2:22 A GHOST STORY: Sssh! Don’t Tell Anyone

Disclaimer, I absolutely love a good ghost story, and this one is a corker. A real, almost old fashioned chiller, with a few shocks for those who like to jump out of their seat, but a real clever premise for those who prefer for their mind to be intrigued. 2:22 A GHOST STORY, which opened at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre last night, has been a real word of mouth hit, another play that, like The Mousetrap, swears its audience to secrecy, so you wont find any spoilers here. What I will say is that, if you want a ghostly mystery that will make you think, with an ending that is as heartbreaking as it is clever, you are in the right place.

Jenny is a young mum, alone with her young baby in her new house whilst her husband is working away on the Isle of Sark. At 2.22 each night, for four nights running, she hears footsteps overhead in her baby’s room, and a mournful man’s crying. She is no believer in ghosts, but cannot explain any of this logically. When husband Sam returns from Sark they host a small dinner party for close friend Lauren and her new boyfriend, the down to earth bathroom fitter Ben. There, Jenny proceeds to tell them of the occurrings, with Ben and Lauren open to the idea that there is something, or someone in the house. Logical, scientific Sam refuses to believe, so Jenny insists they must all stay in the house until 2.22, so they can all hear what she heard. Will Jenny being proved to be telling the truth, and what will be the cause of the haunting?

Johan Persson
Johan Persson

All the action is set in one large, open plan room, and yet it feels very claustrophobic at times, which helps to raise the tension. Modern technology like the Alexa, is used to comic effect at first, but becomes increasingly eerie, whilst the sounds that are attributed to foxes are used well to make you jump just when you are feeling comfortable and complacent.

Johan Persson
Johan Persson

This play is a four hander and the cast is excellent. Fiona Wade is brilliant as Jenny, getting angrier and more passionate as Sam refuses to even consider her story. George Rainsford as Sam should be the voice of reason, but instead he becomes more complex than that in George’s hands, he becomes slightly superior, almost misogynistic, it is a great performance. Vera Chok as the glamorous Lauren is also great, bringing Lauren’s hurt and vulnerability to the fore. Jay McGuiness is an absolute revelation as the down to earth Ben, bringing not only the touch of humour that the story needs, but he also adds heart to the story, as the only character that is genuinely likeable. Together, the four principals make a formidable team.

2.22 A Ghost Story is clever supernatural thriller with one hell of a twist. Definitely worth seeing.


21 Feb–24 Feb 2024

Limited tickets available at Wolves Grand


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