2023 Top Picks Activewear To Enjoy Your Exercise

How often have you thrown on an old t-shirt or tight leggings to go to the gym, only to find yourself feeling stuffy or have your tee cling uncomfortably to your sweaty body?

Uncomfortable clothing can easily derail your fitness plans by interfering with your exercise form and distracting you from your goal.

It’s time we change that.

Activewear is a league of its own — one that can not only boost your workouts but also make you look cute while you do so! In fact, studies have shown that having the right activewear sets can positively impact your motivation and confidence, pushing you closer to your fitness goals!

You may spend hours curating the perfect working out plan dedicated to different fitness goals, but what you wear while sweating it out matters more than you think!

With that in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions that are both fashionable and functional, helping you create your ideal activewear wardrobe for 2023!

1. High Waist Leggings

Leggings or tights are a staple of every active woman’s wardrobe. And these smooth, high waisted leggings from Cosmolle are perfect for both yoga and high-intensity exercises.

The leggings are made from butterfly soft fabric that has a unique texture with a lot of stretch. It is made of breathable fabric that’s light and fits like a second skin. And its moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

AirWear High-Waist Legging

The leggings come with a high waistband that feels secure so you won’t hesitate from doing dynamic movements. They also have ruched seams which have a natural butt-lifting effect.

2. Long Sleeve And High-Waist Legging Set

When buying activewear, most women gravitate towards sets. Activewear sets are an effortless way of styling your workout clothes with minimum hassle.

And if you are like most and are considering activewear sets, Cosmolle’s sets with its figure-hugging design is perfect for you.

This gorgeous set featuring a long-sleeved crop top with a high waist legging creates a flattering effect on body types. The soft and stretchable set fits brilliantly and will keep you cool throughout your workout, thanks to the moisture-wicking property of the material.

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

The leggings are also designed to be anti-cameltoe, with no front seam, and a ruched seam that offers a natural lift to your butt, making you feel comfortable and gorgeous! The top has a simple scoop neckline and thumbholes that keep your sleeves in place.

The set is designed for all shapes and sizes. But the best part about the brand is its dedication to sustainability. The apparel is engineered with recycled fabrics, so you know you are doing your bit for the environment.

3. Sports Bra And Bike Shorts Set

Another comfy, dynamic activewear set that is perfect for the gym, at-home workouts, or outdoor activities is this sports bra and shorts set.The stylish set will keep you comfortable no matter how you choose to be active!

Made from soft, breathable, and stretchy material, both the sports bra and shorts offer a body-hugging fit and accentuate the curves that you have worked so hard on. The shorts come with a built-in booty lift, sculpting your butt and enhancing your entire look.

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable as you sweat it out, while the neck and back fit of the bra supports the chest and enhances the shockproof effect throughout rigorous exercises.

Made from recycled nylon, the set makes you a part of the brand’s sustainability efforts. The gorgeous set comes in 3 beautiful colors and 6 sizes, guaranteeing confidence in every size.

4. Premium Seamless Crossover Shorts

These gorgeous seamless crossover shorts fit your body like a glove with zero discomfort!

The eco-friendly seamless fabric fits brilliantly without forming any unwanted lines. The scrunch seam V detail on the back enhances your curves while the contouring panels are perfect for displaying the power and strength of your legs and glutes.

Premium Seamless Crossover Short

The high waist design offers extra coverage while also ensuring that the shorts stay in place during your workouts. It also features a light-impact design with no camel toe or front seam, keeping you comfortable and confident. The breathable, quick-dry material also makes it a fantastic choice for outdoor summer adventures, be it trekking, running, or cycling! With these shorts, you can easily adjust to the temperatures throughout the day.

The shorts are available in 6 vibrant accents and 6 sizes, so you can look and feel your best regardless of your size.

5. Sports Bra

 A good sports bra will offer sufficient support to your chest area without feeling too tight or constrictive and allows you to move freely.

This medium-impact bra is designed with a longer silhouette and an underband that prevents it from riding up, offering the wearer a lot of support throughout various exercises. And the soft, breathable fabric has moisture-wicking properties that will keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intensive workout.

It has a round neck at the front and a comfortable racer-back fit at the back, molding beautifully to your body. The light-impact design not only offers support for strenuous workouts but also comes with guaranteed comfort from the manufacturer. Engineered with recycled fabrics, the bra uses premium materials for ultimate consumer satisfaction.

Premium Seamless Sports Bra

This sports bra is not only great for running but is also perfect for yoga, gym, or simply for lounging at home.

The bra is available in 3 colors and 6 sizes meeting the needs of diverse individuals with unique body types.


The importance of wearing high-quality activewear cannot be highlighted enough. And when you want to reap the maximum benefits of exercising, clothing discomfort cannot be an option.

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