21 Problems Only Ballet Dancers Will Understand

We all admire ballet and ballet dancers and how they easily move with the beats. Ballet is theatrical, which means it is performed on a stage with lighting, designs, as well as costumes. This dance can tell a story, portray emotions, and concepts. If you’re interested in ballet, you can join several dance schools in the UAE.

Types of Ballet

There are various types of ballets, and they are performed in different ways for various purposes.

Classical Ballet

This dance is based on both conventional vocabulary and technique. Classical ballet is among the first styles which were famous in Russia and France in the 19th century. Its unique characteristics include having a storyline, costumes, and sets. This dance emphasized symmetry in dancers, pointe work, and graceful expressions from the dancers.

Neoclassic Ballet

Classical ballet evolved into neoclassic ballet, and its distinguishing characteristic is that it is abstract. The music used is also neoclassic, and 1928’s ‘Apollo’ is one of the first neoclassic ballets.


This ballet was inspired by classical ballet ideas but with modern techniques of jazz and other dances. This ballet concentrates on athleticism, as well as swifter and bigger tempos. Contemporary ballets include complex plots to dance with a lot of leg movements.

Problems Only Ballet Dancers Understand

Ballet dancers know various styles and combinations, as well as rules of ballet, which other people are not aware of. They also encounter problems only they can understand, these are:


  • You find yourself standing with your feet pointed out all the time, even in regular shoes. In your music school Dubai, you are taught to position your feet this way for easier movement.
  • A lot of ballet dancers click and pop their joints as they stretch in class or outside.
  • You learn to utilize nail polish for your tights, ballet shoes, as well as elastic bands.
  • Although your legs suffer, you learn to maintain an upright posture, which earns you compliments from strangers.
  • Your feet look awful in sandals, and people can’t stop staring, so you opt to wear closed shoes.
  • Although you have spent countless hours in your music school Dubai or practicing at home, you get nervous when it comes to casting.
  • You start dancing mentally to any song you hear even in serious situations.
  • You hear everything as ¾ or 4/4 every time.
  • You’ve spent many hours trying various styles and tips for stage make-up.
  • As soon as your pointe shoes fit you properly, the box goes dead.
  • You start to realize that one of your hips is more flexible compared to the other, and you spend many hours trying to balance them.
  • Just as most people hate hearing their voice recordings, you hate watching yourself dance on video, even of others like it.
  • The only place you feel free to express and be your self is with fellow dancers because you share common interests.
  • You can perform several dances, such as The Nutcracker or The Beauty and The Beast from memory.
  • Most beautiful things happen when no one is around to see; for instance, that time you did a perfect triple pirouette.
  • Ballet terms are in French, and the words can be confusing; that is why you spend time learning French to understand the terms.