Reviewed: The Duchess By Wendy Holden

The life and the legend of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor is the stuff of tabloid gold headlines. She was the woman who beguiled a king enough for him to give up his throne, despite the fact that she was middle aged, twice divorced and not considered beautiful. A gold digger who set out to capture the heart of a weak and vulnerable man, some consider that Wallis actually saved the throne by saving Britain from someone who would’ve been a disastrous King, one with Nazi sympathising tendencies who had to be sent away to the far reaches of the Bahamas during World War Two. But, in a new novel, written by Wendy Holden and published by Welbeck, we see Wallis before the King, and find out something about the woman behind the legend.

The Duchess is the story of Wallis in the years leading up to the abdication. We first meet her when she is newly married to the kind and gentle Ernest Simpson. Ernest is a fellow American, and Wallis seems to love her kindly husband, but is incapable of having a sexual relationship with him due to the abuse she received during her first marriage. Her marriage to Ernest is full of promise, with a move to London and a new home. But it is clear early on that Wallis wants the finer things in life,like an introduction into high society, something Ernest’s much older sister could offer, but seems reluctant to do. The Simpsons are the poor relations, but eventually a lunch date is offered and Wallis is introduced to society photographer Cecil Beaton, and through him, meets the Morgan sisters, Gloria and Thelma. Thelma, aka Lady Furness, is the current mistress of the Prince of Wales, and Wallis and Ernest get an invitation to Fort Belvedere, the Prince’s weekend getaway home. The future of the Royal house of Windsor would never be the same again.

Wendy Holden does so well to make the characters flesh and blood people, and creates a Wallis that elicits both sympathy and frustration. You feel for her loneliness in London, her lack of a role in life, and her initial treatment from the circle she wishes to be part of. But while Holden may have made Wallis seem less the gold digger of legend, and more  a woman of great warmth and charm, it still has to be said that she still comes across as the ultimate social climber, one who constantly puts her own husband second whilst jumping to the whims of first Lady Furness, and then the Prince. The Simpson’s really cant afford to be part of this circle financially, and Ernest is never comfortable, but still Wallis plods on, eventually into the Prince’s bed, but still believing she will go back to Ernest when Edward becomes King.

Other characters bring tension into the story, not least the Duchess of York, aka the Queen Mother. The Crown has shown that she was not the saintly character often portrayed, and The Duchess continues this theme, showing her to be snobbish, unfriendly, and possibly deeply jealous woman, who never gave Wallis a chance at friendship.

If you love The Crown, and want to reappraise Wallis Simpson for yourself, then The Duchess is a super absorbing read that you will devour. For me, it didn’t change my views on Wallis, she was a complicated woman who seemed to be unsure of what she really wanted in life, until the decision was made for her.

Choosing The Perfect Engagement And Wedding Rings With Jeulia

The question has been popped and you’ve said yes.  The thoughts now turn to the way that you can show you love and commitment to each other,  the perfect engagement and wedding rings.

Whilst you may allow your partner to make the choice when it comes to engagement rings, it is up to you to decide which wedding ring is right for you. With so many different types of cut, colour, clarity and carat to choose from, it can be one of the most intense and daunting tasks before the big day arrives. Jeulia, who were ranked America’s best trending online jeweller by Newsweek no less, are the first choice when it comes to choosing a beautiful ring, whether it be Promise rings, engagement rings, or wedding rings. 

These are the things you should be looking for when you make that final choice.

Your Rings cut

Out of the four key characteristics of your ring’s stone, cut is the most important. This is because the cut has the greatest influence on the rings sparkle, meaning the better the cut, the more the stone will sparkle on your wedding day.

You should keep in mind that just because a stone has perfect clarity and colour grade, it can still appear dull. The only thing that keeps a stone from looking dull is its cut. Ultimately, what is the point of choosing a beautiful ring if it doesn’t sparkle?

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These days you no longer have to have a plain band as a wedding ring, or a diamond as your engagement ring, you can add coloured stones to the mix, so you can choose your favourite  colour, match your wedding scheme, or simply choose something that suits your personality and style.

Jeulia has totally taken the style of colour and added it to their range of rings, giving you some glorious style and colour to add to your big day.

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Many brides misunderstand this all-important factor when it comes to the 4cs, the carat weight of the diamond on your wedding ring. Many believe that it refers to the diamond’s size, and not its weight, this isn’t the case – so try to keep this in mind when choosing your ideal ring for the wedding.

Even if your stone is not a pure diamond, you can look at the carat details in order to get the look of the ring that you require. Most sites will give you details of simulated diamonds and stones so you can get the look you want at a budget that you can afford.

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Go-to quick tips

To make sure your ring matches the perfection of your wedding day, take these other factors into considerations when choosing your ring:

  • If carat weight is important to you, consider a diamond with a good cut, with an SI1-SI2 clarity and an I or J colour grade.
  • Keep in mind that based on the size of your finger, the larger the diamond will appear.
  • Not all ring fittings will fit all diamond carats and shapes, so it’s important to consider what type of diamond shape you’d like before choosing its design.


Can Anti- Wrinkle Products Actually Rejuvenate The Skin?

Yes, anti-wrinkle products can rejuvenate the skin and make you look younger, but the secret lies in finding the correct anti-wrinkle skincare products and treatments.

Lotions and potions

Anti-wrinkle skincare products are available in several forms such as gels, masks and firming creams that can assist the skin to appear more youthful. Anti-wrinkle night creams claim to reduce the appearance of appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even out the tone of the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and keep in moisture to sustain the skin’s elasticity. Anti-wrinkle serums should now make up a part of your five step skincare programme that includes the traditional cleanse, tone and moisturise, but now also includes serum and eye cream.


New technology and research discovered that a blend of appropriately combined natural ingredients can assist the skin to appear younger, evenly toned, firmer and smoother. Aesthetic treatments have also proved useful in helping to stem the passing of time when it comes to your skin, with Botox and anti wrinkle injections growing in popularity, even amongst younger women. Facial Peels and micro needling have all been shown to have positive results and it is now easier to find an Aesthetician in London than ever, with many practitioners now happy to give you your treatment in the comfort of your own home, perfect for those who are short on time, or feel uncomfortable in salons.

Ingredients to look for

Individuals should find an anti-wrinkle product that contains an ingredient such as CoEnzyme-Q10, which assists in the reviving of skin cells. CoEnzyme-Q10 is an anti-oxidant that prevents the damage caused by free radicals. The body manufactures levels of the ingredient, but unfortunately the production thereof slows down as we grow older.

Peptides are the latest ingredient on the market that has been proven to provide positive results when combined in an anti-wrinkle skincare product. If you don’t know what these are, peptides are amino acids that make up certain proteins in our body. Research peptides are used in a lot of things including skincare. Certain peptides work in much the same way as Botox, only without the use of painful needles. Some peptides are known for its ability to stimulate the production of collagen. Penta-peptides work to relax the muscles and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Peptides are combined in anti-wrinkle skincare products to be topically applied to the skin. If you are uncertain of which products contain peptides, it is advised that the labels of anti-wrinkle skincare products are carefully studied.

Sodium Hyaluronate is naturally present within the skin to maintain its moisture balance and keep it sufficiently hydrated. Due to this quality, it is an important ingredient to look for in a quality anti-wrinkle skincare product. A well-hydrated skin is one that is less likely to become wrinkled. The process of ageing decreases the levels of sodium hyaluronate within the body and this is why individuals have to replenish the ingredient by using a recognised anti-wrinkle product.

Ageless Derma

Ageless Derma manufactured an excellent anti-wrinkle cream that incorporates all of the mentioned ingredients.  Its peptide and Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a day- and night cream that hosts four wrinkle-combating peptides, CoEnzyme-Q10 as well as sodium hyaluronate. Individuals who truly want to achieve youthful skin, can visit the website of Ageless Derma to arm themselves with knowledge as to which products have been scientifically tested to provide positive results. All incorporated ingredients are derived from nature and backed by years of science. The Ageless Derma anti-wrinkle firming cream is also packaged in a container designed to keep unnecessary air out in order to guarantee the freshness and effectiveness of this product.