3 Rules for Being an Amazing Maid of Honor

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When your best friend asks you to be the maid of honor, it is possibly one of the greatest moments of your friendship. But, this isn’t a moment to be complacent – being the maid of honor is a huge responsibility and you will have plenty to do in the run up to the big day!

Planning a wedding is a big deal and your best friend will feel a lot of pressure to make the day perfect. You need to be there for her for emotional support as well as practical solutions in the run up and on the day. The maid of honor checklist is a long one but no matter who you are or who your friend is, there are 3 simple rules that all maids of honor should follow.

Listen to Exactly What Your Bride Wants

The most important thing you can do is listen to what your bride wants. All girls dream of their perfect wedding day and it is your job to help her create that dream in real life. The more you talk about her hopes, the more you can do to figure out what is feasible and what you can make happen.

Listening is also important for your main event: the bachelorette. Wild bachelorette parties are a lot of fun but you need to make sure that this is exactly what your bride wants. There are all kinds of different ways you can celebrate your best friend’s upcoming nuptials from crazy all night parties that end in the kebab shop to tea parties with 25 types of cake, and for a really wild night there are male strippers in Myrtle Beach, definitely something to remember. You’ve spent your whole friendship preparing for this very moment!

Be Pragmatic and Supportive

If listening is important then finding compromises and creative solutions can’t be too far behind. It’s your role to make sure that your bride is feeling fully supported throughout the process, from choosing and fitting her wedding dress to making up the favors and picking out flowers.

Weddings are getting more and more expensive and the more you can do yourselves, the cheaper you can make it happen. Volunteering to take care of things like table fancies or taking on some of the organization will really help the happy couple and relieve some of their stress. Getting married is a crazy time and you are the best support they have!

Have Fun!

Your best friend’s wedding might be stressful to organize but this is probably going to be one of the best days of her life and it is a real honor that you have been brought right into the center of party planning. As much as this could get stressful at times, you should make sure that you are also having fun while you plan!

Host a party to make up the invitations, grab a few drinks at a bar while you figure out the seating plan, go to a spa to chill out after the bachelorette (wild or not!). This is a chance to really cement your friendship and enjoy some quality time together.


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