3 Easy Ways To Do A Face Swap In Your Photos

Want to have some fun with your photos? Swap the faces of your friends or family and create hilarious photo montages which can serve as droll greeting cards, happy birthday wall posters, or just silly posts on social media. If you have children, they will enjoy face-swapping as well: how about putting your son’s head onto a superhero’s body? Or swapping all the faces on a family Christmas photo? The only limit is your imagination.

There are lots of handy programs that help you add a face to a photo. We have prepared brief guides on how to do it using three popular tools: PhotoWorks, GIMP, and Photoshop. Of course, there are much more face swap apps for PC and mobile devices, but it is impossible to describe them all.

PhotoWorks for Photo Fun

This powerful but easy-to-use program for Windows can be easily mastered even by complete novices in photo editing. It uses AI algorithms to perform advanced processing and offers a wide variety of pro-level tools, although the interface is designed with the user in mind: everything is quite intuitive.

To replace a face in a photo using PhotoWorks, you need to run the program and click Change Background under the Tools tab. Choose the green brush and draw an approximate selection around the face (absolute precision is not necessary). After that, pick the red brush and draw another selection to mark the background. The program will automatically adjust the selection and remove everything but for the face. The next step is to select the new background with the help of a corresponding button. Finally, make the necessary adjustments to the face layer: adapt its color, change the size and position. Perfect!

GIMP Online For Quick Results

GIMP is a free photo editor with a convenient online version. It has a decent array of editing tools, but it will take some time to sort the interface out if you have no prior experience.

To swap faces in GIMP online editor, open both photos first: each of them will be opened under a separate tab. Go to the source image, use the Lasso tool to select the face, and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C. Then proceed to the target image and click Layer – New – Layer in the top menu. After that, open the list of layers by hitting the “Lay” button in the right-side column. Select Layer 1 and paste the face by pressing Ctrl+V. To adjust its position, use the Move tool from the left-side column, and to resize the face layer, click Edit – Transform – Scale in the top menu bar. When everything looks good, right-click Layer 1 and choose “Merge Down”.

Photoshop for Pro Montages

Being probably the most well-known graphic editor, Photoshop is a feature-packed but complicated program with a steep learning curve and a costly license. However, if you already have Photoshop, and difficulties do not intimidate you, here’s our brief instruction on how to change a face in a photo with another face.


To swap faces in Photoshop, launch the program and open the two pictures. First, go to the “face” image and select the face using the Lasso tool. Copy the selected area using the Ctrl+C combination and paste it onto the “body” picture by pressing Ctrl+V. It will create a separate layer with the new face: take it to the right location with the help of the Move tool. Next, press Ctrl+T to adjust the size of the face, and warp it a bit to make the final montage look seamless (Edit – Transform – Warp).

Choose whichever program suits your purpose and budget and start creating your laughable montages today. Interested in more ways and tools to do it? Read this useful article on how to do a face swap.

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