3 Tips on how to finance your upcoming wedding

There are many words that can be used to describe a wedding. Classic, elegant, whimsical, glamorous are just some of the adjectives that are thrown about when talking about a momentous event. But another word that can describe it? Expensive.

There’s no denying that a wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life, and aside from probably purchasing a home, will be the most they will spend money on. In fact, frugal does not seem to be the word that is ever used to describe a wedding.


Some get a break as their parents help them, but if you and your future spouse are financing your own wedding and you are not sure how to do that, here are some tips you can follow so that you can have the best wedding in the future.

  1. Start saving for your wedding months or even years in advance – the earlier you start saving, the better. If you have a specific vision for your wedding, and you know that it will cost, talk it over with your future spouse. The average cost of a wedding may be at least 20,000 pounds. You need to check at the money that comes into you monthly and find out just how much you need to save in order to finance your wedding. Some sacrifices may be needed in order, a good tip would be to have a list of non-negotiables. If you want a specific venue but do not have enough money for that wedding cake, you may opt for a cheaper alternative. Find ways to cut costs for other aspects of the wedding that you deem not important. Develop a savings plan with your partner and set a target amount each month that you need to subtract from your paychecks in order to have enough money for your wedding.


  1. Use your credit card – sometimes couples will not have the cash yet, but they need to make deposits for example on the venue or the photographer and videographer, then you can use your credit card. You don’t need to avoid using them, but you also need to use them realistically. But you need to make sure that you pay them off in full before the big day. You do not want to spend lavishly on your wedding, but start off your marriage with an outstanding debt.


  1. Consider a personal or short-term loan – if, despite your best efforts, you find yourself still lacking money for your dream wedding, then it is time for you to consider taking out a personal loan. Especially for those with no collateral, this is a perfect choice. One thing you will need to have is a good credit history. Interest rates are lower when you opt for a personal loan instead of charging everything to your credit card. While there are banks that offer short term and personal loans, online credit brokers can also tell you right away if you are eligible for one. Find out more information about personal loans here at and start planning your dream wedding today.


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