3 Obscure Hen Party Ideas

Your best friend is getting married, and you’ve been given the honour of chief bridesmaid. The venue is booked, the flowers have been chosen, and the invitations have all been sent. Now it’s your turn to plan the hen party; a chance for the bride and her closest friends and family to let her hair down and relax before the big day, knowing that everything else has been taken care of. 

But if you have never organised a hen party – or even been to one – the very thought of being in charge can be a daunting one. So, stop, and take a breath.

If the idea of organising a trip abroad gives you logistical nightmares, but you want to do something a bit more personal than hopping from bar to bar until your feet are sore, then look no further. 

Below are three obscure ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression and give the bride a memorable time. 

Haunted hens

Far from the traditional spa weekend abroad, if your bride has an interest in the supernatural, why not plan a paranormal party weekend? 

Book into a haunted hotel to get the event off to a spooky start, before joining a certified medium for tarot readings, Ouija boards, and seances. 

The night is still young, which means it is time for refuelling. There are many amazing themed restaurants and cocktail bars out there, designed to give you chills and thrills before joining a paranormal ghost hunt until the small hours of the morning. 

A ‘haunted hen night’ could enable you to investigate hauntings, gather evidence, and even try to make contact with the dead.

You’d better hope that it’s only the sound of your heads hitting the pillows that ‘go bump in the night’! 

Boot camp

If cocktails and partying aren’t your thing, why not put yourselves through your paces with an army-level boot camp

Designed to test your limits, such a team-building hen event could see you competing in a gruelling assault course, playing soldiers with laser tag, and taking part in a military physical fitness test. 

Luxury at home

Why necessarily go anywhere at all, when you can create a luxury event at home? With so many independent services available to hire, your first step is to choose your venue. Decide whose house you are going to use, or up the luxury feel and rent out a manor house for the weekend. 

Put the champagne on ice and get yourselves pampered, enjoying all your favourite spa treatments without having to leave the house. 

After you’ve worked up an appetite, why not hire a bespoke, Michelin star dining experience with a hen party private chef in London, so that you can create a fancy restaurant experience at your own dining table?

With bellies full, it’s time for drinks with a tipsy cocktail class, learning how to create stunning cocktails with a professional mixologist, before finishing your evening with a throwback sleepover evening. Animal PJs and all your favourite teen films – you will make this a night to remember, without ever having to leave the house!


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