What Are Dip Powder Nails?

With so many different types of manicures, new trends and styles, it can be hard to keep up. You have probably heard of dip manicures before, but are confused about how they are different from gel, acrylic or just a normal manicure.  Dip manicures are an interesting technique, much different than others on the market. 

Learn more about dip manicures below to see if it will become your next request at the salon.

What Are Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder manicures are a powder technique where the nail is either dipped into a colored powder or the powder is brushed onto the nail. The manicure is then topped off with a clear sealant that smoothes out the texture and adds a glossy finish. 

The combination of powder and sealant creates a hard shell over the fingernail that is durable and resistant to chipping. 

Dip powder nails are essentially a combination of acrylic extensions and gel polish, offering the flexibility of a gel manicure with the durability of acrylic nails all in one manicure. 

What is an SNS Manicure?

Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about an ‘SNS manicure’. This is the same as a dip manicure. Asking for SNS became synonymous with dip powder nails over the years because SNS was the brand to pioneer and popularize dip powder in salons.

SNS Nails majorly changed the nail game by advancing healthy formulas. Also they invented the pink and white dip manicure, which is the French manicure done with dip, by introducing the French dip mold that makes it possible for technicians to use dip for a French manicure.


  1. As always, the manicure starts off with your nails being stripped of all dirt and oils, then buffed with cuticles pushed back.
  2. A bonding agent is then applied that will adhere to the nail. 
  3. The base is applied that will stick to a layer of dip powder. Each finger may be dipped up to three times depending on desired opacity of color. 
  4. A topcoat is then applied. Some formulas require the nails to be placed under a UV light to cure and fully harden. 


Removal of dip powder can be a tricky process. Professional manicurists know how to remove your dip nails to cause the least amount of damage to your nails, but it can be done carefully at home too. 

There are several options for how to soak your nail in acetone. One option is to dunk your fingertips in a small bowl and keep your hand in, but this can be very drying to your surrounding skin. As an alternative, you can soak a cotton ball in acetone, and secure it to your nail by wrapping it in cling wrap or tin foil. You will need to soak your nails for between 10 to 20 minutes. 

This will loosen the dip nail and will allow it to be easily pushed off your natural nail. To keep your skin and nails healthy, hydrate by using cuticle oil and vitamin E. 

Is Dip Powder Bad For Your Nails?

When applied and removed correctly, dip powder is not damaging to the nail. 

Just like with any manicure constant salon visits can wear down on your natural nails due to the constant buffing, dehydration, gluing, and so forth. It is always recommended to give your nails a break for a few weeks after months of repeated manicures to allow healthy nails to grow out from your nail beds. 

Forceful removal of dip powder from your nails can be damaging however. While it is recommended to get them professionally removed, they can be DIYed at home by soaking the cuticle in acetone for 10 to 20 minutes. 

How Long Do Dip Powder Nails Last?

When applied well, SNS dip nails will last up to two or three weeks. This is a fantastic advantage when compared to other manicures that last for a week less. 

Dip nails harden thoroughly before you even leave the salon, so there is no chance to smudge or ruin your freshly manicured nails so quickly. 

While dip nails can be slightly more expensive than its alternatives, its lifespan, odorless application, and beautiful application make it well worth the price. 


  • Dip manicures last for up to 3 weeks
  • Virtually no dry time
  • Creates a strong bond, limiting chipping and breakage
  • Odorless
  • Some dip nails do not even require a UV light, limiting exposure to UV rays 
  • Dip nails will not stain, even when in contact with dyes


  • Removal process can be damaging to nails
  • Some salons have ran into issues maintaining hygiene in between clients
  • Can become too thick if excess powder is not tapped off before sealant is applied

Update Your Style With A Few Shiny Accessories: How To Look Luxurious

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A luxurious look is one that’s very hard to pull off. You need the budget and the resources to become the most elegant-looking person inside the room. Whether it’s for a gala or a fancy dinner date, you need to be prepared just in case you have to come into a room looking your best and your fanciest.

What does it mean to look fancy, anyway? For many, it means looking like you’re wearing designer clothes, carrying a designer bag, and sporting a few expensive-looking jewelries. In reality, looking fancy is more than just that. There are actually a few ways you can look like a million bucks without having to spend that much amount.

Today, you’re going to learn about a few important tips and techniques on how you can look your best and most luxurious. Everyone deserves to get their fashion style updated every once in a while, here are a few tips on pulling off that look you’ve been going for.

Your Gadgets Need Accessories Too

One of the most enjoyable parts about styling yourself nowadays is that you have more things to stylize. Believe it or not, people actually put in the time and money to make sure that their smartphones, smartwatches, and other personal gadgets are spruced up with a few shiny accessories.

For instance, there are some smartphone covers that are actually bedazzled in jewelry. There are also some smartwatch bands that make your watch look even more luxurious than it already is. If you want to look more luxurious, make sure that your gadgets have the appropriate accessories as well.

There are many ways you can stylize your gadgets. You can also buy gadget holders that have jewelry as well. Today’s top artists have their gadgets bedazzled with jewelry. If you have the budget for it, it’s one way to make something that’s already luxurious, become even more fancy-looking.

Consider Custom-Made Jewelry

Buying branded jewelry and accessories is a good idea because you know you’re getting something that’s already been tried and tested. However, from a broader perspective, these pre-made pieces of jewelry don’t actually have any benefits for you other than the fact that they are expensive. As stated by a custom jewelry specialist in Baltimore, if you want to stay luxurious while being unique at the same time, then it’s high time that you consider getting custom-made jewelry instead. These types of jewelry are becoming more and more popular and trendy these days.

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

The biggest benefit to be had from these accessories is that if you create something unique enough, you’ll have something that no one else has. This can increase the value of the jewelry while making you feel more special at the same time. Of course, such jewelry also makes you look more luxurious too.

Keep in mind that some custom jewelry is very expensive. Some are even more expensive than branded accessories. However, these are some of the best investments you can make for your style. It’s something that you can even pass on to your kids in the future.

Don’t Let Your Bag Steal The Show

A common mistake that people make is that they get bags that are too “loud.” The goal of looking fancy is to make your fancy accessories stand out. That isn’t to say that luxury handbags can’t make you look fancy, but these do take away most of the attention where it’s needed.

If you’re matching your outfit with a handbag, make sure to get one that’s plain and simple. The bed itself shouldn’t have any pieces of jewelry or any shiny metal attached to it if you don’t want most of the attention being taken away from the rest of your outfit.

Match Your Accessories With The Right Color

The biggest mistake you can commit when trying to look luxurious is not being careful about the clothes that you wear. Keep in mind that some colors are going to work well with your jewelry. On the other hand, some colors are going to overwhelm the accessories that you wear.

A safe color that can help your accessories stand out well is white. Wearing plain white clothes will give gold, silver, and other shiny accessories the right highlight they need. Remember, when looking luxurious, the attention should be on your accessories and not on your clothes.

Another safe color to choose is pure black. Black matches specifically with gold accessories like watches, necklaces, and bracelets. The color of your clothing will help the accessories stand out more, and it can help you give yourself that luxurious look that you are going for.

Ideally, you’d want to wear solid-colored clothing instead of ones with patterns. The problem with patterned clothing is that it can take away the attention from your accessories, which is the last thing you’d want if you are going for a more fancy look for your outfit.

Take Care Of Your Accessories Well

The accessories that you buy should be well taken care of. They should have the same quality as if they were bought on day one. By keeping your jewelry well-maintained, you won’t have any problems with looking luxurious whenever you need to.

You should buy a jewelry box to place your accessories in. These boxes can prevent discoloration and other damages to your accessories. Another way to keep these safe is to ensure that it never gets wet. You can also take your jewelry to shops where they can restore it to its natural luster.

Last but not least, you need to buy high-quality accessories. These are built to last, and they are worth your money as compared to cheaper knock-offs.

Looking luxurious can be hard to pull off. However, if you know what to do, and you take care of your accessories well, you can look fancy for that data or party you are headed to. Hopefully, these tips give you the right edge to pull off this look that many have tried but failed to achieve.

The Beyond Suede Collection From éS

For people who choose a vegan lifestyle, it is about much more than the food you eat. It can also be the products you use – skincare, wash products, shampoos and soaps. You also need to look at the clothes and shoes you wear, as leather and suede are by products of meat industry. Brands like Beyond Skin and designers like Stella McCartney have have shown that being vegan can also be very stylish, and now, with the Beyond Suede collection, cult skater shoe brand éS has also created the perfect stylish and animal friendly trainers.

The Beyond Suede collection has three iconic éS styles – all made with animal-friendly materials including microfiber, mesh and tumbled and synthetic leathers – taking the typical skate shoe and making it atypical. This is a vegan and eco-friendly collection that leverages heritage éS colour stories through ethically sourced non-animal leathers and microfiber materials and applies them to our most functional skate shoes.

I have been testing driving my favourite look from the collection, the Silo SC, to see just how stylish and cool the trainers really are, and I can say I am totally impressed by how they look, feel and perform on my daily walks.

The beautifully crafted SILO SC is a kickback to one of the top-selling colourways of the infamous éS K1 1997. Integrating synthetic leather and mesh for breathability, built on an STI Energy Foam midsole and wrapped within a double cup outsole that éS pioneered for skateboarding in the ’90s. This combination of materials and colours brings emotions of the best times in skateboarding and will continue to keep this legacy alive.

That’s what the brand say, but as a none skateboard type, what would I think?

Well, the first thing I would say is that they are true to size. I wear a size five and these were just instantly comfortable, I didn’t need to break them in, they just felt perfect from day one. They come with two lots of laces, one black and one white, so you can choose your look (I went for white, always white laces for me).  The navy and white colourway is fresh and has an iconic feel, while the synthetic leather and mesh means this looks like any pair of good quality trainers rather than some sort of trainer copy. Frankly, if you love great boxfresh trainers, you will love these.

So how do you style these? Well they obviously look great with jeans and any sports or leisure wear, but it’s finally Summer and we’ve got some weather that actually belongs to that season, so I’m channelling my inner Lily Allen circa 2006 by wearing a pretty Summer dress (Dorothy Perkins last season) with my trainers. I think the look works pretty well.

Competition Time

I have one pair of the Accel Slim (pictured below) in size 6 to give away.

The Accel Slim has rapidly become the most requested shoe for the new generation of skaters. As a refined version of the Accel OG, it is a perfect all-around shoe with an excellent board feel, durability, and comfort. Features include Lycra Spandex tongue straps, moulded STI Energy foam foot-beds, tumbled synthetic leather and a breathable tongue. Retails for £64.99. 

You can enter using the gleam rafflecopter below.

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