3 health benefits of sober living

Once you are on the path towards living sober, you’ll experience delightful changes in your appearance and general health. But if you’re an avid drinker, sobering up won’t be a walk in the park. Your brain will throw all sorts of tantrums in an attempt to fit into your new lifestyle. Remember, you’ve been alcohol-dependent for a long time. Abandoning booze might seem like a futile engagement, but it will make you feel happy and rejuvenated. However, if you have been alcohol dependent for a long time, you may need help with this in the form of rehab. One question asked about rehab is do outpatient rehabs test for alcohol? The answer is that some do, some don’t, but choosing one that does may help you on the road to recovery, giving you an additional reason to be clean and sober.

Here’s a shocking fact: about 88,000 individuals die every year as a result of alcohol-related issues within the United States. There’s a dire need to raise concern about alcohol addiction, especially because it’s turning into a terrible epidemic. Kids are being introduced to alcoholism from an early age, either by their relatives or peers. It’s clearly a worrying trend. However, learning about the positive effects of stopping drinking and staying sober can help turn things around.

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Here are 3 health benefits of sober living:

  • Increased levels of energy

Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it reduces your energy levels by lowering your nervous and functional activity. When you’re drunk, your body becomes less susceptible to smell, touch and other stimuli. That’s why most people drink – they desire to numb their feelings or forget some terrible memories. The dangers of working while inebriated are severe and wide-reaching. For instance, driving while drunk dramatically increases the risk of getting into a fatal accident. Alcohol addiction also leads to sleep-related complications such as insomnia. Your body lacks the vital rest it requires to repair damaged cells, eliminate harmful toxins and maintain optimum organ function.

When you finally sober up, your body resumes its normal circadian cycle. You’re finally able to get quality sleep and your energy levels fly through the roof. Apparently, there’s no better feeling than this, and it is now something that can now be achieved achieved fairly easily even if you do need expert help, as home detox services are offered by professional services like Detox Today.

  • Your skin looks more youthful

Alcohol has a notorious habit of dehydrating the skin. Developing a dry skin depletes most of the antioxidants and vitamins that were held within the skin, causing it to look wrinkly and pale. Constant inebriation could also cause your skin to develop unsightly acne, mostly because the high amounts of sugar contained in most alcoholic beverages increase the production of insulin within the body. This further leads to inflammation that often manifests itself as acne. After you sober up, your skin gets rejuvenated and starts to glow again. Acne and other skin-related issues become a thing of the past.

  • You develop a stronger, healthier heart

Today, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure have become a common phenomenon. The most saddening thing about these ailments is the fact that we bring them upon ourselves through our diet and lifestyle choices. Alcohol addiction severely compromises our cardiovascular system and causes symptoms such as swelling, shortness of breath, irregular heart rhythms and heart failure. It also increases the risk of developing stroke and hypertension. Sobering up, on the other hand, promotes a healthier heart and reduces the risk of contracting heart-related illnesses. And since good health is our ultimate wealth, living sober lifestyles will certainly be good for us.

Hopefully, these three health benefits of sober living will encourage you to stop drinking and start living.

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