3 ways to use stained-glass windows in your home

A stained-glass window can provide an exceptionally beautiful and stylish enhancement for any property.  A specialist stained glass window company in North London gives the following guidance on how to use stained-glass as a feature within in your home…

  • Why not enhance the period feel of your property?

If you live in a period property which would have originally had stained-glass, reinstalling stained-glass windows is a simple way to enhance your property and its period feel. You can look to recreate something typical of that period e.g. Victorian/Art Nouveau or look to create something slightly more modern or personalised. For example, adding your initials, house number or motif relating to the history of the house or area to the design. 


  • Why not provide interest and character to a more modern or newly built property?


Perhaps you are looking to characterise or personalise a modern or newly built home and if this is the case then you can really look at creating a bespoke and individual design. Bespoke designs are a fantastic way to infuse an element of your personality into your home! Contemporary designs can really enhance a newly built property or extension. 


  • Why not use stained-glass as a feature to allow light to flow into rooms whilst retaining privacy?


Traditionally, stained-glass panels are a popular feature in many front doorways, either just as one panel above the door or complementary panels within the door and on either side.  However, stained-glass windows and panels can work well in many other rooms throughout your home and are especially good as a feature to allow light to flow into rooms whilst maintaining a degree of privacy. For example, they can replace frosted panels in bathrooms or sit within internal doors to allow light to flow through. They also work very well as a skylight in a new extension. 


Current trends have seen stained-glass appear in more unusual domestic settings, we hope the above has given you some ideas of how you can use stained-glass as a feature within your home?

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