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3 unique websites to help you earn some extra money

Whether you are trying to earn a little extra spending money for your summer holidays, need additional income for home repairs and improvements, or if you have an income that needs topping up, there comes a time when all of us could do with some extra money. And while earning extra money is never simple, there are ways to top up the income that require just a little time and very little heartache.

Rent out your car or rent a car yourself

This is an idea that my American readers can already take advantage of, which will hopefully be coming to the UK very soon. HyreCar allows you to list any unused car you own out for rental. The cars are often rented by drivers who want to try out driving for ride-sharing services like Uber/Lyft.  HyreCar takes care of the insurance.

This has become super attractive way of making money by car owners who have an extra vehicle sitting on the drive as they can rent their car out and make over $1000 per month for each vehicle. There is no need to go out and find insurance that will accept ridesharing, no phone calls, you can just sign up and they take care of everything.

If you are considering ride sharing as a different way to extend your income, the 2 day minimum rental is a great way to rent a car and just give it a try. (Breeze, who offer an similar service has a 6 week minimum rental, expects payment of $100 upfront, and takes 2 weeks to get you into a car.) It is perfect for those who aren’t sure if they want to commit to ridesharing and just want to try it out. HyreCar has no waiting period. You can get you into a car the day after you sign up, they currently have a massive selection of cars to choose from. There are no sign up fees, you can try it out for a few days and if you don’t like it you can just return the car. (You can find out more here.)



What Users Do allows you to get paid to visit websites. You register to join the panel of internet users, use your own computer or laptop at home and record your thoughts on different websites, either by completing tasks or giving general feedback on layout, ease of use and how information is presented.

WhatUsersDo pays up to £8 per test, with most tests lasting less than £20. You are paid for your honest feedback, with payments made through Paypal. It is all straightforward and easy to do, the only issue would be if you are camera shy about voicing your thoughts and opinions aloud.

You can find more about WhatUsersDo here.

Rent out your home with airbnb

If you spend a lot of time away from your home, or maybe you have a spare room to rent, you could make money doing this through airbnb. This is a service that gives you the chance to make money from your home, perfect if you need spare income for renovations and house repairs.

It is simple to become a host, and once accepted, you decide who will stay in your home and when. Your property is included in listings so that prospective guests can browse through, and once booked in, you can choose whether to meet the guests with keys or provide code for a door, it is down to what suits you and your guests, and make it a smooth transaction.

Airbnb handles all the financial transactions and also protect your home from accidental damage. While your home is sitting empty as you take your holiday in the sun, this could be a good money spinner for you.

Find out more here.



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