July Charity Shop Finds And Vintage Finds

The last couple of months have seen some real rich pickings when it comes to Charity shops and vintage finds, but that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my online searches on Vinted. I have been able to find so many fabulous finds that have enhanced my wardrobe, and I’ve really enjoyed extending my charity shop finds with trips to Wales where I’ve found some brilliant pieces. I’ve also enjoyed a trip to one of my current favourite places, Ironbridge, where I was able to pick up Agatha Christie stories from the Ironbridge bookshop (my fave bookshop!) and the Ironbridge Antiques centre.

Here are some of the key finds for June and July.


The maxi skirt above is a Vinted find, originally Dorothy Perkins, new with tags. (A little big unfortunately).

This gorgeous Very Top was from Credu in Machynlleth and was £5.99. The trusty slingbacks were a previous charity shop find from Acorns Retail.

The M&S top was £3.99 from the Severn Hospice shop in Machynlleth. The shoes are Tommy Hilfiger and were less than a fiver from Vinted.

New Look maxi skirt from Vinted, £2, part of a bundle with the maxi skirt in the first picture.

Some great Acorns finds, the skirt is an M&S vintage St Michael label, and the top is an unlabelled silk find, £5 for the two at Acorns Bloxwich.

The M&S skirt was found last year in Stourport (can’t remember the shop), whilst the espadrilles were H&M brand new with tags from Vinted.

The Laura Borghese vintage scarf that I’m wearing as a sarong was from St Giles in Bloxwich for £1. Renee is wearing my Marilyn Monroe scarf from Acorns Wednesbury.

Pink vintage dress £3 from Hope House Charity shop in Welshpool.


Green stretchy bracelet £1 from Acorns.

Heavy vintage beads, £1 from Hope House.

Display perfume bottle ‘Arpege’ and two art deco style brooches, £3 from Ironbridge Antique centre.

Pink beads, £2 from Compton Hospice shop.


Marilyn Monroe scarf Acorns Wednesbury.

Tommy Hilfiger shoes £2 Vinted.


Agatha Christie classics, 3 for £5, the Ironbridge bookshop.

Pampering Tips So You Look And Feel Great In Your Dress On The Big Day

While you’re in the planning stages for your big day, it can be all too easy to be entirely focused on tiny details while neglecting to think about yourself. Dresses, seating plans, and invitations might take center stage, and rightly so, but you also need to consider getting a bit of well-deserved pampering. This won’t just be a great break for you, it can also give you the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself so that you’ll have even more energy for the planning of your wedding. 

Here’s a quick look at some little ways to pamper yourself so you can both look and feel great when the time comes to walk down the aisle.


Whether you live in the ATL or are just visiting or having your wedding there, it’s a good thing to know that when it comes to hair braiding, Atlanta is a fantastic place to be. Getting your hair done actually gives you a chance to multitask, which is always a good thing when you’re planning a wedding. 

Yes, it can feel luxurious to get your hair done, but think of this as a great way to also try out a few styles you might want to use on the big day. It doesn’t matter if you go for a down-do that’s rather flattering, a more chic updo, or even rock a vintage style, this is a fantastic time to try it. Speak to your stylist about it before your session begins. Give yourself a treat with a deep conditioning or hair mask at the same time and you’ll be getting more prep work for the wedding done while you get pampered.

Spa Day

A terrific way to pamper yourself and reward your bridesmaids is to get together with them and have a spa day. You’ll reap the benefits of the skin care treatments you’ll get while also getting the opportunity to spend a bit of time with your friends and having a good laugh or two. You might offer it to them as a sort of pre-wedding gift or have them pay for their own treatments if 

your budget doesn’t have any wiggle room.


There’s nothing like lying on a bed and feeling an expert set of hands smooth all of your aches and pains away. Planning a wedding can definitely necessitate a good massage. It can create an untold amount of tension and that tension can lodge in your shoulders and neck. A massage therapist will be able to melt that tightness away and get each of the kinks out, which is the ideal way for a bride-to-be to relax.

Take a Break

In the run-up to your big day, you’ll have to deal with quite a few friends and family, among other people. Dress fitters, caterers, wedding planners, etc., the list can be seemingly never-ending. You’re going to need a bit of “me time.” 

Get yourself away from everything, even if it’s only for a single night. Whenever you can, go for a walk in the great outdoors, soak a bit in a bubble bath, have dinner in peace and quiet. This gives you time to enjoy what’s around you and be able to get clear thoughts while others aren’t influencing your decisions. 

There it is. A couple of well-thought-out ways for you to relax so that you’re able to both look and feel your best when the big day finally gets here and you walk down the aisle in that gorgeous dress. Go ahead and book a few of these treats right now and reap the benefits as soon as possible.

How To Enjoy A Beautiful Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can also come with a bit of sticker shock. With the average wedding costing around $36,000, many couples try to find every way possible to reduce costs while still enjoying a beautiful celebration. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to have a fun and classy wedding. There are great ways to tie the know without going broke.

Select the Right Venue

For most weddings, the venue is the budget maker or breaker. It certainly sets the financial tone for everything else—you can’t start to plan until you have a venue lined up. In most cities, there are long lists of venues available, making it a buyer’s market when it comes to selecting a location. This means that you can negotiate pricing and spend less on the venue. Whether it’s wedding venues in South Jersey or South Dakota there’s a great one within your budget.

Trim the Guest List

The guest list is another area that can sink the budget, so it helps to keep it manageable in order to save on costs. Remember that each guest needs a chair or two, a plate of food, drinks, a slice of cake and a favor. You have to send each one an invitation and a thank you note. The more tables you have the more centerpieces you need. The more people, the more alcohol you need, and so on and so forth. Trimming the guest list allows you to not only save on costs but hassle as well. Consider a smaller or even micro wedding.

Cut Back on Extras

Another way to save on your wedding costs is to cut back on the extras that won’t change the wedding experience drastically, but will make a difference in your budget. This includes things like programs, upgraded invitations, favors, specialty table linens, escort cards, designer blooms, five-tiered wedding cake and specialty carving stations.

Instead of spending money on these extras, opt for a program sign instead of individual printed programs, simple invitations and a simple cake. Replace the expensive wedding cake and go for a simple sheet cake and have a small cake for your display. Dress it up with a fancy cake topper or some floral decorations. Your guests will likely not even notice if you don’t have a specialty cocktail, a roast beef carving station, high-end table linens or a cigar smokeout.

You can also save on your wedding photography by having your photographer shoot only the ceremony and part of the reception instead of the entire day. Booking for a 6-hour day instead of a 10-hour day will save you hundreds of dollars. You can have friends or even local photography students shoot footage of you getting dressed before the ceremony.

Save on Décor and Flowers

Florals can be expensive when it comes to your wedding. Between the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, mothers’ corsages, and table centerpieces, you can easily spend an extra $1,000 on flowers alone. This is not to mention fresh rose petals. Skip the boutonniere, the groomsmen won’t miss it. Get a simple bride’s bouquet and arrange for the bridesmaids to carry kissing balls instead. The guest book table doesn’t need a floral arrangement. Instead of expensive floral centerpieces, go for a few candles instead.

Save on Food and Drink

Food and drink are significant parts of a wedding budget. Cutting here will save you thousands. Go for a buffet instead of a plated meal to save on the cost of servers. Consider serving only beer and wine instead of a full bar. Ask for discounts on childrens’ meals and serve a simple menu instead of offering multiple options. Go simple with your cake. Instead of opting for an intricately decorated confection, buy a simple frosted cake and add your accents. Skip the champagne toast and let people toast with whatever is in their glass at the time.

When it comes to enjoying a beautiful wedding without the huge price tag, using a few tips to save on costs will help you avoid breaking the bank.