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4 Fun DIY Educational Gifts For Your Children

Puzzles are good for your child’s mind and cognitive development. When a child performs different manual manipulation tasks it is good for them. 3D wooden puzzles have been identified as a manual task useful to kids. In fact in early learning centers, the classes are centered around developmental activities to ensure that children are school ready, and before school starts they need to acquire the following skills:

  • Attitude to learning, to listen and follow instructions
  • Social skills, to be able to cooperate with others and take turns to share toys.
  • Skills of Independence, fine and gross motor skills for putting on shoes and going to the toilet unassisted.
  • Language skills, understanding what is being said.
  • Cognitive development, a basic knowledge of numbers and letters.

Here are 4 fun-to-build 3D wooden puzzle DIY kits from Robotime to give kids the skills to collaborate and solve problems. and develop critical thinking from an early age.

  • Mechanical Wooden Owl Clock

Have you imagined build a clock by yourself? This mechanical gears Owl Clock 3D wooden puzzle will bring your child so much fun while learning how a clock is working! The concept has been planned by educators with an in-depth knowledge of what is required to learn and have fun at the same time. Start your child early on building 3D puzzle toys – that involves hand-eye coordination, helping the hands brain, and eyes to work together to find the piece and fit it into the puzzle making it a good DIY gift for kids to start out with. It is now considered so important that some people are even given a puzzle as a first baby gift. You can check the online toys store when you’re planning on buying one.

  • Tower Bridge & Big Ben Wooden Model

If your kids love architecture, try the famous Tower Bridge and Big Ben, an excellent wooden puzzle to develop your child’s skills that will ultimately lead to handwriting and paper cutting. This puzzle will aid the child to problem-solve. The child will look at the various pieces to see where they do and don’t fit. The puzzle will help them to think it through, although the younger ones may become frustrated to start with, in time logical thinking will develop.

  • Drum Kit Wooden Puzzle

This Drum Kit is an easy-level DIY wooden drum kit model for music lovers. Great 3D Wooden Puzzle &Toy for both adults and kids. It is a perfect educational toy and holidays gift for boys and girls. This is a gift for older child. However, older and younger children can be encouraged to work on it together as everyone will love it. This encourages cooperation a very important thing to learn and to aid social skills. Some people have a greater DIY aptitude or level of ability in this area than others, and of course, as a parent, it is good to encourage the children to work together.

When your child has a friend over, suggest that they do a puzzle together. Praise your child for playing nicely and always encourage cooperative behavior. Learning social skills early is very important, and encouraging the child to have friends is all part of this.

  • Romantic Carousel Music Box

Who wouldn’t love a merry-go-round music box? Your little girl will immediately fall in love with this exquisite and dreamy 3D wooden puzzle when they receive it as a gift on their birthday! This mechanical music box will be a beautiful home decor to their bedroom or study room after finish building it. Music is also an important part of childhood development, and you may consider having your child learn a musical instrument.This building kit is a bit challenging, so it may needs some patient and skills. Give it a try!


3D Wooden Puzzles make really great gifts to aid a child’s development, and fortunately most of us are much more aware of developmental milestones than we once were. If they are not being met it puts the child behind other children, and with a bit of parental intervention this need never happen with the right DIY gift for kids.

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