An Oversized Hoodie Dress From Femme Luxe

It’s hard to think of a time when we didn’t wear hoodies. They have moved from being an item that was for gym wear, or after sports wear, to being something that is an actual fashion item. Beloved by celebrities, they can be worn with jeans, pleather trousers and heels as a going out look, and are something we carry with us, even in Summer, for when the temperatures drop. Their baggy nature means they are fabulous for layering, and the hood adds a layer of warmth on a cold day, or a cover when it decides to rain. Yes, a hoodie is clearly an item for all seasons.

But what about a hoodie dress? This is the latest development when it comes to wearing hooded clothing, a cute mini item that can be worn with tights and Doc Marten style boots for a fierce outfit, or with trainers for the sporty look. Alternately, you could style it over leggings or jeggings for a look that is ultra warm and stylishly casual. Either way, it is a new addition to your wardrobe that actuals gives you a myriad of looks, making it hard working and a bit of a no-brainer for all manner of occasions, from a bit of shopping to the school run (so much better than pyjamas).

Femme Luxe always excel at this time of the year in loungewear and cosy co-ords that promise to keep your warm and snug all through Winter. This Autumn/Winter they have also introduced a range of oversized hoodie dresses in a wide variety of colours ranging from classic black and neutral stone, to pretty pastel shades.

I have been wearing the Everly oversized long sleeved mini hoodie dress from Femme Luxe over the past few weeks, and I love it. It’s been very cold, so rather than wear it as a mini dress on its own, I have been layering it over a pair of Love Leggings jeggings and wearing it with a bodysuit underneath to keep out the cold. I’ve worn it for a daytime visit to the cinema, and also to watch my son play Sunday morning football, showing that it is very versatile.

So, a few things about this hoodie dress. The first is that it is very oversized. I am wearing the XL which is meant to be 10-12. I am at least a 14 in a dress or top and this fits really well, so you can certainly take a chance if you are a bigger size and are happy to wear this a little more fitted. There is a drawstring detail on the hemline of the dress if you want to pull it in to change the look, but I removed mine as I prefer the dress to be worn looser.

The dress is a lovely. soft cotton and this means it washes really well. It also has plenty of stretch in the fabric to make it comfortable to wear, it moves with you. The hood is not bulky, so can be tucked inside a coat on a cold day, although you can wear it outside as a style statement.

Being in the classic black shade means you can pretty much team this with any colour and it will look great. Red jeggings could make this a more Christmassy look, whilst you can’t go wrong with black and white – monochrome is always a good look. I went for a head to toe black look, but then added a pair of classic Stan Smiths and a camel coat I picked up at Vinted to finish it off.

Win! Stone Oversized Long Sleeve Drawstring Detail Mini Hoodie Dress – Everly

I have an Everly dress in the stone shade to give away to one lucky reader. This is a size 14.

UK entrants only. Enter below using Gleam.

Stone Oversized Long Sleeve Drawstring Detail Mini Hoodie Dress – Everly


Win! An Everly Stone Oversized Mini Hoodie Dress From Femme Luxe

Pros & Cons Of Ethanol Extraction

Cannabis concentrates have grown in popularity over the years. According to Statista reports, the sale of cannabis concentrate for adult use in the US reached approximately $3 billion in 2021 and is likely to exceed $6.5 billion by 2025. 

However, regardless of the cannabis concentrate use, the entire production process begins with a solvent. The most commonly used organic solvents are Ethanol and hydrocarbons, and the two are not equal. 

Thus, this article aims to detail ethanol extraction to hydrocarbon extraction in midscale cannabis operations.

The Basis Of Cannabis Solvent Extraction

Cannabis solvent extraction involves soaking the plant material in Ethanol or a hydrocarbon to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes. Ethanol is considered a polar solvent because it has a hydroxyl group – OH attached to the carbon end. Thus, it binds to the water-soluble cannabis components. 

The downside to this aspect is; it yields a less pure and less potent concentrate that will need further processing. However, it proves useful in extracting full-spectrum cannabis concentrates because some water-soluble components may have health benefits. 

On the other hand, hydrocarbons are nonpolar, meaning they bind with fat-soluble cannabis components. As a result, the primary extract is more pure and potent than the case with ethanol extraction.

In the evolving cannabis industry, there is a rising demand for more pure products in crystalline form, popularly known as ‘the sauce’. You will need an initial higher purity of more than 80% to make crystalline cannabis extracts impossible with ethanol extraction. 

Because of the polar nature of Ethanol, the maximum purity level that you can achieve with the right temperature, equipment and extraction time is 60-70%. However, pure ethanol proves useful in extracting full-spectrum cannabis extracts that have a fair market share on their own.

Although it’s possible to produce crystalline cannabis extracts with ethanol extraction, you will need to purify the primary extract in multiple filtration stages that are labour intensive and costly. 

The post purification process involves separating the cannabis concentrate from unwanted waxes, fats and chlorophyll. It may involve multiple filtration stages, separation chromatography, and the use of other solvents, including dichloromethane, chloroform and diethyl ether.

Ethanol purification may be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s more useful in large scale cannabis extraction because it’s easier to store Ethanol for large scale use than hydrocarbons. 

In addition, it’s hard to get permits to store and use massive amounts of hydrocarbons for continuous feed operations. Thus, Ethanol is more efficient for large scale cannabis extraction than hydrocarbons.

Pros Of Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is more prevalent in large scale cannabis extraction for the following reasons;

  • It’s easier to store Ethanol in large quantities for industrial use due to the leniency in the storage requirements. Thus, manufactures can  extract large quantities of cannabis at once
  • It is liquid at room temperature. Thus, it eliminates the need to use high pressure during cannabis extraction.
  • Ethanol extraction happens at lower temperatures, thus preserving natural cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Ethanol extraction is considered to be ‘generally safe’ by the FDA
  • The extraction is great for producing full-spectrum cannabis extracts
  • The extraction process eliminates the need for dewaxing or winterization

Cons Of Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction has several downsides, including;

  • It is polar, making it more unspecific. Thus, it can extract more water-soluble plant components, including waxes, fats and chlorophyll
  • It has a higher boiling point than hydrocarbons. Thus, the recovery process is much slower and difficult with this extraction method
  • The extraction method has lower purity levels than hydrocarbon extraction methods. Thus, it’s difficult to achieve the more pure crystalline cannabis concentrate
  • Ethanol post-processing is expensive, labour intensive, and involves several processing steps

The Bottom Line

Solvent extraction forms the basis of cannabis extraction, with Ethanol and hydrocarbons being the most popular solvents to use. Although hydrocarbons produce more pure extracts, they are challenging to use and store in large scale cannabis extraction. 

On the other hand, Ethanol requires an extra purification process, but it’s easier to store and use for large scale production. In addition to being safe, ethanol extraction preserves natural terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a full spectrum concentrate that requires no dewaxing or winterization. 

Thus, it’s the most effective method for large-scale cannabis extraction.

Writer’s bio: At CBD is our passion! We didn’t get into this because it was popular, trendy, or an easy buck. We got into this to educate and help. 

Is Vinyl Flooring A Hard Clean?

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a great variety of shapes and styles, colours and textures, but when it comes to quality every single design it has within its range has the same solid protective features.

The Lowest price Amtico flooring is a brand that has secured its position as the nation’s favourite, providing not just luxury design to a home but also the best investment for the future. If having a long life expectancy over other flooring options is not considered enough, the simplicity and ease in keeping it in perfect condition add a huge plus to its status as the perfect flooring for your home.

So What is Amtico?

The Amtico brand is a leading brand in hard plastic flooring which can perfectly and effortlessly imitate any type of flooring from hardwood to stone among many others.

It looks exactly like the real thing. They look so real that any visitors who come over will be amazed to discover that it is not a genuine product. It is also the perfect insulator, which is why many homes that implement underfloor heating have vinyl as the option to perfectly blend with it.

When it comes to vinyl flooring, Amtico certainly has made its name the number one contender for consideration based on its appearance alone.

Is it Easy to Clean Vinyl?

In comparison to other flooring options such as carpet or real hardwood flooring, the Amtico brand provides a much easier and quicker way to keep the floor’s appearance the way it should be.

Regular sweeps across the floor with a non-brittle brush is the simple work that ensures removal of all dirt and dust and simply disposes of it in readiness for a simple quick mop of the floor. When doing this you do it with simple warm soapy water or even an Amtico approved floorcare product so as not to affect your warranty (ask your provider on the most suitable). As little as one mop a month can help to keep your floor healthy and looking shiny.

If you want to go a bit more into it and apply a deep clean to your floor to get the very best appearance, you can use an approved floor stripper once or twice a year approved by the brand supplier.  You may also need to redress it with a recommended flooring dressing and ensure that all dirt and marks from the flooring are gone before layering the LVT.

Reducing Risks

Many other methods can be undertaken to ensure your flooring is maximised in both look and maintenance.

By using protective felt pads under the furniture feet you can further avoid deep scratch marks and scuffs, especially for any heavy sofa and chairs that tend to drag around the floor.

With whichever lowest price Amtico flooring range you will have to consider these plans to best ensure that your flooring stays bright, classy, and perfect for many years to come. It is one of the easiest floorings to keep on top of, and also spares up a lot of time by not needing excessive cleans to keep looking great.