3 Tips to helping your child transition from a car seat to a booster seat

As a child grows a year older, many often wonder if they are ready for a booster seat. For a lot of us who do not have any idea if there’s an age requirement or a height and weight requirement, we just don’t know if our child is already ready for one. But as soon as we realize that our child is, we need to make sure that they have a smooth and comfortable transition from a car seat to a booster seat. When it comes to driving, our child’s safety should be our top priority. But no matter how careful we are, accidents can still happen. In case any accident occurs, make sure to contact Attorney Gary Bell – a car accident attorney – to get help with regards to your legal options.

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Here are 3 tips to helping your child transition from a car seat to a booster seat.

  1.    Make sure the seat is in the right size.

When you are transitioning your child from a car seat to a booster seat, you want to make sure that they are comfortable so they will stay in place all throughout the journey. So the first thing that you need to ensure is that the booster seat you are getting is in the right size. It should be based on the size and weight of your child. Then, as they grow, it’s your job to make sure to adjust and switch out the seat. Whether you are looking at boosters at your local store or at similar ones available on Nuna, you should be able to try the seat out before you buy, to check that it is the right fit for your child and your car. It should also be facing the proper direction for your child. But the first step to making it easier and more comfortable for your child to transition to a booster seat is getting the right size. You may find your child needs a high back booster seat and these can be expanded in different ways as your child grows.

  1.    Take out their bulky clothing first.

One of the things that can make it very uncomfortable for a child to be strapped in a booster seat is if they are wearing bulky clothing. This comes tricky especially in winter when wearing bulky coats and snowsuits is a necessity. Nevertheless, it is important that you take it off first before strapping them onto the seat. Once they are securely strapped on the seat, put a blanket or coat over them to keep them warm. This way, they will still be able to freely and comfortable move and get warm at the same time. When transitioning your kid from car seat to booster seat, their comfort should be one of the things that you need to consider.

  1.    Make your child understand the importance of car safety.

As your kid grows older, you will have to let them understand why you are transitioning them from car seat to a booster seat. This may come as a hassle to their part but it will make things easier for you and them if they understand why there has to be a change. Educate them about car safety so that it will be ingrained to their minds why this transition is extremely important for them too.


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