit shop) on an island site to the west of Bolton Street is also of merit and retains its original fenestration pattern of large shop-windows.

I love the geometric shape, made to fill a corner, and the raised tower section that has a resemblance to the Odeon’s who often had a tower or a fin shape.

The New Market, Former Queen’s and Brighton Motor Co

This glorious building, covered in Faience tiles, is another that I have to thank the History of Blackpool group for. It has been a market since the mid 1970s, and many people have very fond memories of it. Others mentioned it being a car dealership for Renault in the 1960’s and possibly doing repairs too.

But further back, and probably it’s initial purpose, it seems this beautiful building was the Queens’ and Brighton Motor Company. It was listed as this in Austin Publication in 1929, which certainly ties in with the age and look of the building.

The Queen’s and Brighton Motor Co., Waterloo Rd., South Shore, Blackpool. Tel. 41256. TA. Automobile, Blackpool AP. Year  29 36 37. Agt. Austin (from

The Victoria Centre formally a market hall, now a play and game zone.

The Victoria Centre is a strange one. It has the look of an old cinema, but although Waterloo Road did have at least two cinemas, this was not one of them. It was built in the 1930s as a market Hall, on the site of a former market hall, and has been a market ever since, although these days the signs seem to point more towards soft play for children.

The Dutton Arms

Another 1930’s pub building that has nods to deco, mainly in it’s lovely vintage signage and the font used.

And New Deco Emerging…

Like most towns, Blackpool is constantly evolving, and as old buildings disappear, new ones rise up to take their place. This building is the new Premier Inn, built in a classic art deco style in Talbot Square. I really like this building, feeling it adds to the character of the area rather than detracting from it.



5 Ways To Switch Off When Working From Home

Over the last year, the majority of people across the world have been completing their day-to-day work tasks from kitchens, bedrooms and home offices. 

With all of this in mind, it’s critical that you are finding ways to separate your work responsibilities and tasks from your day-to-day living. Whether you’re enjoying the work-from-home life, or you can’t wait to get back to the office, this article provides 5 easy tips that you can implement into your week to boost your mental health and prevent working from home blurring the boundaries and consuming your life..

Tip #1: Match your wardrobe to your task

Clothes definitely frame our mindset. If we’re lounging on the couch in our dressing gown and fluffy slippers, our mind and body will associate this with relaxation rather than productivity.

So, whilst it can be tempting to work in your pyjamas from your bed, push yourself to wear the clothes that you normally would if you were in the office. This habit will allow you to separate your working hours from any personal time you have in the evenings.

Once your work day is finished, then it’s time to jump back into those comfy clothes. Throw on your pyjamas or that oversized hoodie. For the extra comfort levels, dig out your fleecy socks. If you don’t have any, head online and grab some – if you or your family are a fan of the recent teddy bedding trend, these teddy fabric socks will be your dream come true. Combine these socks with a bath and you’ll instantly switch off from the day.


Tip #2 – Stay Active

Whether you love it or hate it, exercise is fantastic for your mental wellbeing. The problem is, people think that to exercise you have to go on runs that last two hours, or spend a small fortune on a gym membership. There’s so much pressure to exercise in the ‘right’ way, but the truth is that any physical activity is beneficial for you, so find a form of exercise that you enjoy. If you enjoy your activity, you’re more likely to complete it and return to it.

Exercise increases the level of endorphins in your system, which is why you’ll often feel much better after exercising. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals in your brain, so if you need some extra feel-good in your life, it’s time to dig out that sports bra.

If you’re new to the world of exercise, try EMK FIT’s YouTube channel. These workouts are fantastic because they’re FREE! However, they’re also less than 30 minutes, and they’re themed by popular films and music. From ABBA and Disney to Beyonce and rap music, you’ll find a workout to suit you. If you have kids, they’ll love joining in with these exercises too – kill two birds with one stone!

Tip #3: Go Outside

When you’re working, living, eating, cleaning and breathing in the same space, it can be tempting to roll from your desk to the bed and watch the evening pass by whilst you binge Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with Netflix. I’m particularly enjoying The Crown as much current lockdown binge! However, if you’re staying indoors all day then you’re missing out on the fantastic health benefits associated with the great outdoors.

Plus, if you have kids your evening can be quickly swept up in school runs and cooking, leaving no time for you to separate your work day from your evening. It’s useful for your children to separate school from home too! After following our hacks to tidy your kitchen, you’ll have plenty of time to spend outdoors with your family instead of wiping and sweeping.

So, why not build a daily walk into your schedule? Once you close the laptop lid, grab your shoes and enjoy some fresh air. If you have kids, take them for a walk straight after school.

Tip #4 – Find a new podcast

This tip is especially useful if you live alone. It can be really difficult to switch off after a long day if there’s nobody else in your home to talk to. Enter podcasts!

Podcasts are increasing in popularity, and are easily accessible across Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google and Amazon as well as hundreds of other audio sites.

If you haven’t spoken to anyone all day, podcasts are a great way to stimulate your brain socially – they will engage you with other people’s opinions, and can even create the atmosphere that you’re having the casual chat with someone else. Some of my recommendations include:

  • We Are Netflix: take Netflix and Chill to a new level with the company’s official podcast. Gain an extra insight into your favourite series and the world behind the TV screen.
  • You’re Dead to Me: this podcast is run by the guy behind Horrible Histories and always features three people. This one is great for learning new skills and having a good giggle.
  • A Sprinkle of Disney: if you’re a Disney fan, this podcast will put a smile on your face. Take an hour out of your day to embrace some movie magic.

After spending all day staring at screens, your eyes will be sick of the screen. Podcasts are the perfect answer to this – they provide something else to engage and relax your mind without forcing your eyes to concentrate. Play a podcast whilst you’re on a walk, or cooking your dinner, and you’ll switch off from your work day in no time.

Tip #5 – Set up social activities as part of your week

Research has shown that people who take part in regular social activities have a much better quality of life. It’s therefore critical that you implement social contact into your week.

If you have phone calls scheduled into your weekly routine, you’ll naturally avoid working late nights. Chatting with friends or family will give you a chance to discuss topics other than work.

Plus, your mental health will definitely benefit from regular chats and catch ups with loved ones. If you bottle thoughts and feelings up, you’re going to find it difficult to switch off from your work. Having time to chat with your friends and family presents the perfect opportunity for you to get all of your work worries off your chest and move on with your evening.

So there you have it! 5 easy top tips that will help you leave the woes and worries of the working day behind so that you can enjoy your evening and weekend.