3 Benefits of a Shared Workspace

Whether you’re a freelancer going it alone or part of an established organisation with a fleet of staff, shared office space might be a great business move for you and your company. Co-working spaces are an excellent choice to work around like minded, motivated people.

In Co-working office spaces, it’s the norm to help each other out in your shared office space, and you also have the opportunity to use meeting and conference rooms as and when you need them- without paying rent on the rooms all year round! Here are a few benefits to working a in a shared office space!


Working from home can be a difficult place to find motivation and avoid distractions. Keeping your work and home life separate can be essential to success and using shared office space can be a great way to do that for freelancers.


Working alone can often disconnect people from the working world and limit opportunity to grow as a business. Using coworking office space like at Signature Works allows you to work alongside motivated individuals with different skillsets to your own. You can help them in disciplines you specialise in and vice versa. Everyone can benefit!


if you’re considering letting office space, you’ll soon discover the endless additional costs that come along with it. From paying utility bills to installing furniture the expenses can be huge. A shared office covers everything under one bill on flexible contract lengths. At Signature Works, you can even hire office space for just one day!

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